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I chose the Horticulture course because of my love of the outdoors and nature. You study a wide range of subjects from all the general sciences to the more horticulture-based subjects such as landscape management, food production and sportsturf management. I would recommend this course to anyone who enjoys working within the natural environment and leading an outdoor lifestyle. During my time completing this course, I developed a keen interest in sustainability and design and I look forward to developing this further in my future career.

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Horticulture: Plant Science Concentration, BS

A national diploma in agriculture from a recognized college or equivalent. This is a 3 year degree program aimed at individuals already in employment. In addition to satisfying the general entry requirements, they should either have a Diploma in Agriculture or other relevant Tertiary qualification. Level 2 and 3 run concurrently. Graduates can be formally in the private or public sector or informally. In level 3, all students will be on Work Related Learning for a minimum period of ten months.

During the same period, students will be expected to carry out a research project. Students can include in their programme of study, modules offered by other departments.

General anatomy and morphology of plants. Plant growth and development. Plant growth regulators: nature and function.

Seed germination. Plant-water and nutrient relations. Photoperiodism and vernalization. AGRO Principles of Genetics Introduction to genetics, Cellular division and chromosomes, Mendelian principles of inheritance, Gene interaction, chromosome theory of heredity, Sex determination and sex linkage, Nucleic acids, genetic code and protein synthesis, Gene and chromosomal mutations, Maternal effects and Cytoplasmic heredity.

AGPR Work Related Learning Report This module assesses the reports submitted by the student during the time he is learning at the workplace in relation to the degree programme. Nematode control. Control of vertebrae pests.

Hazards of pesticides. Safe use of pesticides. Economics of pesticides use. Resistance to pesticides. Laboratory is important part of the course. Topics include callus culture, regeneration, micro propagation, anther culture, mutant selection, somatic hybridization and transformation. HORT Mushroom Production Mushroom biology, spawn production, preparation of media and tissue cultures, cultivation techniques, types of substrate, mycorrhiza and edible fungi, preparing and spawning straw substrate, oyster mushroom cultivation.

Effects of storage temperature CO 2 , O 2 , ethylene on ripening. Organic pest and disease control, managing and saving weeds. Livestock integration in organic farming.

Marketing of organic products. Research and development. Plant material design and function. Urban landscaping. Palms, lawns, turfs, landscape plants and ornamentals. Landscape function software. Compounds of medicinal plants. Propagation methods of medicinal plants. Intensive herb and spices production. Research trends in herbal and spice production. Plants include Aloe vera, Russian comfrey , Chinese mint, Balbernella, Crotolaria spp, Moringa olifera and many others.

AGRO Crop Stress Physiology The module is designed for students to understand contemporary aspects of biotic and abiotic stress parameters on plant physiology, biochemistry and the subsequent effects on yield.

The module will link the fundamental aspects of plant structure and function to plant productivity and responses in relation to various environmental factors and successful diagnosis of problems and application of corrective measures. This module will provide a basic understanding of problems and application of corrective measures. HORT Dissertation Students are expected to carry out research which culminates into submission of a dissertation.

The dissertation provides an opportunity for the students to undertake and contribute to a piece of original research work, in an area related to crop science. The students are required to design an experiment or investigation, survey or other means to test a hypothesis or proposition, to plan and execute the research work, to evaluate the outcomes and draw valid conclusions. The research work is carried out individually, under guided supervision.

Refer to the Department of Animal and Wildlife Sciences. Horticulture BSc. A national diploma in agriculture from a recognized college or equivalent Visiting School This is a 3 year degree program aimed at individuals already in employment.

AGRO Principles of Genetics Introduction to genetics, Cellular division and chromosomes, Mendelian principles of inheritance, Gene interaction, chromosome theory of heredity, Sex determination and sex linkage, Nucleic acids, genetic code and protein synthesis, Gene and chromosomal mutations, Maternal effects and Cytoplasmic heredity AGRO Mathematics for Agriculture Laws of Indices and Logarithms, Algebraic Processes- linear equations, Simultaneous equations, Quadratic Equations, Matrices, Vectors, Set theory, Calculus, Measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion, Data presentations, Probability theory, Distributions-Binomial distribution, Poisson distribution, Normal distribution.

Horticulture Diploma

Semester — I. Course No. Title of the Course. Credit Hours. FRT 1. Fundamentals of Horticulture.

all-audio.pro Ag. - Horticulture Fruit Science From India's Top Ranked Colleges/ University In Punjab - LPU. Check Course details, Fees, Carrer Scope, Eligibility.


View course details and register! March 16, am - pm Check in time: am. In this jam-packed new class, Bruce Neary discusses many essential skills needed to properly maintain a landscape. Topics include: plant identification, plant physiology, plant pests and IPM, soil management, landscape design, and proper planting techniques. The March 16, offering of this course was approved for the following credits. We will reapply for similar credits the next time the course runs, but we cannot guarantee credit approval for future offerings. NOTE: If you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies, please alert us at least one 1 week in advance of the course start date so that we can make reasonable accommodations. We cannot guarantee accommodations for special requests made after that time.

Bachelor of Horticulture

This qualification underpins a range of work functions and job roles that can lead to a horticultural trade qualification. No occupational licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication. To achieve this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in:. The electives are to be chosen as follows:. Core Units.

The course is designed for stud…. The course covers key aspects o….

Course List

You are the NO. Course Code:Course Name: Experiments for Molecular Biology. Weekly Hours: 0. Experiments for molecular biology is a basic experimental course.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

The programme also covers plant diseases growth and genetics. The candidates who wish to study BSc Horticulture Science must fulfil the following basic eligibility criteria. There are few state level and university level entrance exams that are followed for admission to the BSc Horticulture Science course. Some of these exams are discussed in detail below. Though both these courses belong to the same domain, there are certain basic differences between the BSc Horticulture and BSc Agriculture courses, some of which are discussed in the table below. The BSc Agriculture candidates can work in government organizations, research labs, plantations, and even schools. After completing BSc Horticulture Science Course, the candidates will have the following future scope options available.

The Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida is a team of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to improving fruit.

Horticulture-HORT (HORT)

The horticultural sector includes everything from plant care to landscape management. Our practical courses cover planting, propagating, irrigating, pruning, processing, and fertilising. Practise your horticulture skills in large grounds that include sprawling lawns, gardens, nurseries, and reclaimed forest parks.

Prairie Horticulture

With access to a national historic site and a one-of-a-kind living lab that provides students with legacy opportunities to complete campus projects, this program will help you graduate with the creative, entrepreneurial, and professional skills needed to be an industry leader. The art, science and business of horticulture are the focus of this program, ensuring students learn the skills required to create landscapes, renew historical gardens, enhance communities and express their creativity while learning the complexities involved in a broad range of professional environments. In addition, the dynamic, hands-on opportunities to experience the many aspects of the industry will make a difference as you work towards becoming a professional horticulturist. While these are not program requirements, these suggestions will help ensure students have the right tools to support a quality remote learning experience. Gain knowledge and hone your skills in landscape construction, nursery management and soil and plant nutrition so you are prepared to work in creating and developing dynamic residential lots, business locations and communities. A growing interest in landscaping, gardening and urban agriculture is prompting more people to spend money on these enjoyable diversions and opening new opportunities for graduates.

To combine Horticulture with Soil Science as a second major you would follow the Soil and Water Management field of study. Undergraduate Horticultural based modules:.

List of Horticulture Entrance Exams

Roger Harris, Head Professors: B. Appleton; J. Latimer; R. Harris; J. Nowak; R.

Bachelor of Horticultural Science

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