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Theatre Studies

"There is a whole wide world out there of fun to be had through

acting, singing, performing, playing, directing, movement, dance,

speaking, writing, writing, writing, costume design and the like.

For those who want to make a career out of the performing arts,

there are countless career opportunities, from the sidewalk to the

mall, all the way to the halls of justice. We have just begun to

explore this vast and fascinating world. The course content covered

the actors and directors perspective on theatre in America, along

with being the history and development of the theatre in America

and the world over. This course also covered the backstage

operations, from the wardrobe, property and set design, to casting

and stage management. Also included was the use of lighting, sound

and props. We ended with a workshop component."

"Theatre Studies is a unique course offering designed to provide

the theatrical perspective from both the director's and actors

standpoint. Through this course, students will be exposed to the

behind-the-scenes of theatre with emphasis on creating an

intellectual understanding of the profession. The course will teach

students to analyze and interpret theatre by exploring and

developing concepts related to theatre. Students will also learn to

critique theatre with an emphasis on its unique elements, analyze

it with the use of theatrical terminology and perform activities

through the means of professional theatre. The course will

challenge each student to be active participants in the theatre

world and develop professionally by choosing the option that best

serves his/her professional, educational and career goals."

"A course of intensive study designed to introduce

the student to the basics of theatre practice and theory with a

focus on acting. Students will explore theatre history,

disciplines and theories of acting as well as learning

acting fundamentals including auditioning techniques, stage

management, work rhythms and working with different

audiences and players. In addition, students will be exposed to

theatre history and theory in their chosen discipline as well as

study at the advanced level with a focus on study and research."

"In theatre studies, we study the history of American

theatre. We will discuss how theatre has evolved through the

course of the last several centuries, as well as look at

current issues and trends in the world of theatre.

We will study and research the history of theatre in America,

from its first appearance to the present day. This will

include investigating how early representations of American

theatre was, the expansion of theatrical performance to

academic institutions, as well as the rise of theatre

techniques and the methods and requirements of actors. We

will also examine the rise and decline of live theatre and

the emergence of film and television as the main form of

popular entertainment. As we look at the future of

theatre, we will discuss the impact of cultural and social

change on the art form and what that means for the theatre


"This course of study is designed to give the theatre

student a strong foundation in the technical side of theatre,

dealing with theatre sets, costumes, lights, sound and stage

design. We will use the theatre industry as an example to

see how the business side of theatre is intertwined with the

business of theatre, and how the students learn to

manage their finances as well as working with the

manufacturers and distributors of those same items, as well

as touring for profit. The instructor will focus on

classical theatre and focus on what is needed to be an

effective stage manager."

"Theatre Studies is an introduction to theatrical training

designed to familiarize the student with the basic concepts,

methods and theories of theatrical training. This course is

designed to provide a better understanding of the actor and

director as well as to familiarize the student with the

world of theatre. Within the discipline of theatre studies,

students will be taught to apply all the many tools and

skills that are useful in today's society in an area which

dramatizes the realities and unique opportunities of our

present culture. Students will also explore theatre history

and theory, including history and contemporary trends, the

techniques of theatrical training and research. Students

will develop an appreciation for the way theatre is

performed today as well as learn what theatre is about."

"This course offers an introduction to the history and the

variety of theatre, from theatre to performance. Students will

study the diversity of theatre in its many forms and attempt to

introduce them in an artistic and historical context. The focus

is on the positive aspects of the many techniques of theatre,

rather than the negative. Students will experience the full

range of theatrical performance. Special emphasis will be

placed on exploring the diversity of contemporary theatre,

particularly as seen through the current political, economic,

cultural, scientific and technological factors of society."

"In this course students will study the techniques and

theories of acting. Acting classes will focus on the actors'

tools of the trade including physical movement, voice,

eye-contact, emotional engagement, performance ethics,

staging, play-writing, sound and music, acting for

children, screen and stage acting, improvisation and

communication. Students will study various acting theories


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