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Successful Container Gardens

The selection is almost endless when it comes to pots for your plant babies. But there are a few key things to look for to make the best choice. Just purchased plants in plastic nursery containers can go into a new planter as soon as you bring them home. After spending months maybe even years in a small growing pot, your new plant has likely outgrown the space and would appreciate more room to grow. Other candidates in need of a container upgrade are any of your established houseplants that have grown too large for their container.

Whether your existing plants need repotting or you have a few recent additions to your houseplant collection that could use roomier digs, here's how to select the best new homes for them. Choosing a new container begins with identifying the size of pot you need. For larger plants, those growing in pots greater than 10 inches in diameter, increase the pot size by 2 or 3 inches in diameter.

For example, a brand new ZZ plant in a 4-inch plastic nursery pot is ready to transition to a container that is 5 inches or so in diameter. A philodendron growing in a inch pot can size up to a inch-diameter pot. While you might be tempted to choose a pot that is a few inches larger than prescribed to accommodate future growth, resist.

Houseplants grow slowly. An overly large pot will look out of proportion to the plant. Also, pots that are too large for the plant can cause health issues because the excess potting soil will dry out too slowly.

Soil that stays wet too long encourages root and stem rot. Always choose a pot with drainage holes, which also ensures potting soil doesn't stay too wet after watering your houseplants. The excess can freely escape out the bottom of the container, allowing oxygen to make its way to plant roots if you use a saucer or tray underneath the pot, make sure to empty it to prevent roots from soaking in too much moisture.

If you happen across a beautiful planter that doesn't have drainage holes, you can still use it. You can lift out that inner pot and move it to a sink to water, or leave it where it is and then dump out the excess from the cachepot when all the extra water is done draining out of the smaller container.

Planter size and available drainage are the two most important factors in selecting a pot for your houseplant. After satisfying those two needs, choose a pot that has a look and feel you love. Ceramic pots are the most popular type of containers for houseplants today. Related: 5 New Ways to Display Houseplants. At one time, the clay pot was the most common container for indoor plants. Clay pots are attractive, heavy ideal for big plants , and porous excellent for bromeliads, cacti , ferns, orchids , and succulents.

However, clay pots require more frequent watering and are challenging to clean. Plastic and fiberglass pots offer several advantages. Available in all sorts of colors and styles, these lightweight pots are easy to clean and inexpensive. Other materials for houseplant containers include metal, basketry, treated or rot-resistant wood, glazed pottery, and glass. Keep pots clean to prevent disease.

If you plan to reuse a pot, clean it well both inside and out. Clay pots often get a white crust on them after prolonged use, caused by mineral buildup after water evaporates. To remove this crust, scrub it off with a steel-wool pad or stiff bristle brush in a vinegar and water solution. If the crust is thick, brush first with a dry steel wool pad. Rinse pots, then soak them in a bleach solution 1 part bleach to 9 parts water for 20 minutes to kill any bacteria, fungi, or pest eggs on them.

Rinse again. Clean plastic pots with a cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Scrub the pot until it's completely free of soil and grime. Soak the pot in a bleach solution as you would a clay pot. By Megan Hughes Updated September 10,Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

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White 9000 planter

The first thing people usually do after buying a new houseplant besides stare at it lovingly while doing a happy dance is place it—plastic pot and all—into a more decorative container. And while it's fine to keep your plant in its plastic home for the time being, you won't want to leave it there forever. The reason being that unless your plant was propagated and grown locally, it's likely been sitting in that pot for a while. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; it just means your plant might already be close to outgrowing its home. Greene recommends repotting it right away or within a few weeks, especially if you purchased it during peak summer growing season. There are a few signs that your plant needs to break up with its plastic pot. For one, if you see roots popping up through the top of the soil or poking through the pot's drainage hole, it's a sign that it's pot-bound.

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The Complete Guide To Planting Houseplants In Pots & Planters

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27 Best Ways to Fill The Bottom of a Large Planter

Knowing how much water a plant needs can be a challenge but self-watering planters and plant pots can take a lot of that pressure away. Designed to allow plants to draw up water as and when they need it, self-watering planters are a great option to prevent overwatering, for when you go away or just want a little more peace of mind. The amount of water a plant requires can vary considerably and depends on their country of origin and the environment they evolved in. And while knowing how to water house plants and the signs of over- or under-watering is always valuable, self-watering planters do have their uses.

Planters without drainage holes offer a leak-free, clean aesthetic, and protect floors from damage, especially with larger plants and trees whose pots are tough to move. The key to success with these pots is providing an ample drainage layer so excess water can drain away from the root system, ensuring the roots maintain access to air.

Planter decoration stick

Search Products:. Short stories led indoor planter true leaf market ita. Read online books for free new release and bestseller Get to know your Apple Watch by trying out the taps swipes, and presses you'll be using most. Hide Similar Styles. Rapid growth in the development of greenhouse technology and floriculture has helped to generate higher demand for planters.

Food safe sealant for pottery

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10 of the best self-watering planters and plant pots

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Cachepot: How To Double Pot And Display Plants Without Repotting

Search Products:. Lead free clay pots. All glazes are lead free, food safe, … Fine handmade soda fired stoneware pottery for your home. This is more commonly an issue when repurposing old containers or building materials into planters. Pres, paints commonly contained very high levels of lead.

A pot with a bottom drainage hole is typically one of the first items needed to grow a healthy container plant. If the container you plan to use does not have a drainage hole, most garden experts, such as those at the University of Illinois Extension, recommend making a drainage hole.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. From classic to contemporary, lightweight, plastic pots that can be easily moved to sturdy ceramic pots perfect for larger plants, indoor gardening has never been easier. Find the perfect home for your indoor plants from our assortment of sleek ceramic pots, lightweight plastic pots, clever hanging pots, self watering pots and cute gifting pots, all in a range of classic or contemporary styles. We recommend keeping your plant in its plastic nursery pot and sitting this inside its gorgeous new planter from Flower Power. The amount and quality of light that they get is very important.

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