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This slideshow requires JavaScript. Unique benches look like they always been there as an important part of this garden. Slowly, we stepped into the garden leaving the city street behind us. We found ourselves in a woodland, under towering old rhododendrons and native Garry Oaks underplanted with lush ferns and hostas. As we were slowly walking a winding path through the garden, all our fears completely disappeared. We noticed how splendid the garden looks, cared for not only with expertise and knowledge but also with love.

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Plant-a-holics Plant Sale Sunday, May 21

Skullcap, Scutellaria brittonii, 8 inches tall, native perennial found in rocky and gravelly places. Coyote mint or mountain beebalm, Monardella odoratissima , 12 inches tall, prefers moist places in full sun.

Horsemint or purple beebalm, Monarda fistulosa , and cultivars, 2 feet tall, easily found in area nurseries. Transplants easily. Giant or anise Hyssop, Agastache foeniculum also called hummingbird mint , 3 feet tall, blooms July through September. Found for sale at nurseries. I was thinking a good winter pastime would be to research the mint family, Lamiaceae of which there are 7, species. I found tales of the good, the bad and the ugly. Some mints were invited over to the New World because they were thought to be good garden plants, capable of providing medicinal uses, if not culinary flavor.

But some of them escaped the picket fences, becoming weeds that hang out on the dusty edges of civilization. Some poisoned livestock. New World natives, while never originally confined to the cultivated garden, were valued for their medicinal know-how, but over time some recipes have been lost.

They have been admired for their beauty and ability to thrive, each in its favorite wild place, providing sustenance to the local wildlife population. Only recently have we invited them into our cities and towns. But often we expect them to be made over into a showier version of themselves. No matter where mints are from, they almost always share square stems and opposite leaves and they smell nice when you brush against them or crush their leaves. Immigrating people often take along their favorite plants from home.

A surprising number of our favorite cooking herbs we grow in Cheyenne are mints that have travelled:. Horehound, Marrubium vulgare , is considered a medicinal herb, but has escaped cultivation. Wherever there is a disturbance in the natural landscape, look for it. It is native to Eurasia and Africa. For every difficult mint, there are more mints that contribute positively to society. Some of those are natives and others from similar landscapes on the other side of the world. Take Russian sage, Perovskia atriplicifolia , straight from the steppes of central Asia.

Water-frugal homeowners are replacing lawn with various creeping thymes, Thymus spp. Horticulturists are always working on improvements and a catalogue like High Country Gardens shows examples. The improvements can be better cold tolerance, better drought tolerance, longer blooming and or bigger, brighter blooms. What I am more interested in meeting these days are the Wyoming natives, the plants that know how to get along with the native wildlife, including birds, bats, bees, butterflies, and other insects.

Some gardeners have banned all mints from their gardens because they have heard they spread uncontrollably. That is true in my experience with the mentha species. It went ballistic. By fall I was ripping it out with my bare hands.

My lemon balm goes to seed before I notice and seedlings pop up the next year, but it never complains when I dig it up to share and make room for other plants.

The old-time culinary mints share my same raised bed and keep each other in check. Coyote Mint. Giant Hyssop. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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Victoria Gardens Tour

After her release from a prisoner of war camp near Shanghai in , Marjorie Pemberton-Carter purchased a rocky 1-acre hillside near Victoria and began clearing the land to build a home. A year later she married her childhood friend Nicholas, the exiled hereditary Prince of Abkhazia, Georgia. The following description is taken from the TLC website. The garden flows around the rock, taking advantage of deeper pockets of soil for conifers, Japanese maples and rhododendrons which over the last 50 years have grown to an impressive maturity. Carpets of naturalized bulbs, choice alpines and woodland companions provide interest throughout the year to the discerning plantsman, but it is the overall design that leaves the greatest impression. Times vary with the seasons but the garden is open year-round. For more information see the Abkhazi Garden Guide.

February 17, Foul Bay Road: FGCA CALUC meeting Aug. 3rd,. construction to protect the plants of Abkhazi Garden.

