Westinghouse led landscape lighting

Westinghouse led landscape lighting design practice at WPP Media Group – one of the leading ad agencies of its time, eventually foundering, but now relaunched as Publicis Ads and serving some of the world’s leading brands.

He began his career working for design firms, making stylised botanical studies, then headed to the world of advertising, where he wrote copy for many big brands and worked with the likes of Sir Terry Wogan and the Duchess of Kent.

Now, having served on the BBC’s Creative Guild, he’s reimagining the working life of creatives for his brand Création.

“I went through a bit of the work, the stress and angst, and the pressure,” he says. “It’s a wonderful job because it can give you a sense of satisfaction. I came into the job with a sense of what you wanted to achieve and have achieved so far.”

Why did you move into working on corporate and industrial work?

“I felt very torn because I was at the BBC. I was doing so much work for the BBC that had no practical application. My view of the creative business is very much a creative business. I’ve always been of the mind that it’s an industry. So when I moved into working for WPP it made sense to do work that was probably going to sell in some way. I had done a fair bit of corporate but not very well in my early career. So I felt very lucky to move into a corporate agency where they recognised you don’t have to do a business plan, you don’t need to sell to the client, it doesn’t need to be tied up to a project – they’ll back you.”

How was WPP for you?

Watch the video: Westinghouse Lighting 3314720 100-Watt Equivalent PAR38 Flood Red Outdoor review

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