French landscape design ideas

If you want to create a French-style landscape but don't want to spend a lot of time maintaining it, consider having a French Country landscape garden. A French country landscape maintains the same design elements and order but feels more relaxed and natural. A French country landscape is informal, with a blend of bolder colors and soft plantings. But the basic design principles of both traditional and country designs are the same.

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French Revival: A Taste of Provence in Dallas

In the center of the parterre, a stone fountain overflows not with water, but with red and purple flowers. In turn, the feature is both unexpected and entirely eye-catching. Photo by: Andre Baranowski. Give your yard an Old World ambience by adapting aspects of French garden design. Like any formal garden, French garden design hinges on order and balance. Stone surfaces lay the foundation in this garden style.

The stone might appear in paths or patios, or it might also occur in benches or over-size containers. Gravel and flagstone are traditional stone materials used in French formal gardens, but modern stone pavers, cobblestones and concrete create the same ambience.

In French formal gardens, paths located near living areas often feature a short edging hedge. Typical hedging plants include lavender, rosemary or boxwood. Further from the house, trees often line paths. Trees used at the most famous French formal garden at the Palace of Versailles include beech, chestnut, elm, hornbeam, and linden. Geometrically shaped planting beds are another key component of French garden design.

With larger beds, remember to include points of access, such as stepping stones, in the midst of the bed to make plant maintenance easier. Frequently, planting areas have a raised bed design, called a parterre. These beds boast a definite edging treatment, such as a hedge, stone or wood. Parterres located near the house often have intricate planting patterns, such as color blocks of annuals or flowering bulbs arranged inside low hedges.

Sometimes these beds display intricate hedges or knot gardens, and gravel or colored sand fills spaces between hedges to spotlight the design. Pools usually have stone edging or coping to add a formal design element. Fountains also belong in French garden designs. Other important components of French formal gardens include statuary and topiaries. For smaller gardens, choose a topiary flowering ornamental, such as a rose or tropical, which will add color to the garden all season long.

Tuck topiaries into containers strategically placed along paths, or add them to the center of parterres. Create cooling shade for feasts by building a pergola over the dining terrace and cloaking it with grapevines, a classic French touch.

Benches also should be part of a French formal garden. Use stone, weather-resistant wood or metal—whatever material complements the hardscape in your garden. Structures such as trellises, pergolas and gazebos frequently decorate French gardens. An obelisk or tuteur a teepee-like shape are common trellis designs used in formal French gardens.

Get our best gardening advice and outdoor ideas delivered straight to your inbox. Privacy Policy. French Garden Design. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Stone Fountain Overflows With Flowers In the center of the parterre, a stone fountain overflows not with water, but with red and purple flowers. By: Julie Martens Forney. Formal Garden Design Craft a landscape that stages a formal atmosphere to reap rewards of orderly beauty. A Gracious Formal Garden Peek into this wonderful, whimsical Virginia garden founded on classical style.

Design a Knot Garden Make patterns that look great from any angle with these helpful tips on creating a knot garden. English Garden Design Learn the elements of enchanting English gardens, and discover ways to translate that style to your yard. Garden Design Styles Discover the diversity of garden design styles—and find the perfect one to express your passions and personality.

These low-maintenance spaces foster peace, tranquility, and relaxation. Vertical Garden Design Lift your garden to new heights by taking advantage of unused vertical space with vines, trellises and living walls. Vegetable Garden Design Ideas Learn what you should consider before finalizing your vegetable garden plans. Backyard Garden Design Ideas Outfit your backyard with the garden of your dreams. Discover tips to transform your yard into an outdoor living space.

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Traditional French Country Garden Design-Yard plans

What are the elements that make up a traditional french country garden? This is the exact questions I asked our landscape designer during our first meeting at In Site Design. Inside the home, I feel like I have a firm grasp on design, but when it comes to the yard, I am admittedly lost. This is why we hired a professional landscape designer to enhance the charm of our french country modern home. The yard, or garden, is after all what sets it all off. The French landscape can be created in a formal or an informal way.

