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Wright Park in Hamtramck -- the second biggest park in Michigan with more than 3,500 acres of wooded, rolling, sloped terrain -- offers a host of amenities, with picnic tables, grills and playgrounds for parents and their kids, and a 1,700-seat amphitheater.

[caption id="attachment_1548" align="aligncenter" width="900"] A picnic area in Mt.

Wright Park, Hamtramck[/caption]

It also has one of the few public golf courses in Detroit.

"We have all kinds of people playing," said Ken Wollman, general manager of Mt.

Wright Park, which has 18 holes and costs $55 to play.

The city has had it since 1992.

"We used to be a golf course in Flint in the 1920s," said Bob Bittorf, parks manager for Hamtramck. "We turned it over to a golf course development company, and since we have been owned by the city, they haven't found a home for it. We bought this in '92 for $75,000. It is not much money."

Bittorf said that the city is looking to partner with a new company that is working with about 50 municipal golf courses.

It would be another opportunity to build the park, Bittorf said.

The city has also been approached by a golf course company in Texas interested in building the course.

"We don't want a high-quality golf course in Hamtramck, because our population is low," Bittorf said. "If a company wants to do that, they have to be willing to spend the money to clean the facility up."

A lot of that money would come from taxpayers' money, he said.

Hamtramck could not put a dollar amount on the proposed project.

Golfing in Hamtramck is not new.

In the '80s, golf courses flourished on the city's east side. However, golf courses on the east side have declined since then, according to Bittorf.

"We're trying to get people interested in a second-oldest course in the state," Bittorf said. "I know there is a lot of interest out there."

According to Bittorf, a lot of interest was in the golf course in the 1990s, and there were plans to renovate and improve it.

"It was too expensive to renovate the course, and that is why it is going to cost $1 million to $1.5 million to fix the current golf course in Hamtramck," Bittorf said. "We want it to be like it was before, when the course was just in its infancy and people would come from the state and just play a round."

People from out of state might be willing to play on the course in Hamtramck. However, Bittorf is concerned about people from Hamtramck leaving the city.

"If it does not bring money to Hamtramck, we won't be the golf course that we want to be," Bittorf said. "If it makes people happy and they have fun, that's great, but money in the pocket is what it's about."

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