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Dried orange slices are so easy to make and look fabulous. They are easy to make at home and will last for years if you look after them. Dried orange slices are perfect for decorating cakes and bakes. Perfect for a dried orange slice on your Christmas cocktails or being used for decorations around the home. I love using them as decorations on Christmas presents too.

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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: Dried oranges DIY. Compare of 4 variants to dry citruses.

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When it comes to seasonal decorating, I like to start early, and I like it to last as long as possible. Both in terms of staying power and in terms of appropriateness i. One of my favorite classic ways to decorate is with dried orange slices. They work for boho, rustic, natural, scandi, midcentury, farmhouse, and traditional decorating styles. These projects are quick, easy, and budget-friendly. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.

Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Thanks for supporting Bloom in the Black! A bread knife is perfect for this, but a steak knife will do in a pinch. Want super thin slices? Use a mandoline.

Be sure you have enough pans, wire racks, and room in your oven to accommodate all of your orange slices. Using a paper towel, blot up all the extra juice and moisture from your orange slices. You want them as dry as possible before placing them in the oven. The oranges will still dehydrate if you skip this step but it will take much longer to dry the citrus slices and could result in uneven color.

This project is mostly hands-off, except for the fact that you need to be available to flip the oranges. Just check every time you flip to see if they are becoming slightly glassy like a stained window. Your dried oranges will continue to dry out over the next month or so. Place the oranges in a single layer on top of a wire rack placed on a cookie sheet.

Having the warm oven air circulating all around the citrus slices will allow them to dry slightly more quickly. Alternatively, you can cover your oven rack with parchment paper and lay the citrus slices directly on the paper-covered rack. This allows you to dry FAR more slices at once and may result in more even color. The downside is that it can take slightly longer for your orange slices to dry thoroughly.

Watch the video below to see the different results from each orange drying method :. The total time to dry oranges slices in the oven will be between 2 — 6 hours.

The length of time will depend on how thick your slices are and how hot your oven runs. I sliced mine a little on the thick side, so they took a solid 6 hours. If you use a mandoline, your orange slices could need as little as 2 hours to dry. Here are 10 more affordable gift ideas. To make a dried orange wreath, you need dried orange slices, a grapevine wreath form , and a glue gun. Squirt a dab of hot glue to the white pith edge or skin of the orange slice and press to wreath to adhere.

If you add glue to the orange flesh you might not catch the wreath with the glue. You might choose to embellish your wreath with bay leaves and nutmeg as I did in the video below:.

To make dried orange ornaments, you need dried orange slices, jute twine , and a glue gun. Then, glue the loop to the back of the orange slice. Easy peasy! Watch the video below for a demonstration:. To make a dried orange swag, you need dried orange slices, jute twine , a glue gun , and some pine clippings.

This will be the top of your swag. Wrap in jute twine and glue to secure. Glue three orange slices to the top in an arrangement that looks good to you. Dried oranges slices are a beautiful and inexpensive way to decorate for fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and are incredibly easy to make! I hope you found this tutorial on how to dry oranges slices useful.

Want more? I love a good charcuterie board. But so many wooden serving boards are too small for the job. At least if you want to do it up right. So I decided to make my own! This was a project a lot of you were really interested in! But I got a lot of questions. And I realized that there were some common mistakes happening.

I was feeling a little guilty about not doing anything to decorate for spring. I know, I know. I hate to spend…. I absolutely love word art as home decor. So I set out to create an easy and inexpensive cursive letter sign that I could customize for various rooms, seasons, and occasions.

Not for the romance and roses, but because it feels like a fun interlude for the mid-winter blahs. I like to fill it with candy, fluff, and fun. I like…. Skip to content. Share Tweet Pin. Table of Contents. Materials for wreath: Dried orange slices Grapevine wreath form Glue gun Jute twine Dried bay leaves and nutmeg optional.

Materials for ornaments: Dried orange slices Glue gun this is my favorite budget model Jute twine. Materials for swag: Dried orange slices Glue gun Jute twine Pine clippings.

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How to dry orange slices

Christmas ornaments , baubles , "christmas bulbs" or "Christmas bubbles" are decoration items, usually to decorate Christmas trees. These decorations may be weaved , blown glass or plastic , molded ceramic or metal , carved from wood or expanded polystyrene , or made by other techniques. Ornaments are available in a variety of geometric shapes and image depictions. Ornaments are almost always reused year after year rather than purchased annually, and family collections often contain a combination of commercially produced ornaments and decorations created by family members. Such collections are often passed on and augmented from generation to generation. Festive figures and images are commonly chosen. Lucretia P.

