Sims 3 tree of prosperity filling sleep without eating fruit

Sims 3 tree of prosperity filling sleep without eating fruit

Pleasantville— Imagine being able to simply talk to your Sims to get them to be as wonderful as they were in the old days before the World Wide Web, where they spent most of their time feeling bored and lonely, something our researchers and entrepreneurs have proven they can do. This might sound like science fiction, but you'll be amazed at what is possible with this handy-dandy tree of prosperity in a few simple steps.

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Sara Bracken of Bracken Business Consultants and author of “The Sims: Why I love the game, and why you should too,” agrees that the Sims are deeply spiritual creatures. “It's as if the Sims are watching us,” says Bracken, “and they're looking for the simple things in life that don't cost a lot of money and make them happy.”

To start, begin with an adult Sim and name it what you want to be named (and choose a decent outfit to match its name). The Sim can be engaged in any activity you wish, provided you have the skill points for it. If you don't know how to do something, you can ask your Sim to teach you. Now, to see how good you are at good, use the tree of prosperity.

The tree of prosperity is easy to use. It grows as soon as you plant it, making it convenient for all day. If you get tired of working for an apple, just ask it to grow to the next level, and it will. Simply by using a dream suit, a dream portfolio and a dream car, the tree will grow more levels, and by using the paint machine, you'll be able to turn Sim live on its head and make it incredibly beautiful.

As an added benefit, the tree of prosperity is sturdy. If you're worried that a tree might fall on your Sim when you aren't looking, you can plant it on a hill. This will prevent it from falling over while you're watching TV, and you'll still get the benefits.

The tree of prosperity only requires one use of the book. After that, it will be on it's own until you need it again. In order to use it again, you must plant a new tree, and you will need to use a tin of treats for that purpose. So be sure to always save a supply of treats in case your Sim gets super busy and starts falling asleep while watching TV.

The tree is guaranteed to grow, no matter how lazy you are. When you give a Sim a gift with two stars in its star rating, you'll never be able to make it rise any higher than two stars. However, if you are watching TV while playing The Sims 2, you will only receive two stars if your Sim goes to sleep. (This includes the case where your Sim is asleep in a dream world.)

If you were to watch TV while your Sim was awake and playing, he would be so happy with a second star, that he wouldn't care if you'd left the house. The opposite is true if you were to leave your Sim asleep for longer than 24 hours, however. Your Sim will be mad at you if you don't wake him up.

When you give a Sim a gift with three stars in its star rating, your Sim's mood will increase based on the gift's value. The greater the value, the happier your Sim will be. Gifts with one star will only change the Sim's mood by a very small amount.

If you're not careful, you could accidentally spend a lot of time without the tree of prosperity (which you'll use again in a few days).

When a Sim goes to sleep, and becomes a dream creature, the tree will know and its growth will not be interrupted.

When a Sim is in a dream world, and is engrossed in a dream, your Sim won't notice you, and you'll have to go talk to it in order to wake it up.

When a Sim is awake, but the exact location of your Sim is unknown, the tree of prosperity will indicate the Sim's location based on its surroundings.

Using the apples of good sleep to perk your Sim is great. If you're interested in making your Sim smarter, take a walk to the apple store, then go to an apple tree. When your Sim is in a dream, it will fall asleep immediately, and not need to be encouraged.

If you want your Sim to be so blissful in its sleep that it won't care whether you're playing The Sims or not, choose “Never Stay Awake” as your Sim's good trait.

You can play with the tree without eating fruit, but when you do eat fruit, it will always work for you, because you'll always eat a fruit that matches a fruit that you had previously eaten (as long as you get at least one star in your dreams).

Using the tree is easy. All you have to do is ask your Sim to grow it to the next level. You can even have your Sim make an apple tree grow up by itself.

You can use the tree to grant the simple wish to your Sim, or you can use it to make your Sim happy, as long as you don't eat anything that would make it uncomfortable. If your Sim doesn't like something, ask the tree to make it better.

It's easy to abuse the tree of prosperity. Give your Sim a book with three stars, so he won't need to eat any treat.

A Sim is only capable of dreaming during a new moon, when the moon is blue.

Sims with the Clumsy trait will walk over all the fruit you eat.

When your Sim doesn't know how to do something, you can simply ask it to teach you. If you teach it how to do something, it will have to take at least six of the same star from

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