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December can be a challenging time for us gardeners. The colorful displays of autumn are now long gone, and at first glance what is left can be a dull gray world. The excitement of our work can also be hard to come by during this time. Tulips and daffodils have all been planted you did plant that last sack of daffodils, right? It can also be a beautiful and contemplative time for a gardener.

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Confluence Rising by Habitat Horticulture

In the fall of , with generous underwriting from The Gentlemen of the Garden, the Preservation Foundation planted an experimental demonstration hedge of native trees and shrubs. The foundation utilized the back wall of its parking lot to plant eight species — augmenting the hedge-suitable species already growing in Pan's Garden.

The new hedge features marlberry, Spanish stopper, buttonwood, cinnamon bark, sea plum, maidenbush, crabwood and Florida boxwood, planted in groupings of two or three. As the planting continues to mature, it will demonstrate how the same species merge, and how dissimilar species blend together. An ideal hedge would consist of a mix of plants rather than a monoculture.

And because sheared hedges are rarely, if ever, permitted to flower, the ideal hedge would be hand trimmed to maintain the full ecological benefits of each plant. Note: Lerner, can be reached during the week for questions about the demonstration hedge and the native plants in the garden. Eric Larson: I have been gardening for a long time and my life has been dramatically easier since I started doing this form of gardening. Whether you receive them as a gift or choose them yourself, living plants have become an essential part of holiday decor.

And, of course, The best food tomes of the year will find a home on your coffee table, in your kitchen or both. I have been gardening for a long time and my life has been dramatically easier since I have been doing this form of gardening. The broader market is up today, as well, but there are other reasons Plug Power stock is rising today, including a scoop that reveals part of Plug Power's growth plans. Plug Power shares sank yesterday alongside the market as fears of rising COVID omicron variant cases gripped the market.

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Cummins Inc. A cascading reaction of collapsing ice in West Antarctica could occur if the Thwaites Glacier breaks free, scientists warn. With COVID rampant again, here are some of the best get-well-soon gifts you can send to friends or family who could use a little extra love right now. Puppies and kittens weren't the only adorable animals filling our feeds this year. Nature can be beautiful but it can also be harsh. The orca is a perfect example of this contrast. One of the most sophisticated and intelligent animals on earth, it is capable of hunting cooperatively with other orcas, communicating and planning as it does so.

Although it is not the largest creature in the ocean, it is undeniably the most formidable. Even great white sharks avoid contact with these super predators.

Orcas in the Galapagos Islands are known to eat sharks, sea lions, penguins, and even giant sea turtles. The seemingly impervious shell of the Pacific green turtle is no match for the frighteningly powerful jaws of the orca.

With unbelievable crushing force, this orca cracked the shell of an enormous turtle with ease. A group of scuba divers from Canada had been exploring the undersea world from their liveaboard tour boat but they ventured out in two of the inflatable pangas to enjoy a close look at the creatures on the shore line, in between their dives.

What they saw was an unbelievable sight. Thrilled to witness the dorsal fin of this giant and see it surfacing nearby, they eagerly shot video and pictures of the once in a lifetime display. It was only after a few minutes that they realized that the orca was hunting in the bay and that they were witnessing the results of an underwater battle for survival as the orca ate a magnificent turtle right in front of them. As the orca surfaced, the split shell could be seen hanging off the dorsal fin of the killer whale.

The guides explained that an orca will crush the shell of a turtle and then lodge it between rocks to allow them to scrape out the meat with their jaws. These scuba divers have experienced conflicting emotions on many occasions as they have encountered animals fighting beneath the waves.

For both the predator and the prey, these battles are about survival and it is not the place of humans to meddle in the struggles. Their guides have taught them that nature does not need our help.

This is especially well understood in the Galapagos Islands where the balance of nature can be more precarious and interference from people can have unthinkable consequences. While it was difficult to witness the end of this beautiful turtle, it was a privilege to be present to witness the spectacle of such a powerful animal in its natural environment.

These scuba divers entered the water here an hour later to swim with marine iguanas. While they are well aware that orcas have never killed a human in the wild, the image of the turtle and the immense power of the orca was on their minds as they dove, reminding them that humans are visitors in this unforgiving domain.

When people enter the water, they are clumsy and awkward and always at the mercy of the animals who thrive in this world. We must respect those animals that call this home. Majority polled in Washington, Oregon and Idaho support hydropower.

Stay cozy and tidy? Now, that's a win-win situation. Dow 30 35, Nasdaq 15, Russell 2, Crude OilGold 1, SilverCMC Crypto 1, FTSE 7, Nikkei 28, Read full article.

