Silver maple lawn and landscaping

Silver maple lawn and landscaping in Jamaica Plain is alive with the hustle and bustle of a busy neighborhood full of children and active elderly residents. Even better, it also boasts a prominent and well-maintained wooden deck.

Climb up the 15 steps to the front door of a charming green and white Cape and you’ll find a long and spacious porch and plenty of green space and landscaping. The red maple deck is thick and wide and is great for entertaining and a terrific place to relax and spend time outdoors.

The wooden deck is the ideal space for dining, socializing, and relaxing in the warmer months. It’s also a terrific patio space for catching some summer breeze in the city. Add a few chairs and you’ll have an outdoor space that offers comfort, relaxation, and a nice view of the neighborhood.

White picket fencing adds some style and helps to make the deck a pleasant outdoor living space. All in all, it’s a nice deck, but it’s not the best deck in Jamaica Plain.

19 Lowell Street in Jamaica Plain may have a little less square footage than some of the other decks we’ve featured, but it also has some exceptional features. If you’re looking for a long and wide wooden deck, this is the place to find it.

The deck is wood, but the deck has been given a very classic look. The concrete and brick walkway give this deck a character that you won’t find on some of the other decks in the area. The deck also has some railings and a roof that add a touch of class to the deck.

When you approach this deck you’ll notice that it’s covered in roofing tiles. If you’re looking for a deck to enjoy the outdoors on a warm day, this is the place to be. If you’re looking for a deck to throw some kickball and frisbee, you’re going to be disappointed.

The wooden deck is very functional and will easily cater to most outdoor needs. But it’s not exactly the type of deck that you’ll want for entertaining.

Highly recommend. Stairs up to front door. Plenty of room. Only issue is one of the walls along the side of the house has been replaced with a very ugly window frame. That is kind of unfortunate as it would have looked really cool.

The stairway to the front door is very steep. Only two hand rails and no support rail down the middle. There is nothing keeping someone from falling and injuring themselves. Fix that and put a fence up around the stairs.

I love that it's wood. It's very durable and very nice to sit on. Plenty of seating and it's quiet and shady. It's pretty well taken care of, but needs some fresh paint. The railing is what catches my eye. This is my favorite because I have back issues. So I avoid tall things when sitting down. But it's a nice low rail that fits my issue and it doesn't make my knees pop up in the air as much.

The house is very nicely maintained. Nicely furnished with good chairs, and stools. I love this deck. Nice sized and comfortable. The only issue I have is with the railings. I can't stand that rail. It makes the whole deck nearly useless to me. I wish it was some shorter, low railing that wasn't out of line with the rest of the rest of the deck. It's the one thing that I don't like. If there was a way to put it on a stand or to take it off for guests that didn't bother me.

This is a very nice deck. It's big, very well taken care of, and we had a nice view of a pond on the Boston skyline.

A lot of the features of this deck are great. But one thing you'll notice is the railing is very tall and high. It almost makes it impossible to stand up straight. I think that was a design decision and would be difficult to fix.

Toward the back of the house is a garage, so there is a level area. A few wooden planters with bushes in front of the deck make it a place to gather and relax. The only downside to this is that you have to climb up to get to it. This would be fine with a shorter deck and a little better railing. It would be great if someone put a garden in here. I think it could have some beautiful flowers, a fruit tree or two, and herbs.

This was not a great deck in a great spot. It's a hard dirt path, very steep up to the door, and it's not even that wide of a deck. So it's more of a storage area than an outdoor deck. If you want a deck to sit out on, then this is not the place.

If you were to ask anyone in Jamaica Plain about their favorite lawn, they would probably tell you that the maple tree in front of 6 Lowell is what they are most proud of.

This is an absolutely huge maple tree. It gives the neighborhood a distinct character. Unfortunately, the tree was cut down recently. But when the tree was being removed, they found the following bronze marker:

American System for Union Civil and Military from 1776

In June of 2009, this tree was cut down by a work crew hired by a contractor.

When looking for a deck to include on this list, I

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