How to make a vertical garden planter

The more plants, the merrier, right? Hanging pot plants filled with your favourite little shrubs and succulents is quick, easy, and requires little maintenance. A vertical herb garden made of landscape fabric is economical, easy to put together, and super effective. All you need are the right supplies and a can-do attitude!

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How to Make a Vertical Planter

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Easily grow nearly any vegetable, herb or flower organically with the Garden Tower 2! This vertical gardening system eliminates weeding, nutrient loss and most water loss associated with conventional gardening!

Deliver nutrients to your plant roots for hydroponic-like growth rates without the price tag and difficulty. The Garden Tower 2 gives you space for 50 individual plants, as well as a large vermicomposting column down the middle.

This system utilizes your kitchen scraps to produce nutrient rich compost that is then made accessible to the roots of your flowers, herbs or vegetables. The Garden Tower 2 is a great option for those looking to save space on a patio, balcony, store-front or even in a greenhouse. Optional Caster Wheel Kit : The caster wheel kit allows you to ea sily move your tower around your porch, patio or any hard, relatively even, surface.

Included is a USA-made double powder coated heavyweight steel support structure, hardware, and three heavy-duty double locking rotational axis locking triple ball bearing black casters. Please note the Garden Tower does not include soil, seeds, bedding material or worms. Composting worms can be purchased here , or from a variety of local and online sources. The Garden Tower works on an aerobic with air composting principal, so light, fluffy soil is best.

Issues can arise from over-compaction, either in the soil column or in the compost column. Start with at least composting worms for the centre compost tube. Add at least earthworms into the soil column. A general watering schedule during the growing season is gallons of water every days. That being said, this will vary for everyone, and we recommend watering with a container instead of a hose to avoid over-watering. Every so often, once the column is full, you can empty some of the finished compost from the bottom.

To do so, ensure the drawer has no water in it and pull the screen out half way to allow vermicompost to exit the bottom of the compost column, and fall into the drawer.

You can use the finished compost in your gardens, and the liquid that drains down through the tower is also an ideal fertilizer. Limit citrus and acidic fruit skin Limit bread, pasta and other wheat based products Avoid hard fruit pits Avoid spice foods, onions, garlic and leeks Avoid animal products such as meat, dairy, or fats Avoid shiny paper Do not feed rotten food to your worms.

Below is a shortlist of what we recommend planting in your Garden Tower! Worms should be protected from extreme temperatures. The Garden Tower can be used successfully both indoors and outdoors, and they are a great space-saver in a greenhouse! You don't need to feed your worms every day — just add scraps as you have them. We recommend a generous handful or two of food every couple of days. Worms can survive up to 2 weeks without any new food.

Worms reproduce inside the tower according to their space limitations. They will regulate their own population, so you never need to worry about overcrowding your tower. It is very important that the Garden Tower is not overfed. Worms prefer to eat their food as it begins to decompose, but not if it has become slimy and smelly.

In a cold winter, we suggest that the center compost should be removed with worms and placed in a 1-foot deep hole in the ground outside of your dwelling if accessible.

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Garden Tower Color. Current stock: 0. Read more Overview The Garden Tower 2 gives you space for 50 individual plants, as well as a large vermicomposting column down the middle.

Using Your Garden Tower The Garden Tower works on an aerobic with air composting principal, so light, fluffy soil is best. Share: facebook email twitter pinterest. Operating Weight: lbs. Product Videos. Related Products Quick View. Jora JK Composter - 4. Quick View. Natural Cedar Raised Garden Beds. Farmstead Raised Garden Bed. Subpod In-Ground Composting System.

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Pocket Planters: How to Make a Lightweight Vertical Garden

These trendy gardens look impressive, but almost anyone can bring a vertical garden home. A vertical garden hangs on the wall or sits against one and stacks plants, so you can fit several into one space, maximizing greenery and even making watering plants a little bit easier. You can always pick the DIY vertical garden option, too. With these simple steps and ideas, you can set up a plant wall—large or small—that will bring your space to life in a big way without too much angst on your part. There are many different varieties of vertical gardens to choose from.

