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When it comes to designing a home, we often think about what goes inside. But when dealing with luxury real estate, the outside is equally important and can add tremendous value. So, when exactly is it time to hire a landscape architect? Perhaps you want to create an outdoor oasis, increase your property value, or are dealing with difficult terrain. See why and when you should hire a licensed and trained professional to really make your Napa Valley real estate and Healdsburg real estate property stand out.

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Jonathan Plant & Associates, Inc.

American firms Wade Design Architects and Geremia Design took cues from "modern farmhouse architecture" to create a wood-clad home in northern California 's wine country for a retiring couple. Located in the Napa Valley town of Calistoga, the home is situated on a property surrounded by vineyards and mountains.

The residence consists of a main dwelling, a guesthouse , a pool house and a garage building with a pilates studio. The project, called Calistoga Residence, was designed for an active couple in the Los Angeles area who planned to retire in northern California's wine region, where they had vacationed for years.

They commissioned Wade Design Architects to design the residence, with Geremia Design serving as interior designer. Both studios are based in the San Francisco Bay Area. When it came to their aesthetic preferences, the clients took inspiration from the "modern farmhouse architecture" at the nearby Constant-Diamond Mountain Vineyard.

Providing generous views and ample natural light were guiding concerns for the design team. In response, the team conceived a series of wood-clad, gabled forms that are organised around courtyards and terraces.

The two-storey garage building resembles a monitor barn, which has a raised centre section with its own gabled roof. All of the structures sit along an east-west axis, allowing for extensive views of the scenic terrain to the north.

Large windows usher in daylight and provide an intimate connection to the landscape. In the main dwelling, glazed doors open onto a long, sheltered patio where the owners can dine and relax.

For the interior design, the team aimed to create a light and ethereal atmosphere that would "allow the outdoors, the views and the fresh air to really flow through spaces". Many rooms feature white walls, tile flooring and wooden cabinetry.

Pale tones are used throughout the dwelling, with black window frames serving as a contrasting element. In terms of the decor, the team paired contemporary pieces with antiques that the clients had collected over the years. In the main dwelling, the kitchen features wooden cabinetry, a marble -topped island and stainless steel appliances.

The island is lined with wood-and-leather bar stools. Pendants by Brendan Ravenhill Studio are suspended from timber ceiling beams. Adjacent to the kitchen is a casual dining area with wooden chairs by Hans J Wegner and a built-in banquette upholstered with tan leather. A paper and mesh light fixture by Rich Tegelaar hangs overhead. More formal dining takes place at a long, dark-stained wooden table by Jeff Martin Joinery.

A series of Flute pendants by Tom Kirk provide illumination. The private areas of the home are fitted with natural materials and filled with daylight. In the master bathroom, the team installed wooden cabinetry, a round tub and light fixtures by Apparatus.

The couple — notably the wife, Natalie — played a key role in interior design choices. The husband has an affinity for cars, which led to the creation of the distinctive "car barn" at the front of the property. Many contemporary homes in Napa Valley are informed by the area's pastoral character and vernacular architecture.

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Landscape architects, inc.

One of our objectives is to create a healthy environment for your plants, turf and trees to flourish and thrive. With that in mind, we offer the following design, build and installation services. Landscape Design We not only provide our own design services, but also collaborate with some of the best landscape designers and architects in the Napa Valley. Our process starts with an evaluation of your property and needs. Whether you are creating a new outdoor space for your growing family, a place to enjoy your retirement or a place to vacation, we have the design know-how and expertise to make your dreams a reality. We can help you with renovations and updates that will turn your garden into a space that is easier to maintain and water efficient. New Construction If you are in the midst of building your dream home, contact us to bid on your architect-supplied plans.

Napa's Top Landscape Architects · Lou Penning Landscape · Jack Chandler Design · Strata Landscape Architecture.

It all begins with a plan.

Landscaping contractors build and install hardscaping or softscaping design plans, maintain plantings, trimming the grass and trees, mulching, weeding, and other tasks to keep the landscape looking great. Licensed landscapers are experts in soil drainage, grading, irrigation, and choosing the best plants and materials for your area. Residential landscape companies also pull permits and design plans that comply with building codes. Knowing the different types of professional landscapers is important before hiring. These roles tend to overlap as most landscaping contractors offer many services. Start by searching our list of landscapers near you. After researching and contacting potential candidates:.


Nature is always working to achieve and maintain harmony, wholeness, and balance within the environment. Nature nurtures and supports all life on this planet, and ultimately all life and health depend on this balance. We have been caring for Napa landscapes for 20 years, we provide weekly and biweekly service to keep your landscape looking great! We will help to breathe new life into a tired or overgrown landscape without a complete renovation or remodel.

One element that routinely shows up in wine country living is the desire to seamlessly mesh outdoor enjoyment with indoor living, to blend scenery with lifestyle.

Hess Winery, Napa California | Design And Spec Services

Or you may be at the very early stages of your project, wondering why kind of style your space, and your selections should have. Follow these tips for finding unique interior design inspiration. Who knows? It might just be where you least expect it. When it comes to interior design, start developing a vision right in the room you will be decorating.

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Show me your garden, and I will show you who you are. From the humblest window box to the finest parterre, each garden has its own distinct character — a verdant reflection of the person who created it. Some of the best gardens today belong to wineries. In fact, an increasing number of wine-country visitors these days are as interested in what is growing outside the winery as what is fermenting inside the cellars. The original winery garden was the traditional rosebush at the end of each row of vines, planted there as a barometer of the vineyard's health. From this simple floral statement, vineyard gardens around the world now include English-style cutting gardens, formal French jardins and even vegetable gardens. As the best gardens are found in fully developed wine regions, where tasting rooms and other tourist attractions are already the norm, it isn't surprising that Napa and Sonoma counties boast some of the world's finest winery gardens.

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Welcome to Crown Hill Stone Supply, LLC!

American firms Wade Design Architects and Geremia Design took cues from "modern farmhouse architecture" to create a wood-clad home in northern California 's wine country for a retiring couple. Located in the Napa Valley town of Calistoga, the home is situated on a property surrounded by vineyards and mountains. The residence consists of a main dwelling, a guesthouse , a pool house and a garage building with a pilates studio.

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We pride ourselves in providing exceptional design, elite craftsmanship and horticultural expertise to our clients through efficient project management, clear communication, and rigorous attention to detail. Always professional and courteous, they also made great efforts to work with our budget and resolve problems as they arose. Our garden had to be physically accessible and appeal to our sense of form, color and practicality. The final result is very special and we are really enjoying our new outdoor living rooms — now and for many years to come!

Water Service Irrigation Co. Services include pruning, thinning, shaping, crown reduction, removal, stump griding and hauling.

For years, farming practices harvested that fertility. Things are starting to work together naturally. The experience taught her how to preserve Larkmead , beginning in the late s until today. Early projects required Baker to replace over dead, infectious vines with native plants near the waterways of Larkmead, and remake the banks of the Napa River to improve erosion control. We restored the reach of Selby Creek along the valley floor for steelhead habitat and native plant species.

Imagine strolling through a vast arboretum, green everywhere, shade trees keeping the sun off your back, the scent of flowers hanging in the air. Everything is meticulously groomed, borders maintained, lawn mowed, stone pavers clean and smooth. Now imagine bringing the beauty of the arboretum to your yard. Our professional landscape designer is skilled in discovering what makes your yard unique-maybe you have an old-growth tree you'd like to showcase, or maybe your yard is slanted and sits on a hill-and turning those features into attractive points of interest that flow together and complement each other.

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