Fire pit landscaping

Fire pits are great for spending a cozy night by the fire with your family, entertaining with friends, or just providing a relaxing evening for two. While there are many reasons to add a fire pit to your backyard, one of the best reasons is that a well-built fire pit can add value to your home and improve the usability of your backyard landscaping. Before starting construction on your fire pit you will need to consider a few things like local ordinances regarding fire pits, location, what kind of fire pit you want, how to build your fire pit, and even what to put in the bottom of your fire pit. Learn about the best rocks for inside your fire pit, including how to use lava rocks for a fire pit, and how fire pit glass rocks can add an extra touch to your backyard feature. Then light a fire, grab a book, pull up some outdoor furniture, and enjoy your new backyard addition. Different cities will have different building ordinances when it comes to backyard fire pit construction.

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Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

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Check the loan offers you qualify for. Your credit score will not be affected. Fires are enigmatic sources of energy. There are very few things that can compare to the sense of bliss and contentment one experiences enjoying an evening outdoors in the company of loved ones around a fire. And while backyard fire pits are a fairly common fixture in many homes, paying attention to the landscaping design around your fire pit area is just as important as the fire pit itself.

Choose where in your backyard you want to build a fire pit. Do you want it visible from your back door, a kind of focal point in your backyard? Or do you want it tucked away in a private corner? Some people have fire pits as an extension of their patios. Others prefer to have their fire pits around water bodies like swimming pools or fountains. But make sure to build it between at least 10 to 20 feet from your home. Fire pits come in a variety of materials.

That, however, may just be a cosmetic finish. Stainless steel, cast iron, and copper are some of the popular choices when it comes to metal fire pits or fire bowls. Amongst them, cast iron is touted as being the most durable and capable of surviving the rigors of changing seasons. Some modern fire pits are an amalgamation of both steel and other elements like stone, slate, and tile to create custom designs.

Pits can vary in design as well. While circular pits are the favorite, you can choose to have them above the ground or in the ground. Some people choose long and linear pits with a sitting area on either built into either side of the pit. Traditionally, fire pits were fueled by logs of wood. And while this is still a popular choice, fire pits fueled by piped gas are also becoming popular. Piped gas fire pits allow you the freedom of fire on demand, without the hassles of smoke in your eyes and soot in your hair.

You get to turn on and off the fire by turning a knob. What could be easier? It also increases design possibilities vastly. You can learn how much the monthly payment for your future backyard improvement project will be.

Take a look at our new lending tool from our trusted partners:. We hope you now have a good insight into backyard designs and landscaping ideas when it comes to outdoor fire pits. Go ahead and use these fire pit landscaping ideas to build your family that perfect spot to relax, entertain, and build memories. Narayan is a content writer for Kukun. With experience in both content writing and editing, Narayan mixes his writing and love for reading with his passion for music.

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Settings Sign in. Top blog articles. Finance your next remodeling project! Loan amount Continue. Here is a guide to backyard ideas for fire pit landscaping. Most commercially available fire pits are built either of precast concrete or metal.

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5 Reasons Why Backyard Fire Pits Are Popular

If you want to spend more time outside with your family and friends at night, when the temperature drops, consider adding a custom fire pit to your outdoor living space. A beautifully designed fire pit can transform any seating area with its warm, ambient glow. Custom fire pits can be built in just about any shape or size, making them suitable for any size yard. At Ware Landscaping, we construct high-quality fire pits that can be either gas-burning or wood-burning, depending on your preference for your residential or commercial property.

A fire pit can be the centerpiece of any backyard. · Diamond Plated Fire Pit · Simple Brick Fire Pit Design · Flagstone Fire Ring · Pirate Ship Fire.

Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

These 12 outdoor fire pit ideas can help inspire you to get your DIY on ready for this summer. Prepare to fully enjoy those long summer evenings by the comforting crackle of your fire pit. This stylish, circular fire pit design is the classic. This simple fire pit will last for years to come and provide the perfect ambience for many thrilling campfire stories. This chic fire pit is a elegant alternative to the traditional garden pit. Just add your favourite garden furniture set nearby and enjoy watching the flames flicker. If you are someone who is particularly safety conscious, this fire pit with a half wall is a great pick. The added stone paving around the pit reduces the possibility of the fire escaping, while the wall protects the area behind. Another classic round design, this DIY fire pit design looks stunning with a rustic, stone exterior. This petite fire pit stands out for its unusual design and colour.

Patio & fire pit: Ludlow, MA

Looking to add some elemental excitement to your outdoor space? Consider these cozy, stylish blazes a warmup for your own toasty conversation starter. Make a fire pit with a tossed-out washing machine drum, which you can pick up at an appliance repair shop or scrap yard. This step-by-step project is super easy, can be done in just an afternoon and will add some upcycled style to your backyard.

On a cool night in the summer, you can cook up a feast of hot dogs over your fire pit, while in the chillier months, nothing beats a fireside snuggle in your most comfortable chair. Of course, a fire pit can be as simple as a hole in the ground with stones haphazardly stacked around it.

Fire Pits in Appleton, Wisconsin

This Queensland pool house may be small, but its filled with clever design details that has made it the perfect holiday rental. In the beautifully landscaped back yard a fire pit takes pride of place. This stunning holiday home in Tasmania has been lovingly named Whale Song , and when its not hosting countless Airbnb guests, its also home to artist Ingrid Daniell. In the creation of Whale Song, capitalising on stunning natural views was a must for Ingrid, so its no surprise that the fire pit is the perfect place to gather and view the ocean. This lovingly revamped mid-century home embraces sculptural design and smooth curves, so its no surprise that this ethos extends even to the outdoor entertaining area.

20 fire pit ideas that make outdoor entertaining easy

A fire pit is a great addition to any patio or landscape design. You, your family, and your guests can gather around a warm fire for a great get together, no matter what the weather is like. However, fire pits must be planned out to create a safe and strong addition to your backyard landscaping near Westchester County. There are often rules regarding open fire pits, whether they must be placed a set distance away from structures or the flames cannot reach a certain height. Once you check the rules and regulations, you can better plan your fire pit and landscape design. You must first find an open area away from any structures, such as your house, a shed, or covered patio.

Not only that, fire pits can be used year round and provide warmth and relaxation in almost any environment. Belvedere Fire Pit. Fire Pit. Make the days last.

Compact Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit into a landscape design has become a huge trend that many people desire. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects , fire pits are expected to be the number one outdoor design element ofWhen determining the ideal location for a fire pit, it is important to keep convenience, space availability and safety in mind. You will want the fire pit as close as possible to your home or outdoor living space to be conveniently accessed, but not too close for safety reasons.

Helpful Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

To make the best of it, why not add a fire pit or fireplace to your property? This is the best time of year to install an outdoor fire pit or fireplace for your home in Morehead City, Newport, or a nearby city of North Carolina. But which is better for your outdoor living space—fire pit or fireplace? Fire pits are generally smaller and less ornate than outdoor fireplaces and thus tend to cost less. However, the project cost will vary based on the size of the project, material, and whether it is gas or wood-burning. Outdoor fireplaces are a bit more expensive simply because they are larger and more labor-intensive.

Customers love the element of intimacy they lend to outdoor spaces.

How To Build A Fire Pit | Landscaping For Beginners

If you want to extend the life of your outdoor space, a fire pit can go a long way. Like landscape lighting , it can provide light for night time outdoor activities. It can also provide warmth that lets you enjoy your patio well into the fall. Bust most of all, it can provide a central gathering space for your and your family or guests. Here, the client wanted the warmth and rustic feel of a fire pit without the hassle. Since precast concrete fire pits are so simple to install, customizing this one with a gas insert that turns on and off with a flip of a switch was a breeze.

View Larger Map. Contact Us. With endless choices in fire pit ideas, it is sometimes helpful to categorize the styles and fuels. The most common fire feature, fire pits, range in style and complexity.

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