Tfrecipes - Make food with love

Do you know this plant? Spotty Dotty is a hybrid podophyllum with large, umbrella-shaped, mottled leaves. It is related to mayapple Podophyllum peltatum , a native plant of eastern North America. The podophyllums are considered rare and unusual, and are sometimes found in specialty nurseries. Dear Helen: Many years ago, I rescued some wild trilliums from a lot being cleared near my home. Every year, they have flowered well. This year, around mid-April, the patch of trilliums produced a double bloom. Can you explain? Dan Jason is especially proud of his high protein seeds — dry beans and peas, soybeans, lentils, quinoa, amaranth and more.

46th Greater Victoria Flower Count launches with new message for pandemic

Gift Certificates are available. Holiday Hours. Closed DecemberClosed January 1. Closed January ,

Tea drinking allows us to take a break from the day.

Brian Minter: VHS has earned right to be extremely proud of its 100-year history

Pacific coast iris are a small group of species from the west coast of North America. The 14 species range from southern California to southwest Washington State. Most are evergreen and range in height from 8 to 24 inches, and are also known as orchid iris. The requirements for growing these little beauties are a neutral to acid soil and good drainage with a little dappled shade. As these plants resent root disturbance it is probably best to start with container grown plants.

Edibles in the Abkhazi Gardens in Victoria BC

Academic Qualifications: B. Field of expertise and experience: Several years experience in laboratory research, field studies, post-secondary science instruction, and education administration. Areas of interest include plant biology, pest biology, and adult education. Field of expertise and experience: Background in education administration and international work. Owner-Operator of Wild Rose Horticulture. Areas of interest include organic vegetable production, herbalism and cut flowers.

Now with a nationwide distribution, Canada's Local Gardener magazine, is a must-read magazine for all Abkhazi Garden in Victoria, BC PlantsView All.

Abkhazi Garden

The garden is about every passage of life. Youth, adolescence, old age. Even death.

Mayne Island Garden Club Events

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Last year we introduced a new award, to be given out at the discretion of the Executive — a beautiful crystal vase engraved with the VHS logo. The Whiteoak Trophy and the Unsung Hero Award are usually only given to a volunteer once, but that does not mean that ongoing volunteer work should not be recognized. This award is intended to be a permanent token of thanks to those who continue to contribute to the Society year after year. I am very pleased to announce that, this year, the executive has decided that Alimay and Robin McNeil should be recognized in this way. The Victoria Horticultural Society would like to thank all members for contributing to the success of our workshops, lectures, plant sales, parlour show, open gardens, library, mentoring programs, snack and tea services, multimedia and computer services, and numerous other activities. Dick was nominated for this award by the Abkhazi Gardens folks and the VHS, where he has been volunteering for many years as our Membership Director.

Lots of colour out in The Garden!

ANNUAL REPORT - The Land Conservancy of ... ANNUAL REPORT for the year ending April 30, 2017 PO Box

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more. Abkhazi Garden. Abkhazi was a princely family in Georgia, a branch of the Shervashidze family from Abkhazia. According to the genealogical treatise by Prince Ioann of Georgia , the ancestors of the family fled the Islamicization of Abkhazia to the eastern Georgian kingdom of Kakheti where they were elevated, in , to the princely dignity and enfeoffed by the king Teimuraz I with the estate at Kardenakhi, which had hitherto been in possession of the extinct line of the Vachnadze family. After the Russian annexation of the Kingdom of Georgia, the family was integrated into Russian princely nobility inIn the wake of the Russian Revolution of , Prince Konstantine Abkhazi, the head of the house, presided over the decision of the Assembly of Georgian Nobility to declare their property national.

The Mint Family

Butchart — perennial border above the rose garden. Mom loved the beds of pink begonias at Butchart. Horticultural Centre of the Pacific — view of the Bonsai Garden from between the leaves of a weeping katsura.

Watch the video: 4K HDR Video Beautiful Flower Garden in Canada, The Butchart Gardens

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