How often do you water flowers in your garden

How often do you water flowers in your garden? A lot? Maybe it’s once a week. Or maybe just once a month, if you live in a desert like many of us do?

I can tell you that I don’t water my gardens on any kind of a schedule. When I say I don’t water my gardens, I mean I don’t put the water hose over it and let it run. So why don’t I water my gardens?

Because I have no water in my house.

I had a friend that couldn’t understand it either. His mother couldn’t understand it either. He tried to explain it to her and then went to a friend’s home and asked them to explain it to him.

The only person who seemed to understand it was the gardener.

The answer he got is the one I’m about to get to you too.

When I don’t have water in my house, I usually go to the closest water source. In this case, that’s the nearby golf course. I drive a couple of times and fill up my car. Then, I go home and wait. Eventually, the water comes to my house. At least it’s supposed to. What my friend didn’t understand is that there is nothing wrong with his water pressure. It’s good. I’m sure you’ve noticed it on many occasions.

And his mom finally figured it out. His mom knew that he was probably driving to a water source with the intention of filling up her water jug to bring to the house.

See, here’s what happens. I live about 50 miles from the nearest grocery store. Now if you know me, you know I like my food to be prepared in a certain manner. I like my hamburgers to be nice and hot, my sandwiches to be well sliced, and my eggs to be done a certain way. On those days when the store is closed, my choices are slim.

See, I don’t have a car. I don’t like to drive. I’m not used to driving. It takes me a long time to get the hang of it. Therefore, I don’t want to drive all over the place to get all the things I need.

You know what I do instead?

I have to walk for miles to get those things. I walk through the hot sun to my local supermarket. Then, I walk through the cold snow to get milk. That’s two trips to get milk. It gets tiring. Really tiring. So on days when I have nothing better to do, I take the bus. The bus is even longer to get to. I’ll walk that distance then in the middle of winter, I have to ride the bus for 20 minutes, again. Sometimes, it takes me longer to get there by bus than it would to drive.

Sometimes I forget about getting some food. I’ll get so caught up in my book that I don’t realize I’ve been there an hour.

I don’t like to tell you about this, but that was me last week. That was me.

I didn’t have the energy to take the bus and get a new box of eggs, and then back again, by bus, in the cold, on a winter day. The bus was running. I was out in the fresh air. What’s the problem? I went to Walmart to get the milk, walked back to the house, made myself some dinner, and then went to sleep.

The next day, when I woke up in the morning, and I hadn’t eaten anything for almost 24 hours, I figured I needed some food. I couldn’t think of anything more that would be appropriate for lunch. It was lunch time. I looked down at the eggs in my fridge.

I went to get them. I got the eggs.

I walked to Walmart. I got the milk. I got back home. I made my breakfast. And I ate it.

I didn’t miss the bus. I was full, and there was no more room for any food.

My body had to learn a lesson.

I ate some vegetables. That helped me regain my energy. I didn’t feel any different. I just needed to eat something. I still had a full day of activities ahead of me. I wanted to be well prepared. I wanted to have the energy to get through my day.

I ate fruit.

It worked.

Today is going to be a beautiful day. I’ll be out and about for most of the day. I’ll get some fresh air. I’ll enjoy the beautiful weather.

I will definitely be well prepared for my day.

I’ll be eating breakfast.

I’ll be eating fruit.

But I won’t eat a cup of coffee.

Instead, I’ll have a cup of green tea.

I’m not drinking coffee today. I’m taking a stand. I’m trying to be healthier. I’m going to treat my body well. I’m going to make my body healthier.

I’m going to be well prepared.

I’m going to eat well.

I’m not going to miss out on the pleasure of having coffee, because it just doesn’t make sense to drink it.

In the end, it all comes down to making healthy decisions for myself and my health. I am going to treat my body well.

I am going to do my best to be more conscious of what I am eating and drinking.

I have a few days to make my own decisions.

I have a few days to choose how to live and how to move.

It’s all up to me.

You can choose to drink coffee. You can choose to drink tea. You can choose to make other healthy decisions, but either way, it’s a personal choice. You decide what you want to do.

I made a choice.

I chose a healthier way of moving.

So, I’m going to drink a cup of tea in the morning.

I’m going to enjoy the feeling of waking up and having the time to enjoy myself for a change.

I’m going to eat some fruit, instead of eating a couple cups of coffee.

I’m going to do a little yoga, for myself.

I’m going to put some effort into being healthy.

How about you?

It’s not too late.

If you want to be healthy and fit, you can choose to be healthy.

You can decide to make healthy choices.

You don’t have to like it, but you can choose it.

It’s not too late to make healthier choices.

And, it’s never too late to make positive changes.

You can always choose a healthier life for yourself.

It’s your choice.

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