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Top Dressing Lawn: Benefits and Advice

Topdressing lawn is a term that refers to the process of fertilizing grass with topsoil, sand, and compost. This article will provide you advice on how to maintain a green and growing grass for your lawn. A healthy lawn has been properly maintained by following best practices regarding watering, fertilizer application, mowing, and weed control. The reasons for dressing lawns include. Topdressing can be applied any time during the growing season, but the best time is late summer, especially after any aeration , scarification , or overseeding work has taken place.

The top dressing needs to be applied as evenly as possible. There are mechanical spreaders available for hire, but a shovel will be fine for applying your top dressing unless you have a large area. The most effective way to top-dress is to tip the material in equal-sized heaps on your lawn, then spread them evenly over your lawn with a shovel.

After it has been applied and has dried, it can be rubbed into the sward and aeration holes; for the best results, use a true lute or a drag mat. Alternatively, a brush or the back of a rake can be used.

Late winter also works as a great option if you want to get a head start on spring preparation or wait until closer to summer so that you can fertilize after getting rid of excess weeds in between with herbicide treatments. You can find lawn top dressing equipment at any large retailer. Lawnmowers are a good bet because they offer both the ability to mulch or bag clippings, depending on your preference.

Top dressers attach onto the end of most walk-behind models and come in different sizes to suit any property size — from those with only one or two hills up to owners with acres upon acres of expansive yards needing attention. Manual methods like hand rakes require more effort but will save fuel or a shovel for smaller jobs. Top-dressing lawn with topsoil is the most common way to do it and will give your yard a nice, fresh foundation of nutrients as well as prevent any erosion.

Choosing compost is an important consideration when top-dressing lawn. There are many different types of compost available, including peat moss coconut coir , earthworm castings, bat guano, and many others. Compost is key in top-dressing because it helps provide your lawn with a sustainable energy source, making it healthier and stronger over time.

A top-dressing on your lawn will not only help make it a more beautiful and enjoyable space but also increase its durability. The thick layer of grass thatch acts as an insulator against pests like grubs which eat away at roots and kill plants over time. Doyle Mathews here. Lawn Care Expert Site to test and review products for your evergreen grass! Some posts may contain affiliate links. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Topdressing lawn is a term that refers to the process of fertilizing grass with topsoil, sand, and compost.

Create a Level Surface: If you have a lawn with minor undulations and hollows, regular applications will gradually level the lawn by filling the hollows. Improve the drainage: This task will improve the drainage on a garden lawn, especially after aeration has been carried out.

Then, by following up afterward by applying a suitable sandy mixture and working it down the holes, you will improve the drainage of the lawn. This is because sand drains better than clay due to the larger particle size that encourages quicker water movement. Improve drought resistance: This is similar to improving the drainage on a lawn, but you would use peat and loam-based top dressing. Peat and loam have greater water retention properties than sand.

Therefore they would improve the drought resistance of your lawn. Thatch Breakdown: A good dressing program can help with the decomposition of thatch. Regular applications help dilute the thatch layer and encourage natural breakdown.

Encourage a Thicker Lawn: It encourages the grass to produce new shoots resulting in a thicker, tight-knit sward, reducing the invasion of weeds and moss. Table of Contents. Tired of that dull, grey color in your lawn? Well, now you can have a lush, dark green lawn with just one treatment. The Commercial Grade Lawn Energizer is an instant solution to prep for those big summer parties and special events. This easy-to-use lightening up liquid will blend into the rest of the lawn through rain and irrigation.

This nutrient-rich formula does not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides and comes ready to use in a hose-end sprayer box. Grass types like Bermudagrass, St Augustinegrass, Zoysia grass including buffalo are all safe candidates for this intense booster treatment which covers square feet. Michigan Peat Garden Magic Top Soil is a blend of two organic materials that is perfect for any garden or lawn.

This product will soften clay soils and help to retain moisture if your garden has a light, sandy soil. One bag covers up to square feet, so next time you are looking at new house plants or other gardening supplies, you should grab some Michigan peat Garden Magic too! Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix 6 qt is designed to be less prone to fungus gnats and perfect for container plants. This blend of soil holds the water longer than standard potting mixes, helps re-wet and stay moist easily.

It contains no bark or compost, which are well known for being home to fungus gnats. It also carries blended coconut coir, which holds and releases water that keeps your plant happy over a 6-month span!

In general, I prefer using compost that has not been treated with any chemicals, like pesticides or herbicides. If the label does not say this, I recommend asking someone who knows about soil and fertilizers for more information on what to use. After reading the all-purpose garden fertilizer's description, offer your own thoughts and recommendations.

