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Also relevant to note is the direction your landscape faces, the distribution of sunlight and shade, general climate of the geographical area, topography of the land, and any existing utilities or drainage systems. These may help inform your decisions regarding hardscape and softscape materials and themes, as well as any utility and landscape structures you may want to remove, renovate, or incorporate into the new layout. Perhaps the most crucial factors in this initial planning stage revolve around the scope of installation and ongoing maintenance that will be involved in bringing your concept to life, as well as the cost associated with making your dream a reality. Landscape design has been referred to as a floor plan for the great outdoors, and as such, requires the same degree of care and precision that would go into creating a blueprint for the interior of a home or business. By crafting a visual representation of the site using scaled dimensions, this will make the process far easier to execute in logical, sequential stages.

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Residential Landscape Sustainability: A Checklist Tool

July is a month in which your Colorado landscape may require a little extra planning and attention. While your landscape transforms into a colorful oasis, most of your gardening tasks may entail an early morning wake up call so you can head outside before the summer sun heats up. Enjoy the floral bounty. Check out the birds and bees. This is a great time to set up a temporary viewing station. Sitting at a small table, you can easily watch bees , butterflies, hummingbirds and other winged creatures partake of the abundant pollen and nectar of your garden blooms.

General tree, shrub and plant care. Even though your hands will remain mostly dirt-free, keep an eye on your plants and trim them as needed. Remove about a third of the old growth on your shrubs as well as any ground-level suckers. Keep an eye on the water. Look for signs of water stress and amend your watering accordingly. Source: Luci. D Interiors via Houzz. Source: Better Homes and Gardens Keep an eye on the water.

Coral Bells. Top Perennials for Sheltered Gardens.

Checklist Garden Design

Click here for printable checklist. Cultivating Creativity SinceLandscaping Considerations Checklist. Do you have children or pets that would require a sizable lawn? Or, do your outdoor activities require large, open lawn spaces? Do you enjoy mowing a lawn? How much time would you like to spend on garden maintenance?

Be sure to fill out the Design Consultation Checklist to help make the most of your time with the designer. Design Fees are based on the size and complexity.

Taunton Design Charter and Checklist

From cleaning to contacting your local Utah landscapers to begin planning new landscape designs for your home, there is a lot to do when the snow begins to melt and the temperatures finally begin to rise. So, where do you start when it comes to preparing for the spring? Well, there is plenty to do before you contact the Utah landscapers at Mellco to help you create the landscape design of your dreams. Here is a landscape checklist for you to follow to get you on the right track. From leaves, dead plants and rocks, to other debris, you should make sure to clear your lawn of anything that is neither beneficial nor essential for your yard. Equipment includes lawn mowers, leaf blowers and weed whackers. If they go without being serviced, they may break down; the last thing you want is broken equipment that needs pricey repairs. Touch ups on already existing landscape features such as rock retaining walls, walkways, pools and fire pits are going to be crucial in restoring them and preventing any future wear or damages.

Landscaping Checklist

The landscapes around housing have a crucial role in creating a more sustainable future with carbon-neutral homes. This book shows how to improve the sustainable profile of new residential developments through landscape planning, design and management — by conserving resources and minimising pollution, and by enhancing ecological diversity. This may be achieved without significant additional capital outlay. The residential landscape sustainability checklist gives housing developers, landscape architects, architects and planners a tool with which to assess the environmental implication of their schemes throughout the design process — from site planning to detailed design.

Just as options for interior finishes have multiplied in the last few years, landscaping materials are also becoming more abundant.

The landscape design checklist

Landscape Design Checklist. Pollution Prevention 'Grasscycle' as often as possible. Reduce fertilizer and pesticide runoff. Phase out the scheduled application of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Use environmentally-sound fertilizing practices. Reduce potential pest problems by planting a variety of species.

Fall Gardening Checklist

If you need more information, no worries! Again, Landmark is the exceptional software for landscape architects looking for a BIM software. First and foremost, it allows users to collaborate with anyone by providing a robust, live project sharing environment while hosting a wide array of landscape-specific tools. It can also import and export more common file formats than any other BIM solution, so you can stop worrying about losing data when sharing your designs. Landmark supports the entirety of a landscape workflow, from conceptual design through construction documentation. Landscape architects can coordinate drawings, models, and spreadsheets to allow automatic updates, saving time in manually updating reports and leaving more for the design process. So where can you start?

We've put together a list of the key elements of any outdoor living space. Keep this in mind while you are planning your outdoor living.

September 22 marked the first day of fallThis most enjoyable season is an important one for your garden, so follow this simple checklist to make the most of it. Arugula, kale, broccoli, beets, radishes, and Brussels sprouts are all excellent.

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Fall landscaping brings iconic images of apple-cheeked children jumping in piles of multicolored leaves. Follow these guidelines in our fall landscaping checklist and you can expect a gorgeous spring. If your property maintenance has grown beyond your time capacity, give us a call. We know what to do every season of the year. We can deploy a team to handle your fall landscaping checklist needs and give you back the time to enjoy this glorious season.

An outdoor living space is all about extending your living space to the outdoors. Rather than just having a patio with a table and chairs, an outdoor living space aims to create the convenience of the indoors to the outdoors.

A gorgeous new landscape design is one of the best investments you can make, both in terms of resale value and quality of life. A beautifully landscaped property extends the living space of your property, helping you get more enjoyment from your home throughout the year. Once the time comes to sell, your landscaping will be the first thing homebuyers see and will act as a major influence on your asking price. Aspect refers to the directional orientation of your yard; in other words, whether your yard faces north, south, east, or west. This is very important for our designers to understand how light falls on your landscape throughout the day.

Landscaping is labor-intensive and time-consuming, but it's also straightforward. The work starts months before the shovel hits the ground for a well-executed plan. A landscaping checklist is an essential tool for organizing the tasks required to install the landscape features in your plan and keeping you on track with your goals. Take stock of your yard and your family's lifestyle to establish the priorities for the landscape project.

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