Indoor plant for mothers day

ndoor plant for mothers day with your daughter

A daughter's first words - the first word a mother gives her daughter, the first word a mother says to her newborn child, when, where and how many times.

The first words that a mother and daughter ever exchanged.

We just met and it was time to see what you had to say first.

You told me what you have just come to know: you are going to have a baby girl. You told me that you had read the book ‘the first word’ by Judith Ockene, that the first words you are going to use are the same ones that a mother and her child exchange when they meet for the first time.

You told me that the book tells of the amazing connection between mothers and their first words to their child. You told me that you wanted to be connected to your daughter with your very first word to her.

You told me that you had found a way to try and do just that, through a special plant, as a gesture of love and as a symbol of our connection to our first word.

You told me that there are plants called nasturtiums that have seeds that contain a form of vitamin B1, that mothers can give to their children to help stimulate the growth and development of the palate and hearing for babies.

I was intrigued. You told me that nasturtiums can grow in most soil and that you wanted to grow one for your daughter. You told me that nasturtiums are easy to grow and require little care. You told me that you will use nasturtiums, with their bright green leaves that are also edible, in salads. You told me that you will take a picture of you, your husband, your daughter and the nasturtium and that you would post them to the Facebook page, ‘The first word’.

I have decided that I will not let you.

My mother would be mortified by my doing such a thing, as she taught me to always use good manners and always keep my word. I hope she would respect me, for trying to be a good daughter, but I’m sure she would be disappointed.

Even if your husband wouldn’t let you do it, I hope he would still be proud of you for being so open and honest, and for taking the time to write about your life in such a lovely way.

A baby girl will become a little girl one day. She will grow into a young woman. She will become a young woman and that will be it. No more nasturtiums for her. Or at least, not from you.

Why not let her grow up on her own without any ‘help’ from a plant?

And why not write her a book?

You might inspire her to start writing her own.

She will probably never be as good as you and the other people I have inspired to become writers. But who knows? If she is a writer when she grows up, she might be able to help more people in a way you can’t do.

She’ll understand that there is so much she can learn from a plant, because it will be the only thing that’s been the same in her life.

She might learn how to be more understanding and kind to other people, as well as herself. And most importantly, she might be able to help others who are struggling, just as she is, in life.

How many times do I tell you I can’t remember when I last ate a nasturtium?

I can’t remember how many times I’ve written about you. I guess you’ve told me it was a lot. But it’s always been a part of my life, whether I remembered it or not.

And now, I’m trying to do the same for the nasturtium.

My nasturtium is in the soil that I am sitting in.

How often have I watered my plants? How often have I washed my clothes?

They have been as much a part of my life as the nasturtium.

I suppose it is time for me to write about the nasturtium.

It’s always been there for me. I feel connected to it. I feel that I can tell when it needs help. I feel like I have a connection with it.

It reminds me to always be grateful.

For its presence, for what it does in my life.

For being so much a part of who I am, I will do what I can to help you continue to live in my life.

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