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Daisy logos

Looking for something simple to make you happy? Try planting daisies. There are over 20, species of plants with the daisy shape. Just looking at a daisy can bring a smile to your face and there is something so sunny, playful and whimsical about them that it melts all your worries away. When we first think of a daisy, we often start with Leucanthemum Shasta Daisy which is a wonderful classic for the garden.

Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susan is a wonderful daisy-shaped perennial that is long-lived and long flowering. It has bright golden yellow petals with a black center and in was honoured with the Perennial Plant of the Year award. Daisies come in a variety of height and sizes that can be utilized in a myriad of ways from pots and containers, to garden beds or en masse in meadows. Most daisies are a great source for pollen production, easy to grow, make an excellent and long-lasting cut flower, and create a spectacular floral display.

They thrive in full sun but will tolerate some shade and will become fairly drought-tolerant once established. As a bonus, they are deer- and rabbit-resistant and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. When you start looking around, you begin to see many other plants that have the daisy shape.

Argyranthemum Marguerites which come in several colors, the simple Chamomile daisy which we make a tea from to calm us down at night and help us sleep , Coreopsis Tickseed that attract bees and butterflies, the long blooming Gaillardia which gives your garden color from spring to fall and the medicinal echinacea cone flower. Gazanias and Delospermum ice plant are criticized because they only open their colorful petals during the day and close at night. What a wonderful way to start each day fresh and new and open to all the amazing possibilities.

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Ōtari-Wilton's Bush

Need ideas? Get inspired and start planning the perfect daisy logo design today. Wildflour is a bakery brand for cakes, desserts and pastries. Logo design for Hyppie Collective.

Button poms, gerbera, mums & cremone flowers are the perfect bright-colored flowers to take up space in DIY wedding arrangements! Get yours online today!

Robot or human?

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Cottage gardening is a very popular both in England and the US. The mix of low-care perennials, culinary herbs and annuals combined a natural, informal style, is for many, nostalgic of their grandmother or mother's gardens. Not only is the cottage garden a paradise for songbirds and pollinators hummingbirds, bees and butterflies with its diverse mix of flowers, but it's also an excellent source for cut flower bouquets for the house and spices for cooking. I feel It's important to design an informal layout of curving paths around which the garden is created. Some design ideas to make the cottage garden more livable include:. As with any garden, a healthy living soil is the garden's foundation in which a wide variety of plant species will thrive. Prepare the soil with a mix of high-quality compost and Yum Yum Mix fertilizer at recommended rates to ensure that the drainage is adequate and that the soil is fertile. The right mix of regionally suitable plants is the other crucial part of the equation.

Craspedia botanical interests

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Whimsical Floral & Botanical

Highlight the bounty of autumn by packing your garden with a variety of plants, such as sedum, purple cabbage, ornamental peppers, Mexican bush sage, and cosmos. The fiery shades of orange and yellow are balanced by the cooler tones of purple of blue in this vibrant container mix. Add colorful stacked pumpkins to really take your garden to the next level. Marigolds add a splash of bright orange and yellow to container gardens. Enjoy these hardy blooms throughout summer and early fall.

Garden stencils

Follow Us! Top 10 Lists. Here are our top picks for the best perennials that do well in a sunny garden. They can withstand longer hours of sunshine and the drying effects that may accompany it better than some other sun-lovers. Sunny gardens tend to be one of the easiest to fill with perennials although this is not an exact science so you need to consider hours of direct sunlight per day. Perennial Salvia Salvia x sylvestris May Night. Summer Phlox make superb cut flowers and attract butterflies and maybe even the occasional hummingbird to the sunny border.

Design your everyday with whimsical flower art prints you will love. Whimsical Flower Garden Art Print Yellow Daisy Art Print.

English Daisies

The sides have been sealed in clear varnish. Its natural area of occurrence is Australia. Add to Cart. Distribution map Project boundary.

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Step back in time to embrace some gardening wisdom your grandparents may have practiced: The concept of companion planting, or planting combinations of specific plants for their mutual benefit. We're still researching other aspects of companion planting. While you're you're planning your companion garden, consider making your yard more inviting to some other friends by including flowers that attract hummingbirds or flowers that attract butterflies. Make the space appealing to the younger members of your family by including the best plants for kids or even a whimsical fairy garden. Add some pretty and practical structure to the garden with garden fence ideas. Don't forget to make space for some of the best flowers that bloom in summer.

Unique bird baths for sale. Bird bath fountains come in many designs from traditional to modern.

Happy Pride Month! Why not show your pride with a rainbow garden? Rainbow gardens can be as flashy or as subtle as you would like, depending on the design and the plants you choose. Here are a few design and plant suggestions to get you started. Whether you want to go all out and turn your entire yard into a rainbow or maybe just add a few accents in a rainbow of colors, there are many ways to create a rainbow garden. Choose smaller, lower-growing annual and perennial flowers, planted tightly, to create a tidy rainbow that will bloom continuously. Try some of these plants:.

The collections include plants from New Zealand's mainland and off-shore islands. Almost all the plants have been grown from cuttings or seeds collected from their original habitats. The collection has the following roles:.

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