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When I think of landscapes I love, I think of the natural and the man made, the special landscapes I grew up in, and the landscapes that set the backdrop for the most meaningful scenes of my life. I am profoundly grateful to live in a world of beautiful landscapes. Today, regarded equally for traditional and contemporary designs, the firm has developed a reputation in the greater New England region for thoroughly understanding the natural context of the land, the cultural and built architectural connections, and the specific needs and stylistic preferences of each client. DGLA fully explores these factors and studies the potential of every property to prepare unique, custom designs with a clear connection to place.

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Atlantic Landscape & Design, Inc. in Scarborough, Maine

It is such an honor to have our work out there to help promote the valuable contributions that landscape designers make throughout the international design community. The success of each one of these projects relies completely on the support and trust from our amazing clients who give us these amazing opportunities to collaborate with them on such meaningful spaces.

We look forward to meeting you all and celebrating together in New Mexico this fall. Thank you so much APLD for recognizing our work again this year!!! Our work on this property has been an incredible highlight for our firm, and the list of people to recognize for their contributions is extensive. You can read more about the project by visiting the American Society of Landscape Architects, Professional Awards page. Thank you Michelle Slatalla for thoughtfully including our work on Gardenista—it is an honor to be on your radar!

The weather was stunning, and the verdant and rocky coast of my home state was putting on one hell of a dazzling fall foliage display. Stop one was to a top-secret, antique quarry, complete with a fantastic old VW hippie van that probably still gets better mileage than current models. The sun was setting quickly and there was a nip in the air—the perfect conditions for mother nature to work her autumn paintbrushes on the surrounding woodlands.

Stop two was to our absolutely inspiring new project site near Acadia National Park. The property sits on a spectacular vein of pink granite that juts out into the Atlantic, presenting dreamy views for as far as the eye can see. To top it off, the hayscented fern, moose maple, and tupelo were in full fall color, creating shocking visual scenes that are almost too much for the brain to process. My line of work takes me to many wonderful places throughout the Northeast, but nothing could ever compete with the sights and sounds of waves crashing on weathered granite.

I fondly reflect on times I spent in the W. There was nothing quite like sitting up high above the Pioneer Valley on the 15th or 16th floor on a snowy afternoon, flipping through the pages and dreaming of one day being able to share one of my gardens with the world. Over the summer, while dashing between job sites and client meetings throughout the northeast, I had the incredible opportunity to fulfill this dream with a meaningful collaboration involving Journalist and Designer, Jane Berger , and Managing Editor of LAM, Lisa Speckhardt.

It was a dazzling, sun-filled morning, and the property showed-off all of its remarkable qualities. Of the 34 recipients, only 8 residential awards were given so to be recognized as one of the top residential projects from across the U. The competition for this recognition is tremendous, and I am grateful to the prestigious Jury for seeing the magic of this landscape in our submission.

For me, this project is an absolute reflection of this sentiment. The work we have completed at this property has been one of the most rewarding professional and personal experiences I have ever had, and to have it celebrated and shared with my peers, mentors, and collaborators is profound. There is an enormous list of people to thank for all of their hard work and dedication on this project, but I would be remiss if I forgot to thank our amazing client for giving us this wonderful opportunity, or to praise our friends at Gardenform Landscape Construction for their incredible commitment in helping to build this garden.

Congratulations to our fellow professional and student award-winners. We are honored to be in your company and cannot wait to celebrate with you all in Denver in November! Combined, the list of collaborators for these projects is extensive, and we are so grateful to work with so many wonderful and talented landscape contractors, architects, interior designers, builders, and other field-related consultants to build projects like these. However, at the end of the day, none of these gardens would be possible without the shared vision of our clients who engage our help to design these spaces—so thank you to each of you you know who you are!