Prouder to say this one is Made in the USA! It not only features a nice mix of organic fertilizers that will dramatically improve root development and nutrient uptake, but it also has a PH balance formulated with premium, handpicked ingredients that are available nowhere else in the world.

Plus, this product is lab tested for purity and quality by an independent certifier - you can't get better than that!

Topdressing A Home Lawn

Planting grass seed is the best way to grow a lawn; it allows you to choose the best grass seed species to suit your garden and soil type. Prepare the soil for grass seed by clearing the area and removing any large stones, weeds and other debris. It's easier to fix soil problems before your new lawn is in place. For clay soils, mix in sharp sand to aid drainage and composition. Cultivate the soil to a depth of 15cm 6" to aerate the soil and break up compaction.

Topdressing is the lawn maintenance practice of placing a thin layer of material on top (the process in which water moves out a plant).

Lawn Top Dressing

Need advice for top dressing lawns? Keep reading to find step by step advice from start to finish. Top dressing is the process of applying compost, soil, or sand over the surface of your lawn. It has been performed on golf courses since the sport was invented in Scotland, but has only recently become popular on home lawns. Good soil is living soil. That may sound like a cliche, but it's true. One tablespoon of soil can contain billions of microorganisms. These microscopic organisms are one of the reasons we have plants and trees. In nature, soil microbes enrich soil by converting fallen leaves, limbs and other debris into nutrients plants can use. Since many home lawns have poor quality soil, top dressing becomes even more important.

Lawn Top Dressing: What, Why, When and How to Top Dress Your Lawn

Consumer helplineThis universal lawn dressing improves the root structure, drainage and also the physical condition of your lawn. This results in a stronger, healthier attractive looking lawn in a matter of weeks. It is also ideal as an underlay for laying turf and aerating compacted lawns.



What is Top Dressing? Top Dressing is the process of spreading a layer of high quality soil evenly over an already established or struggling lawn to add needed nutrients and increase the soil quality and depth. Get a Free Quote! Aeration Info Long Version:. Austin area soils are famous for their poor quality. Ask any avid local gardener and they will give you a list of their soil woes.

Lawns and alternatives

For a wonderful green lawn right through to next year, start fertilising in early spring with Searles Robust Lawn Booster. Searles Robust is a slow release fertiliser which will slowly feed lawn roots and leaves for up to 4 months to promote slowly thick, green, healthy grass — just like professional sports fields. A thicker lawn will smother out weeds, reducing weed spraying. If your lawn soil is hard and repels water, aerate with a garden fork or aerator, fill holes with the mix of sand and 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser see top dressing lawn tips section, right. It also contains a fertiliser so it will feed your lawn at the same time. Spring is the time for painful bindii invasion in lawns. If you have ever walked on a bindii and felt the sharp pain they cause, you may be interested to know that it is actually the seed that forms the prickle.

Topdressing lawn is a term that refers to the process of fertilizing grass with Wait until after things have started to grow back before mowing again.

#800 Planting a New Lawn from Seed

Top dressing a lawn with compost is the best way to provide the long-lasting, slow-release nutrients that encourage optimum turf grass growth. But most importantly, for all Camps, top dressing lawn is the best way to improve the overall health of your turf grass and the soil beneath it. It makes your lawn more resistant to pests and better able to choke out weeds. It encourages a deep root system that can better withstand drought and nurtures the beneficial soil microbes that help grasses thrive, whether you mow the lawn every few days, once a week, or twice a season.

Topdressing, what is it?

When establishing a new lawn, a common question asked is, "Should I seed or sod? With new establishments, there are three important steps to consider:. Timing and site-specific conditions may also influence your decision. For example, sodding will provide an immediate lawn to protect the soil if the site is susceptible to erosion, but it is more expensive than seeding.

Top dressing and overseeding is the absolute best way to renovate your lawn. If your lawn is showing signs of weakness, consider these steps to have your best lawn ever.

How to create a new lawn from grass seed

Overseeding of an existing lawn is a recognised essential part of annual lawn maintenance. All lawns are affected by the specific growing environment in which they exist, their level of use and general weather conditions. As a result, understanding the basic principles of overseeding and choice of seed mix will enable you to work with nature toward a greener and healthier lawn. The best time to overseed an existing lawn is in spring and autumn, with germination taking 7 to 21 days in ideal conditions. First of all, try to work out what grass types you already have in your lawn. You will also need to consider what you use the lawn for, the aspect of the garden, if the soil drains well, as well as the appearance you are trying to achieve.

Gardening Tips. Top dressing the lawn is a process that involves the addition of a fine layer of mixed quality soil to its surface. This is a necessary lawn care method to keep soil and plants healthy throughout the year.

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