Indoor farming plant factory

Indoor farming plant factory. Which could mean we are on our way to becoming Jetsons-like farmers.

I read an interview with the boss of Soylent the other day. He thinks we are moving towards a time when you will see empty buildings. That when we go home we will see machines that are pretty much the last stage of evolution.

We are already seeing this in the aviation industry.

When people get their tickets to take a trip, they are filling a book with information about themselves. They fill in their details so that air accidents can be recognised quickly. When the flight passes, they fill out the form that helps the airline understand the characteristics of the flight and make sure it is not overloaded.

When you are looking for a home, they find the quickest one with the shortest travel time to get there. A home is different from a property in another way. The inside of the property is designed around the residents. They don’t fill in a form in front of a brick wall and expect a house to appear on that wall the next day.

When you walk into a Home Depot, there is information there about what to buy and how to install it. You can do it yourself. There is all sorts of information about what to do before you start.

We could do this with building a farm. They start with a project document. They don’t have to tell you how to grow a farm, they explain how to construct it. As long as you follow their rules, they will build you a beautiful structure.

We could start a project with an artist. We could give the artist a set of rules, that they have to work to. This gives the artist the ability to build something unique, but within the parameters set by the project manager.

We could do a lot of this right now, but we are not doing it. Why is this? We would be more productive if we did.

Companies that are setting up new production facilities start with building factories before they start building homes. Why do they do it? Because they can. They know that before they start building homes they need to learn how to build factories first.

We need to start learning how to build plants so that we can build crops.

That is where the real fun starts. You start to build your plants in the winter, you harvest them in the spring, and you use the summer to invent clever ways to keep them going until you get another harvest next winter.

That is all because of the inverse relationship between your inputs and outputs. If you have inputs and you get the same outputs, you stop producing. If you have less inputs and you get more outputs, then you are increasing your ability to produce.

That is because it takes a combination of human and material inputs to create a crop.

All food starts with human inputs. There are no plants that grow in the ground by themselves. A plant that grows out of the ground is always a food plant. It does not become one by itself.

We cannot sustain this planet by just being human. We need to grow crops, so we need the land. But if the land gets overloaded, we have to expand the plants. As long as there is an even ratio between inputs and outputs, we will get the right number of plants.

That is a small part of the equation.

That is why we are having a problem with food. We have not been looking at this right. We should have been. We have been selling crops and not growing them.

When we run out of crop to sell, we will sell land.

And if you are growing crops right now, you are doing it right.

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