Thank you so much APLD for recognizing our work this year!!! At the top of a hill in a small rural town on the coast of Maine stands a year-old farmhouse, speaking an almost audible sound of disrepair. For 75 years my grandparents, Richard Lloyd and Maida Caroline Cunningham, were subsistence farmers here, and they raised 7 children. The immeasurable passion I hold for the landscape is influenced by my childhood memories of running through rows of potatoes, picking blueberries, and eating cucumbers straight from the vine.

An old farm like this comes with its own narratives—revealing that every landscape has a story to tell, and the natural brilliance of any place can be found and celebrated. In , I purchased this property from my grandmother in an effort to prevent the land from being subdivided, and with hopes to one day restore the house as a year-round retreat.

Over ten acres of native grasses, aster, milkweed, and goldenrod blanket the ground and loosely merge with juvenile stands of white pine, spruce, poplar, birch, maple, and black cherry. The young trees frame a spectacular view of Jacob Buck Mountain, and elderly apple trees gracefully mark the edge where meadow meets woodland. A natural spring bubbles ice cold water from deep below the ground year round.

Yesterday, my grandmother passed away at the age ofFor many years, she was a devoted homemaker and caregiver. She and my grandfather worked tirelessly to raise extensive vegetable gardens, and she was a master at preserving foods.

Sharing was important to Richard and Maida, and they always spread the bounty among family, friends, and the community. She was an excellent and resourceful cook, and nobody ever left her kitchen hungry. Her generous heart was filled with a special love for children, and she never missed an opportunity to indulge her grandchildren.

As I reflect on this rainy evening before hurricane Sandy unleashes her power across the region, I take comfort thinking about how owning the family farm has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my adult life.

Now that my grandmother is gone, the house and the land have even greater meaning to me. In many ways, the only pieces of the original farm that can be seen are found in old family photos I have collected that show how things were in the old days. I often think about how difficult it must have been for my grandmother to watch the land that she and her husband worked so hard to build a life upon transform from a bustling and productive farm, to a quiet and seemingly forgotten woodland.

It makes me think of how short our lives are, and how incredibly resilient mother nature is. So many people have fond memories of my grandmother—she was an affectionate wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Her spirit was genuine, and her soul was gentle. My grandparents taught me to respect and appreciate the land, and to observe and appreciate natural cycles and weather patterns. I work hard to let the landscapes I create tell a story about their context, the people who occupy them, and the natural systems they are part of.

I will miss my grandmother with all my heart, and I am so grateful to have had two such amazing people in my life to teach me how to listen to the land. I would also like to send a huge congratulations to the folks at Stephen Stimson Associates for receiving the Award of Excellence for their work at the Southwest Concourse at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst! Last but certainly not least, thank you Gardenform Landscape Construction for all of your amazing dedication and hard work——building this project with you in the context of Acadia National Park was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

I look forward to connecting with old and new friends to celebrate! On Monday, www. Each one of these landscapes utilize reclaimed stone in unique ways.

Happy 4th of July America! What an incredible week of exciting press and media acknowledgements!

Elizabeth Gilliam, PLA Named Mid-Atlantic Director of Design

EMAIL: required. Landscape Architecture and Land Planning are an important function in maximizing the potential of the land and designing a space for the long term that create conducive environments for the sustainable development of land resources. From public comprehensive general plans to private master-planned communities, Bowman provides a full range of landscape and planning services from feasibility studies, site planning and conceptual design to detailed design and construction document preparation. Bowman provided engineering, environmental consulting, project review and oversight during the construction of the high school, infrastructure, and stream restoration project. When Terremark embarked on an innovative data center construction project — the NAP of the Capital Region, Bowman was retained to provide consulting services including civil design, land surveying, planning and MEP engineering design.

I believe that successful landscapes must incorporate natural biology and appropriate plant I can assist you with your next Living Architecture Project.

