When should flower seeds be planted indoors

Cold weather doesn't mean the gardener in you needs to hibernate. While you can have an excellent vegetable and flower garden with young plants purchased at the start of the season, starting seeds early offers the greatest number of possibilities. Get your garden off to a great start this spring by planting your seeds ahead of time indoors! Growing seeds inside isn't too difficult as long as you give them what they need to thrive: plenty of light, just enough water, and the right temperature.

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How to Grow Seeds Indoors

Starting your own seeds indoors offers a greater opportunity for variety in your garden. Now we have reached the time when you should have started or are putting in the last of the seeds you wish to start indoors. Several of our more common vegetables should be started anywhere from four to 10 weeks before last frost. These include: tomato, eggplant, pepper, cucumber, cantaloupe, squash and watermelon.

You can still begin your broccoli and cabbage at this time too. Some flowers that you can start now are: zinnia, cosmos, marigold, cornflower, aster, phlox, nicotiana, verbena and snapdragon. One of the benefits of starting your own seed indoors is home gardeners can grow many different varieties that may not be available from local nurseries as transplants.

You may still start other kinds of plants indoors depending upon your frost free date. The easiest way is to count backwards from the frost free date in your area based on the information on your seed package. For example, if your seed package says start six weeks before last frost and your last frost is May 15, then you would have to start your seeds the first week of April.

For details about how to start seeds indoors, you may find these resources helpful Purdue University Extension bulletin HOW and University of Maine bulletin e. For more information about vegetable gardening in Michigan visit the Gardening in Michigan website. This article was published by Michigan State University Extension. Last chance to start seeds indoors.

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How to Start Seeds Indoors in the Winter

After enduring months of bleak outdoor landscapes, the long ramp up to spring can be tough on gardeners — leaving us itching to get our hands in the dirt and just plant something. Annuals get a great head start on flowering when they begin life indoors. Photo by Elena Kyuchukova. Starting seeds indoors offers some significant benefits. For a minimal investment in a packet of seeds, you can populate your garden with plenty of new plants —and have enough left over to share with friends and fellow gardeners!

By growing your own transplants, you can control when you plant them outside. There's no need to wait until they are available in a retail.

Seed Starting Guide & Calendar for Ontario

To help you be successful, I put together a list of some easy plants to grow indoors from seed; both flowers and vegetables. I also included general planting times for each type of seed. But be sure to check the packets for the specific seed starting dates. Below, I broke my list down into two sections. One is for flowers, and the other one is for vegetables. I use a lot of them, both in my garden and in containers. Marigold — One of my all-time favorite flowers, marigolds are super easy seeds to grow indoors. They attract pollinators, and can help to deter pests from the garden too. Start the seeds indoors weeks before your average planting date in the spring. Two of my favorite varieties are french marigold and Crackerjack.

3 pitfalls of planting seeds too early!

The easiest way to start any vegetable garden is direct seeding—wait until the weather warms and plant the seeds directly in the garden. Unfortunately, direct seeding is not practical for some crops. For example, tomatoes and peppers cannot be planted until after the last frost and after the soil has warmed. If seeded directly in the garden at that time, tomatoes and peppers require more than days to produce the first fruit. In addition, newly emerged seedlings are very tender and easily killed by insects and disease or shaded by quicker growing weeds.

Some garden seeds can be directly sown when the spring weather warms the soil, or in early spring; but other seeds are best started indoors before the last frost.

Last chance to start seeds indoors

If you're new to seed starting, this foolproof beginner's guide to starting seeds indoors will take you step by step from seed to harvest, quickly and easily. You don't need any fancy gear or grow lights to get started, and you can even upcycle small containers to put your seeds in. All that's needed is a sunny window, a basic seed-starting mix, and something underneath your pots to catch drips. You just need your seeds these are the best garden seed catalogs that I order from every year and a few basic supplies to get started. Whether you have a dedicated vegetable bed in your backyard, or a cluster of containers on your patio, it all starts out the same way. You have to plant your seeds, and germinating seeds inside your home where you have the most control is the best way to do so.

How and When to Start Seeds Indoors in Illinois

When it comes to starting flower and vegetable plants indoors, avoiding a few big seed starting mistakes can mean the difference between sweet success, and total growing failure. Growing plants from seed is one of the most rewarding experiences a gardener can have. Watching something you planted mature to a beautiful flower or vegetable plant simply never gets old. But many gardeners struggle growing plants indoors from seed. And more often than not, the issue usually boils down to a few mistakes that can easily be fixed with ease. And more importantly, how to avoid them for great plants!

Many types of containers can be used to start seeds. If using flats or other large containers, plant in rows and grow seedlings until they have one or two sets.

Starting Annual Flower Seeds Indoors

Free entry to RHS members at selected times ». General enquiries Mon — Fri 9am — 5pm. Make a donation. Read the information on your seed packet to find out the best time to sow seed January to March is quite common.

Sowing Seeds Indoors

Starting flowers, herbs , and vegetables indoors from seed is a great way to try some unique varieties. For many of us, growing season opens with a long-awaited visit to a local garden center, to elbow our way through the crowd to a seasonal array of peppers and tomatoes , basil and parsley , impatiens and marigolds. We link to vendors to help you find relevant products. If you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Starting seeds indoors is a great way to start vegetables, perennial flowers, and annual flowers. Best of all, this process works without grow lights!

17 Easiest Seeds To Start Indoors

By on. One of the most frequently asked questions from new gardeners is, when should I start my seed indoors? It all seems so complicated with many different types of seeds, both vegetables and flowers. This post will simplify the answer for you. In this post I am talking about seeds that will end up going into the garden, mostly vegetables, annuals and perennials. Seeds for houseplants can be started at any time. New gardeners only think about a few types of seeds.

When to Start Indoor Vegetable Seeds

This provides gardeners with homegrown seedlings to transplant after the last frost. Did you know that not all plants should be started indoors? Certain varieties grow well when seeds are started indoors and later transplanted, while other seed varieties grow best when directly sown outdoors.

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