The rich lineage of French garden design has all the ingredients of a If you would like to discuss options and ideas for your french garden or.

Rob backyard gardener

Australian House and Garden. If you're pining for Provence, give your garden a Mediterranean makeover that's sure to impress. With a few clever ideas and thoughtful preparation, you can transform 'oh dear' into 'ooh la la! French-style gardens are a deft blend of formalism and natural beauty that embrace symmetry and order. A formal garden helps to accentuate the architecture of a house or chateau while French country gardens are typically more informal. The first step is to decide on an overall 'look' for your garden. In small spaces it's important to think big. One big idea — or theme — will give the garden a focus and help tie different elements together. The perfect modern Mediterranean garden sitting area: red geraniums spilling over the sandstone walls, massed iris in the gravel, and transplanted euphorbia under the conifers. When planning a garden , there are many issues that need to be addressed, including sun, shade, privacy, screens, fences, uses, levels, plants, kids' needs, pets, access and furniture.

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Think of French Garden Design and you immediately think of beautiful, intricate knot gardens or long avenues of trees interspaced with large ponds and fountains. It is above all a style created to impress however we can take ideas from this style and use it to great effect in a domestic garden. Parterres, or knot-gardens, are widely used and generally made up of clipped box, lavender or rosemary. The low clipped hedges are laid out in a symmetrical pattern, these can be quite intricate or as simple as four squares next to each other with a gravel path seperating them. Generally the more intricate patterns will be close to the house or chateau and simpler patterns further away.

As we take a pause on interior design we recently wrapped up plans for our guest bedroom and sunroom , my attention has turned to our outdoor spaces.

French style garden: plant guide, design tips and more

T hough it was designed to suit the needs of two different families, all the elements of this elegant riverside french garden work together in perfect harmony. Built and designed to accommodate two families, the house and garden are a haven for the owners. This french garden is one to lust after. The house is designed in a classic European style, and although it reads visually as one building, it is built in two separate sections with a communal living area. The owners wanted their garden to not only complement their home, but also harmonise with the surrounding countryside and suit the different needs of the whole family — a tall order and so they called in landscaper Jan Blok to help.

Elements of French Garden Design

Urban planning and development schemes tend to follow specific processes. Typically used as a way of defining the infrastructure in functioning metropolises and developing cities, an urban plan must have a central focus on what it is attempting to address. The core idea of an urban plan is to provide a cohesive, inclusive and increasingly sustainable environment. Continued theoretical and academic research has expanded the nature of urban interventions in practice. This has led to a discourse of different approaches or types of urban planning.

The terrace of the chalet is a real gem, you will literally dine with the stunning Alpine peaks serving as your backyard. See more ideas about house design.

Design your dream home and we ll reveal which avenger you are

Free entry to RHS members at selected times ». General enquiries Mon — Fri 9am — 5pm. Make a donation. Whatever your tastes and lifestyle, there will be a garden design style to suit you.

Landscaping river rock can become an important part of any backyard pond design. They provide functional character with distinct natural beauty. When starting to design a stunning landscape it will be necessary to carefully choose and plan the type of landscaping rocks you will use. When starting your landscaping design, it can be beneficial to be knowledgeable about the common terms used in landscaping circles.

Do you find french country landscape.

In the center of the parterre, a stone fountain overflows not with water, but with red and purple flowers. In turn, the feature is both unexpected and entirely eye-catching. Photo by: Andre Baranowski. Give your yard an Old World ambience by adapting aspects of French garden design. Like any formal garden, French garden design hinges on order and balance.

We take many style cues from the French : Our never ending quest to nail that effortless, cool Parisian-girl look, our Pinterest boards filled with ornate molding and dreamy gilded interiors , and our love for regal, manicured gardens. Anyone whose strolled around Paris or even seen pictures of the garden at Versailles knows the French take their landscaping very seriously. Read ahead to learn about the main design elements of a traditional French garden, and how you can achieve the look in your own backyard.

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