Dried orange slices add color and a pleasant scent to your Christmas tree. degrees for three to four hours, or let your sliced fruit air dry for 4 days.

65 Dried Fruit Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Home

Christmas is an expensive time of year so why not save some money by making your own decorations; drying your own fruit is really easy and if you are a fan of a natural, rustic style of decoration then this really is a no-brainer. Add a walk in the countryside, buy some cheap glue and string and you're all set to decorate for the festive season. Citrus fruit can be cut into slices about 13mm 0. Just place the slices or whole fruits straight onto the wire shelves in your oven and dry slowly on the lowest temperature. If they are not quite dry and you need to turn off the oven just take them out and leave them somewhere warm, for example a sunny windowsill or over a radiator. For the whole fruits make slits 13mm 0. Apple, pear and fig slices can be thinly sliced, brushed with lemon juice and dried in the same manner as the citrus.

How to… Make Dried Orange Slices & Craft Ideas

Trim your tree in style with easy DIY projects, design tips and unique color palettes from the holiday decorating pros. Are you ready to shake things up this holiday season? Whether you want to try out a brand new Christmas tree theme or are just looking for new ways to use the decorations you already have, our pro-level decorating tips and tricks are here to help. Find expert ornament-hanging ideas, new ways to use ribbon, tree topper inspiration and how to incorporate unexpected objects like gingerbread houses! Break out the real or faux tree extra points if it's flocked , gather up your sparkliest ornaments and keep reading to learn how to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro.

Let me show you how to dry oranges for Christmas! They are easy to thread onto pretty ribbons and I also pile them into a basket with pine cones, cinnamon sticks and walnuts which I put in front of the wood burner to fill the sitting room with the scent of Christmas.

The best Christmas tree decorations for 2021

Be aware of current safety recommendations. Please see "Full Disclaimer" page for suggested preserving resources. Full Disclaimer. If you do a fair amount of preserving, like I do, it means there is often a surplus of fruit in the house. Sometimes it's a bowl of Quince , left out to ripen, or a bag of apples, being kept in the produce bin in the fridge to keep them fresher. I really like the look of having fruit around main living areas of the house, and it inspires me to create, too.

90 Festive Christmas Tree Ideas to Try This Year

Handmade Dried fruit ornaments lend a wonderful natural look to rustic Christmas decor. They're simple, frugal, and fun to make! Products for this recipe were provided free of charge. Click here to learn more. My daughter is just getting old enough to use my mini hot glue gun, and like all of us when we first discover the magic of hot glue - she wants to glue all the things. I still haven't outgrown this phase myself. So one of our favorite special Mommy-Izzy time activities lately, has been finding creative crafts that we can do together, with hot glue. Making these little ornaments out of dried fruits and spices has been one of our favorites.

What will you need for dried Orange Christmas Decor? · Parchment paper on a cookie sheet · Sliced oranges or other citrus fruit · Ornament hooks-.

Dried Citrus Decorations for the Holidays

Learn how to make dried oranges for all of your Christmas decorations this year like dried orange slices garland, wreath adornments, and more! When it comes to decorating for the seasons, I am a sucker for all things handmade and anything natural. I think having a good mix of handmade and natural elements is the best way to go for seasonal and holiday decorating. Making dried orange slices is a great way to add all natural and handmade decor to your home any time of year, not just for Christmas!

Whether you opt for a faux fir or a beautifully-scented real tree , your Christmas tree deserves a proper makeover in time for the big day. Pair the family decorations you undoubtedly have stored in the attic with shiny new trinkets for a show-stopping centrepiece to any Christmas party, or a shrine to all things presents on Christmas morning. Our edit of the best baubles, garlands, lights, toppers and tree skirts is sure to help…. Whether you chose a bauble with a traditional motif or a bright, modern silhouette, baubles are the easiest way to dress up your tree.

There are so many wonderful ways to make your Christmas tree come to life this holiday season—and create a look your whole family will love. From DIY Christmas tree lights to homemade Christmas ornaments and Christmas tree toppers galore, we've rounded up beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas that are inexpensive, easy to pull off, and even simple enough for your kids to help out with.

Back in the olden days people celebrated Christmas with greater simplicity, gifts and ornaments were generally handmade. You should start small and work your way up. Just try one grapefruit, orange and apple to begin with and see how you like it. Making a popcorn string is probably the cheapest decoration you can make. Buy popcorn kernels in a bag and pop them fashioned on the stove or over a fire. Turn your classic Christmas music on and begin your tradition. I sliced the fruit thin and threw away the ends.

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