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Students help restore land along North Oconee River

UK, remember your settings and improve government services. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Government seeking views on a ban of the retail sale of peat in horticulture by end of this Parliament. Plans to ban the use of peat in horticulture in England and Wales by the end of this Parliament were set out by the Government today Saturday 18 December in an effort to protect precious peatland habitats and meet net zero targets. When this extraction takes place, the carbon stored inside the bog is released as carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change. In a consultation published today, the Government has set out measures to phase out the sale of peat and peat-containing products in the amateur sector by the end of this Parliament.

photo by Michal Czerwonka P. ©Freund GmbH P. 73 ©Habitat Horticulture, photo by Gary Belinsky, wall design and installation, David Brenner.

Habitat Horticulture Careers: Work at Habitat Horticulture

City dwellers who spend their daily lives surrounded by a concrete and steel jungle often yearn for something that resembles nature and can bring them back to earth amidst their urban environment. Health-wise, their living landscapes can help reduce stress and filter out harmful toxins in the air. The product also serves to use space efficiently — no need to take up precious floor space in order to add greenery when one can grow herbs, vegetables and ornamental plants on vertical wall space instead. Passionate about ethnobotany, the relationship between people and plants, HH Founder David Brenner set out to study environmental horticulture sciences with an emphasis in landscape architecture and psychology at California Polytechnic University as well as at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London. As opposed to a creeping vine that attaches itself along a wall and can damage stucco, siding or paint, a living wall is created when a variety of species are planted into a medium that is directly attached to the wall. The company makes environmental conservation a major priority in their business practices. Living wall building materials are all comprised of recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials that can be used for LEED certified applications. Maintenance of the plants is organic as they apply an integrated pest management system which uses natural biological control methods and organic oils. All products and fertilizers applied are Organic Materials Review Institute listed.

Receive news updates on the go.

Our mission is to connect them with opportunities and careers that solve growing challenges. Our students are daily on the move between classes, homework, and hands-on research and fieldwork. We caught up with Spencer Haroldson, a junior crop biotechnology major, to learn about his academic journey and future plans. I first decided to pursue crop biotechnology at NC State because I became aware of the prevalence of food insecurity not only outside the United States but also here in local North Carolinian communities.

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Student Spotlight: Spencer Haroldson

Published on December 20, Education and outreach in Michigan to support pollinator health in Michigan through education and outreach for judicious use of pesticides and increasing pollinator habitat. Published on December 20, Education and outreach in Michigan to support beekeepers and honey bees. Published on December 8, Help your garden adapt to climate change. Published on December 7, Rain gardens are a great way to improve the water quality in your community and building one can be a great activity for kids! Published on December 2, Rain gardens resemble regular perennial gardens and borders but have a more important function in the landscape.

New national park for NSW

We were not able to detect your location. You can browse through all 2 jobs Habitat Horticulture has to offer. Rating is calculated based on 4 reviews and is evolving. People have asked 6 questions about working at Habitat Horticulture. See the answers, explore popular topics and discover unique insights from Habitat Horticulture employees. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries.

Peat extraction also degrades the state of the wider peatland landscape, damaging habitats for rare species of flora and fauna.

Is baltic birch sustainable

In late November, 30 students and community members gathered in Dudley Park to plant a total of 49 trees and 1, native grasses and pollinator-friendly plant species. Because Dudley Park is adjacent to Trail Creek, the plants and trees will also help improve water quality and mitigate erosion issues. This event was about more than habitat restoration. It was also about education.

Premier of South Australia

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The MMA Natural Science Museum displays exhibits about the biology, ecology, and geology of Nantucket, as well as hand-on activities for guests to explore science topics.

The Living Table by Habitat Horticulture

This team offers students the opportunity to learn how to transform our landscapes into urban habitat, with an emphasis on sustainable practices and plant-pollinator interactions. Students will use this area as a living laboratory with collections that include the hummingbird garden, the insect pollinator gardens, the native meadow basin, and the large scale stormwater management system. Interns will get an introduction to plant and local pollinator identification, landscape design, garden maintenance and species monitoring. Learning how to identify native plant species and the ecosystem services they provide will be heavily emphasized. Interns will also be trained to actively participate in public interactions and communicate the importance of habitat horticulture. Click here to learn more about the types of projects Learning by Leading Habitat Horticulture interns lead.

The built environment shapes our lives daily. Yet as we further explore the landscapes of the metropolitan areas we call home, designing with plant life is often seen as an accessory or an afterthought. However, for the San Francisco-based multidisciplinary design firm Habitat Horticulture , the possibilities for plant-centric spaces and the potential plants have to make our lives better is extremely high.

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