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Wax flowers — or waxflower plants, pick your spelling! Their deep purple flowers add a pop of colour in the dreary season, all the way to late spring. The wax flower is very low-maintenance, needing only light pruning and minimal moisture. It thrives in most conditions, but prefers sandy soil since it frequently grows along the coast. Still, water during the growing season to encourage flowers — and keep it somewhere with full sun! Wax flowers are native plants — specifically to Western Australia.

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Waxflower – Chamelaucium uncinatum

Jambinu Zest is a type of Geraldton Wax, a widely cultivated flowering shrub native to Western Australia. While commercial varieties of Geraldton Wax are commonly identified by their ornamental qualities, this bushfood herb gets its name from the Yamatji name for its home region and its strong citrus flavour. In the wild, you can find this species growing in sandy soils in woodland and heath regions in southwest WA. This variety typically flowers from Winter to Spring, producing masses of dark pink-crimson blooms on tall, thin stems.

You can harvest these during the growing season, while also enjoying the Jambinu Zest leaves anytime throughout the year. Strip off the leaves and use them fresh and whole in your dishes, or sprinkle them on top as a garnish.

Jambinu Zest is an evergreen shrub, ideal for Mediterranean climates, preferring dry climates, sandy soils, and full-sun or slight shade. It is a very heat-tolerant, drought-tolerant and water-wise bushfood species, though younger plants may need generous watering in their first eight weeks.

For best culinary results from an established plant, we recommend a light mulch and fortnightly watering over the warmer months in non-humid regions. This plant makes an attractive feature shrub, gap filler, or edible hedge. My Jambinu Zest is getting big but keeps flopping over. Should I be worried about the stems being too soft?

Not at all. The stems and branches of Geraldton Wax shrubs do retain a lot of flexibility, even as the plant matures. Adding a simple support stake to the trunk should help keep your Jambinu Zest upright. What are Jambinu Zest flowers like? Many species of waxflower either have no taste or an unpleasant aftertaste, however Jambinu Zest was developed especially for use in the kitchen.

Both the flowers and leaves of this variety have a pleasant lemony quality, not too unlike Lemon Myrtle. Do I need to fertilise my Jambinu Zest? Even though Jambinu Zest can thrive in the wild with very little care, we recommend applying a little slow-release fertiliser once a year in spring. Quick care. Suitable for full-sun.

Suitable for part-shade. Dimensions: Height 1. Tolerates sandy soils.

Waxing Lyrical

The profusion of long lasting waxy flowers on a spreading but dense shrub are the outstanding features of this iconic Australian plant. It makes a wonderful feature shrub or screen plant in the garden especially in areas with drier summers. The normal pink variety is more hardy than the darker colours. The foliage is aromatic when crushed. Give it a light trim after flowering.

The unique red torches of the New South Wales waratah flower in spring, 'Yellow Gem') and Geraldton wax flower (Chamelaucium uncinatum).

Best Chamelaucium Flower Care 2021

Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Bonsai forum. Index Recent topics Search. Page: 1. Geraldton Wax 8 years 8 months agoHey Guys We have just moved into a new home and a geraldton wax was standing there. The tree looks like its a couple of years old. I don't have a dead set plan for the tree yet. A couple of thoughts has crossed my mind. Is there any Jin gurus on there that can help me with tackling big jin's???


The flowers last for well over a week when cut. Chamelaucium Geraldton Wax is a genus of about 30 species all occurring only in south-western Australia. The leaves are highly aromatic when crushed. The flowers appear in late winter and may last through until summer. They are circular in shape and are usually pale to mid pink in colour, although other varieties with colours ranging from white to purple are also available.

More than a popular tattoo and flower crown favourite, this native is edible and can be used to style dishes, flavour cocktails and feed bees.

Chamelaucium – The Geraldton Wax Flower

But Chamelaucium Uncinatum, of which Snowflake is a named variety, is a lovely shrub in itself, from Australia, with fine needled evergreen foliage and, starting in spring, a long succession of pink tinged white lightly scented flowers. Prune after flowering if you want a compact specimen. Best kept indoors in winter. Sunny or bright location. Well drained soil.

Waxflower [Chamaelaucium Uncinatum] Growing And Care

Myrtle rust is an introduced fungus with super powers that give it the ability to kill its host plants. It has been spreading around the world, and after arriving in Australia eight years ago, it blew across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand just over a year ago. What is myrtle rust? What damage is it doing to native plants and ecosystems here, and in Australia and Hawaii? And what science is being done to help us better understand this invasive killer? Our Changing World investigates.

Water moderately, waiting for the soil to dry out; they resist drought well.

Spring flowers Geraldton wax an Australian wildflower favourite

Post a Comment. Growing Hoyas is said to be pleasant and rewarding for even the most inattentive gardener p roducing gorgeous globes of scented flowers that last and last! Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience Emerson. If you are new to gardening maybe concentrate on what does well in your area.

Get to Know Panda Plant

Plant petunias in beds or containers for best results. In fact, it tends to grow in rocky soils as well. White wax flowers White wax flower, Wax flowers, White wax. Wax flower plant white.

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Chamelaucium uncinatum , the Geraldton waxflower , Geraldton wax , is a flowering plant endemic to Western Australia. It is an erect shrub 0. The name uncinatum means "hooked" in Latin , in reference to the tips of the leaves. The flowers somewhat resembling those of the tea tree last a relatively long time after cutting, making the plant popular in horticulture. It is widely cultivated throughout Australia, both in home gardens and in the cut flower industry. Purple-flowering cultivars have been developed.

Save Big with Free Delivery. The waxflower is a flowering shrub that comes from the myrtle family. The leaves are similar to that of the tea tree and produces blooms. These are often considered to be a native to parts of Australia.

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