Stacking up your planter box with bright colors such as pink will create an appealing texture. The.

How to Make a Vertical Planter From Bamboo

A vertical vegetable garden is a simple way to boost growing space, reduce insect and disease problems, and beautify decks and patios. In my veggie plot, I use structures like trellises, stakes, and obelisks. These support vining tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, gourds, peas, and pole beans. But, I also have a vertical vegetable garden on my back deck and patio. With a little creative thinking, you can grow edibles on walls and fences, or create your own vertical space with hanging baskets or pallets. There are several great books on growing food vertically. Easy to make, this is a cylinder built from a sturdy wire mesh, lined in plastic, and filled with soil. To build, bend a 6 foot tall section of metal mesh like concrete reinforcing wire or a chicken wire-like mesh with holes at least 4 inches square into a two-foot diameter cylinder.

The Kitchen

We used to complain about small spaces. And that we did. We have learned to use the nook, crannies, and walls, maximizing space. In addition, we have learned to look up. The use of vertical space is a profound answer to the lack of a horizontal one.

Source: Fancy frugal life.

Step by Step Guide to setup the Vertical Garden

Gardening is a great way to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and to get some fresh produce in your life. It can even be used for an apartment balcony garden! I love how versatile this vertical wall garden is for the above reasons, and how customizable it is, too. You can buy vertical garden kits, but when you make one yourself you can customize it to the specific needs of your backyard or balcony. We'll have some fun projects on hand to help you get set up for spring, and we'd love to see you at the show which runs February

How to Start a DIY Vertical Garden (and 7 Ideas You Should Try)

Of course, when choosing the plants you should also consider the conditions you can provide light, access to water, temperature…. Most vegetables prefer a minimum of 6 hours of sun. If your garden gets less than 6 hours of sun, you can still grow many herbs and some vegetables like lettuce and spinach. Just like with container gardening , you want to choose the highest quality potting soil you can find. As far as what you can use to erect your vertical planter, there is really no limit!

Vertical gardening is also popular among many who want to create a a set of planters or pots that are right for your vertical garden.

20 Vertical Gardening Ideas: Grow More In Less Space

A piece of driftwood that transformed into an artful vertical container for succulents with different colors from red to green. The succulents are well suited for vertical gardening since they are slow-growing and low in maintenance. These plants also do not require a lot of water which will make it perfect for this design.


We have a lot of fence length in our backyard and to be honest, it was feeling a little blah. I love to plant herbs each summer but I was getting tired of tripping over flower pots on the deck. With all of this in mind, I decided to create some planters that would hang on our fence. Here is everything you need to know, step by step, to create this little vertical garden in your own outdoor space! I wanted to make this project as simple as possible, so I opted to use only one type of material, in one size! Cedar fence boards are inexpensive, easy to transport because of their length and offer uniformity and clean square edges.

Vertical gardens provide elegant outdoor decor, however, large planters can weigh a lot. On the other hand, pocket planters give you a simple, lightweight solution for growing plants on a wall.

Whether you live in a region or the world that sees summer temperatures year-round, or you have to deal with autumn and winter, you can still transform one of your walls into an indoor vertical garden. The rustic frame is also made out of reclaimed wood, and once you have the hang of one frame, you can add on others for an even more dramatic look. The GroVert wall planter combines two things we love—chalkboards and greenery—into one package! A removable reservoir and water collection tray makes watering a snap, and the blackboard finish makes it so easy to keep track of which plants are where. This vertical herb garden lets you have your favorite flavors on hand at all times. Turn your kitchen into a miniature farm with this gorgeous free-standing vertical garden from Williams-Sonoma.

An answer to the short-of-space, blank-walled, crafty creative—a vertical garden can serve many purposes both inside and outside your home. Whether you're looking to achieve a blooming curb-appeal, infuse your interiors with greenery , or add some verdant interest to a blank wall, a vertical garden can easily enliven any of your spaces. The possibilities are endless, and these brilliant ideas are proof.

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