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February 27, by LAM Staff. The stone industry adopts a new sustainability standard. In other words, materials from nature, with minimal processing, can be used to construct the built environment—reflecting the local geology and connecting people to a place and natural setting. Yet in some cases, heavy stone can travel thousands of miles between harvest and use—offering absolutely no connection to the local natural landscape and creating a substantial environmental footprint. Stone holds great potential to be a highly sustainable construction material for use in paving, stairs, and walls.

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People Prefer Natural Products.

Lyons Sandstone is a wholesale only quarry and fabrication company located just outside of Lyons Colorado. While we specialize in our local Lyons Red Sandstone, we work with a wide range of colors and materials quarried throughout Colorado and the adjacent region. We partner with landscape designers, architects, stone masons, installers, environmental engineers, and building professionals in the design and execution of natural stone projects. We offer a full range of stone products in a wide range of materials.

Everything from random flagstone for a backyard patio to polished cladding for a multistory building. We can make you a memorial bench or a grand entry sign. Lyons Red is a Colorado sandstone quarried here in Lyons. We produce a wide range of products in this exceptional material. Aspen is a local Colorado buff quartzitic sandstone. Widely and historically used across the Front Range. Lyons Sandstone specializes in providing thin veneer in this product.

Panels and full depth veneer also available. Natural Stone Decking is a new concept in decking. Fireproof, Zero maintenance and guaranteed to last a lifetime, it offers a truly new deck experience in different materials and patterns. Lyons Sandstone is dedicated to the expanded use of natural stone thin veneer in Colorado and the mountain west.

We offer an ever-expanding pallet of materials and patterns at very competitive prices. Beautiful and unique, we offer this material in everything from Thin Veneer or Panel Cladding to Large Slabs or Blocks for landscape features.

Milagro is a quartzitic sandstone. Low solar gain. Available in pavers, slabs, strip stone, and thin veneer. Quarried in New Mexico. Phone:Read more ». Let us know what you want and we will figure out how to do it. Aspen Aspen is a local Colorado buff quartzitic sandstone. Thin Veneer Lyons Sandstone is dedicated to the expanded use of natural stone thin veneer in Colorado and the mountain west.

Milagro Milagro is a quartzitic sandstone. Pricing and Inquiries Phone:Affiliations Natural Stone Institute. Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute.

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Black Marble Quarry Black Marble is a fine grained, consistently black stone that has been valued as a terrazzo flooring aggregate for many years. The quarry is part of our Company-owned Madoc group of marble deposits and ore from the quarry is processed at our centrally-located Madoc Plant. In addition to terrazzo, our Madoc marbles are used in architectural precast concrete, landscaping, decorative roofing, marblecrete, textured coatings, acrylic stuccos and other specialty construction applications. Range of Sizes: Standard Terrazzo sizes. Custom clear stone and sand sizes are available, please enquire. Blue-Grey Marble Quarry Our Blue-Grey Marble is one of our distinctive, very finely grained aggregates that have been valued as a terrazzo flooring aggregate for years. Both are attractive, fine grained, natural-looking aggregates ideally suited for use as a terrazzo flooring aggregate.

Your #1 Stone Source for Building & Landscaping. We offer a wide selection and competitive prices. Give us a call today! Contact Us.

We specialize in custom stone designs

Our quarry operations across the region source different rock types, producing a wide variety of colours and textures from which you can choose. Glenrowan Granite Pink. Mansfield River Pebble. Seymour River Pebble. Ovens and Kiewa River Pebble. Aside from stone or pebbles for mulching and weed suppressants, stunning architectural finishes can be achieved with a little bit of imagination, from rock walls to paving using natural stone. Applying stone features and river pebbles to your home, garden and pool areas can help merge the all three into one continuous living space. Mawsons can provide feature pieces for your garden or water sculpture and monument requirements.

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Rundle Rock was named by the stone masons who quarried it from the base of Mount Rundle in the late 19th century. The stone masons thought this visually attractive stone was easy to work with and suited to a wide array of uses. Its unique texture, distinct black and brown colours, variety of shapes and natural durability made Rundle Rock a popular commodity. Today, it continues to be popular for commercial and residential applications and is a favorite among, architects, designers, landscapers and masons.

Champlain Stone began as a one-man quarry operation in with company president and founder Michael Morey extracting stone by hand and hauling it to the marketplace to sell. We quarry and process all materials on site to deliver a broad spectrum of premium natural stone products.

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Looking for pavers for your patio, driveway or walkway? You can buy cheap pavers, but with Calstone, because quality matters, these pavers will be worth the extra cost. Designers and contractors alike choose Calstone outdoor pavers for their quality. PBM is happy to partner with local manufacturers, like Calstone to provide concrete pavers to customers like you. From a natural stone origin, using up to six blended colors, Calstone created eight distinctively blended choices.

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Weeks Construction is family owned and operated for four generations and has been providing quality construction products and services to the construction trade, area businesses and residents for over 60 years. Each quarry has a unique variety of natural stone colours and textures to suit your design. Our quarries are equipped with scales and are open to customers who wish to pick up their materials with their own vehicles. If you want delivery, we have numerous ways of getting it to you. Contact Us for a Quotation or Consultation.

QuarryScapes: ancient stone quarry landscapes in the Eastern Mediterranean, Geological Survey of Norway Special publication,12, pp. – Ancient quarry.

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From material selection through site preparation, delivery coordination and on-time arrival at your location, Coldspring makes the entire experience smooth and worry-free for you. For a variety of civil construction applications, natural stone provides an environmentally responsible alternative to concrete , composites and other commonly used materials. Natural stone is more durable than these materials, and it requires minimal processing.

That kind of dependability, that loyalty, is something Majestic Stone can relate to. For over two decades, Majestic Stone has provided rare expertise, extraordinary customer service, and superior craftsmanship in natural stone for building and landscaping projects of all sizes. Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and with quarries on Dayton Mountain, Majestic Stone operates 7 quarries, runs a state of the art fabrication facility, has 15 acres of inventory, and delivers natural Tennessee fieldstone and flagstone across the country. From veneer and special cuts to brown and grey flagstone, Majestic Stone has the supply, processing capabilities and inventory to service any project. Thin Veneer is a relatively new product to the stone industry that allows natural stone to be installed where full veneer cannot be used or is too difficult to install. At Majestic Stone, we create unique and custom designs made using flagstone and fieldstone that we quarry and fabricate at our facilities just outside of Chattanooga, TN.

A variety of Skyline Quarry wall stone allows you the flexibility for the look you desire. Skyline Quarry has provided quality raw and cut stone supply in Connecticut for more than 60 years.

Build a stylish contrast to the vibrant greens and earthy browns found throughout your garden. A well planned outdoor space should include all manners of natural elements, including large, rugged quarry products to complete the illusion of an aged and natural environment. These large, heavy chunks of stone are used in many ways and provide a stylish contrast to the vibrant greens and earthy browns found throughout your garden. Legends has skidded rock in various colours to blend well with any landscape. These large stone products can have a dramatic impact on the look of your outdoor space. Stop by our showroom today and talk to one of our experienced landscape pros to find out how to achieve your desired effect.

Bluestone used in landscape design goes beyond simple paving. This program will describe the qualities of bluestone and best practices associated with its quarrying, fabrication, and installation in support of sustainable design. Differences in material types, color and texture variances will be explored.

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