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Sunny landscape background vector image

White fancy-leaved varieties are particularly popular for this use because they can create a striking contrast with surrounding grasses, flowers, shrubs, or trees.

Commercial caladium plants are propagated asexually from tubers. Its also has improved tuber yield potential over the commonly grown white varieties 'Aaron', 'Candidum', 'Candidum Junior', and 'White Christmas'. Ancestry of 'Aaron' is unknown, while 'Candidum Junior' is believed to be a field mutation of 'Candidum' Wilfret,Jumbo tubers are multi-segmented, bearing three to four dominant buds.

Tuber surfaces are brown with the cortical area yellow-orange. Leaves are peltate, sagittate-cordate, with white palmate-pinnate venation. The upper surface has a green margin bordering the entire leaf except for the basal leaf sinus, where it is gray-purple. Interveinal areas are white. Leaves have a small red-purple blotch at the petiole attachment. Primary veins are green-white, and netted venation is green and occurs over the entire leaf surface.

Interveinal areas are quite variable with a green-white color near the center to a gray-green near the margin. Petioles are light green at the apex, but the color diffuses into a dark brown at the base.

Leaves of 'Garden White' are relatively large compared to many other varieties. When grown from 1-inch tuber propagules in ground beds under full sun, leaves measured approximately 4 months after planting averaged 13 inches long and 7 inches wide.

Plants were grown in a plastic-mulched raised-bed system. Osmocote 18N—2. Harvested tubers were graded by their maximum diameter: No. A production index was calculated as N No. The weight of 'Garden White' tubers from each planting plot exceeded that of all other varieties except 'June Bride' inIn , tuber weight of 'Garden White' was similar to that of 'Florida Moonlight' and 'White Christmas', but exceeded that of other varieties except 'June Bride'.

The production index was highest for 'Garden White' and 'June Bride' compared to all other varieties inIn , the production index for 'Garden White' exceeded other varieties except 'Florida Moonlight' and 'June Bride', which had similarly high values.

These sizes are ideal for tubers marketed for landscape use. Plant height, number of leaves, and foliar characteristics were recorded 7 weeks after planting.

Plants from intact tubers of 'Garden White' were 15 inches tall, similar in height to 'Aaron' and 'White Christmas', while plant height was 11 inches from de-eyed tubers. All varieties had similar plant heights when tubers were de-eyed. The performance of 'Garden White' from intact tubers suggested that it is best suited to landscape use. If used in small pots, 'Garden White' may perform better if tubers are de-eyed and treated with a growth retardant. Plant height, leaf number, and leaf size were measured approximately 4 months after planting.

Overall landscape plant performance ratings of 'Garden White' were excellent for all rating periods July 22, August 31, and NovemberIn summary, 'Garden White' is intended for use in full sun or partial shade landscapes or large containers. Its performance was outstanding for a white variety since, unlike most white varieties, its leaves did not deteriorate under full sun conditions. Due to its vigor, height, and huge leaves, it is well suited as a garden or landscape plant.

Although extensive research and evaluations of this variety have been performed on small acreages, tuber producers are encouraged to plant only limited quantities of 'Garden White' until they have gained experience in producing this variety.

Standard postharvest treatment of tubers is recommended Harbaugh and Tjia, and preplant hot-water treatment of tubers is encouraged to prolong their life. Information on tuber availability and propagation agreements can be obtained from the Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.

Deng, Z. Harbaugh, R. Schoellhorn, and R. ENHHarbaugh, B. Commercial Forcing of Caladiums. Miranda, and G. Miranda, B. Wilfret, G. Plant performance approximately 4 months after planting 1-inch tuber propagules in ground beds in full sun in andValues presented are means of three replications with three plants measured per plot per year, averaged over 2 years.

Plant performance for caladium grown from No. Values represent the means of eight plants produced from intact or de-eyed No. Tuber weights, production index, and tuber grade distribution of caladium varieties harvested in andValues presented are means of three replications with 30 propagules perThe production index is an indicator of economic value of the crop harvested and is calculated as N No.

Tubers graded by maximum diameter: No. Original publication date JuneRevised June and NovemberZhanao Deng, professor; and Brent K. Home Experts Topics. Figure 1. Table 1. Table 2. Days to sprout z Plant height inch Leaves no. Table 3. Related Topics Caladiums.

Contacts Zhanao Deng. Find publications by topic area. Overall plant performance rating z.

Sunny Mountain Wallpaper

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Fieldwork in a sunny Antarctic landscape

May 10, Landscape Design 0 comments. Take advantage of sunny spaces and enjoy your landscape more. As the poem says, spring sunshine makes people smile as we shake off the winter blues. And the sun is here, at least in the short term. The forecast is for warm, sunny days this weekend and into next week. Do you have sunny spaces to enjoy in your landscape? If you are not taking full advantage of the sunshine that comes into your yard, now is a good time to contemplate making changes. A good resource for landscape design principles is A Pattern Language.

'Garden White' Caladium for Sunny Landscapes and Large Containers

Only 1 left in stock. Learn more. If your purchase was not as expected, you can return it for a refund within 30 days of receipt. Alternatively, you can exchange for a different size. Basilico green is exactly that shade of green - late spring forest.

View All Events. Researchers working at a remote automatic measurement station in the field.

Sunny Landscape Images

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Island Shores to Sunny Skies: The Aviation Landscape of Seychelles

Hard- and softscape elements complement each other in this sunny bed. Stone columns define the edges of a slim garden bed. A wood fence provides the flowerbed with a bright backdrop. Large patches of Shasta daisy accent the color of hardscape elements such as the fence. Curves in this sunny garden bed soften the squares and angles of the house behind it. Sun-loving beds aren't just for flowers; consider ornamental grasses, which often demand full-time rays to reach their full height.

Sunny Landscapes is a company who always raises the standards of our work and with very high work ethics as well as the desire to please our customers.

Sunny Landscape

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Signed and numbered photograph of a sunny landscape. A dreamlike view of the mountain tops in the distance, as the star of the day sets in, bathing the planet with a warm and clear light.

We have a broad spectrum of capabilities and are sure we can meet the challenges and demands required to reach a successful conclusion. Every job is unique and our attention to detail starts at the planning stage. Our team of skilled and specialty workers coupled with the right equipment, experience, and determination will ensure an efficient, timely and professional work site. We do not just want your project to look good on the day we leave it to you, but continue to perform for many problem free years. We will not take shortcuts or cut corners to save you or us money at the cost of the job. In the early nineties I started working for a landscape company in the South Okanagan it was then that I realized what I wanted to do and that was start a company and work the land to the benefit of all involved.

Sunny day Summer field Flower hillside Large painting Original art. Paintings,Nadin Antoniuk.

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