Landscape Design and Maintenance Services in Atlantic County NJ

Reports to: Executive Director. Job Overview: The Landscape Design Manager LDM develops and oversees landscape design and build services for various types of projects including but not limited to rain gardens, conservation landscapes, tree planting, rainwater harvesting, and other small best management practices. The LDM provides outreach and education to promote the services offered by Howard EcoWorks to residential homeowners, residential community management and homeowners associations, and organizations. The LDM manages projects from initial customer contact through feasibility assessment, design, construction, post-project performance, tracking and record-keeping. The LDM provides guidance to crews to ensure that projects are implemented according to the specifications of the respective designs and achieve budget targets. The LDM performs other duties as assigned. Work with landowners, homeowner associations, nonprofits, and government agencies to develop and implement water quality improvement, habitat restoration, invasive species management, stormwater management and maintenance projects. Perform consultations and site assessments to determine parameters and specifications of projects and create written and illustrated project recommendations with a focus on highlighting EcoWorks services.


It is such an honor to have our work out there to help promote the valuable contributions that landscape designers make throughout the international design community. The success of each one of these projects relies completely on the support and trust from our amazing clients who give us these amazing opportunities to collaborate with them on such meaningful spaces. We look forward to meeting you all and celebrating together in New Mexico this fall. Thank you so much APLD for recognizing our work again this year!!! Our work on this property has been an incredible highlight for our firm, and the list of people to recognize for their contributions is extensive.

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


Ironwood Design Group completely transformed the outdoor amenity of this Atlantic Station office building, elevating an underused, problematic outdoor space into a lush oasis for office employees. Nelson Interior Design invited Ironwood to this design challenge while working on an office renovation. Nelson had reworked the office interior, but when they approached the issues presented by the outdoor area, they knew Ironwood would have the necessary expertise to recreate the space. The challenge s posed by the outdoor area w ere formidable : the entire space was barely 20 feet wide. Wedged between the edge of the office building and the entrance to an underground parking lot, the footprint offered only a narrow space in which to create an outdoor workplace oasis. And with a major interstate alongside the far wall, noise and wind were major problems.

Why study Landscape Architecture (BTech) at Dal?

Gray manor - Our clients wanted a patio that "looked like it's been here for years". Curve appeal - Our client asked for lots of curves and we delivered with a rotundo and curvy walkway. Country house stepping stones - Our clients asked for "minimal" disruption to their country house setting. Expansive entranceway - Our clients asked for a large area to greet guests outside their door. Step into the light - Our client's old steps were crumbling beneath their feet until we installed Techo Bloc steps and Belgik rustic edging.

Scott Anderson Design are the expert landscape designers near Atlantic Beach, NY. At Scott Anderson Design, our vast knowledge in construction planning.

Atlantic Landscape Design & Construction

Maintenance Services. Storm Water Facilities. Welcome to.

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Atlantic Maintenance Group, LLC has been satisfying both residential and commercial clients for years. We are here to help on small and large jobs with our wide variety of service offerings. Atlantic Maintenance Group provides landscaping maintenance , design and construction services , as well as snow removal , asphalt and concrete services throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Our goal is to provide the customer service and personal relationship of a small business, while delivering the full range of capabilities for projects on any scale.

Since its founding in , the Ecological Landscape Alliance has been a leader in promoting sustainable approaches to landscape design, construction, and management. The Ecological Landscape Alliance advocates for ecological landscape practices through education, collaboration, and outreach.


Chris Stocker started Atlantic Ridge over 20 years ago with a push mower and the steadfast dream to create a luxury landscaping design-build company. Why be restricted to building a landscape when we can create an experience? One that is memorable and treasured, to enjoy and share now and in the years to come…. As a landscaping design-build company and home improvement contractor in the Lehigh Valley and Western New Jersey, we consider your landscape an exciting canvas. One on which your vision, your dream, your style and good taste is artistically nurtured by our team of experts culminating in a masterpiece — a work of skillfully crafted art.

Orange Mall Green Infrastructure. Tempe, Arizona. Portland Mall Revitalization.

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