Sowing calendar for 8.01 - gardeners and gardeners

January 2021

January 8, Friday, 24-25 lunar day. The waning moon is in Scorpio


Soak flower and vegetable seeds for planting seedlings.

Sow and plant plants for seeds and long storage.

The Scorpio sign is especially favorable for climbing, climbing plants, cereals and crops with sharp organs: thorns, thorns, leaves with a sharp edge.

Get vaccinated and re-vaccinated.

Plant bulbous flowers for forcing: muscari, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips.

Apply organic fertilizer to the soil, remove weeds and loosen the soil in the root zone.

Trim any unnecessary strawberry mustache.

Treat the beds from pests and diseases.

Take care of landscaping the garden and greenhouse.

Compost organic waste.


Plant legumes on the waning moon: soybeans, lentils and beans. Plant beets, chard, and parsnips. From cruciferous root crops, you can sow daikon, rutabagas and radishes, and from onion plants, plant garlic, batun, chives and turnips.


  • cilantro;
  • parsley;
  • lemon balm;
  • chicory;
  • spinach.

At home, it is possible to plant Echinopsis Airies, aloe fan and Kalanchoe Benta. A good time to plant desert cacti.

Not recommended

Do not prune, pinch, pick and transplant plants in Scorpio.

Do not propagate them by dividing tubers, bulbs and rhizomes. Better not to do any root manipulation at all.

When watering, use water in moderation.


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How to properly prepare seeds for seedlings

Before planting, seeds must first be taken somewhere. They can always be found in specialty stores, but the best way is still to collect seeds at harvest time and prepare them for the next year. If you didn't manage to do this in 2020, you can go to the market and look for seeds from small farmers. In the second half of the month, you can already find the seedlings themselves there.

Experienced gardeners prepare prepared seeds of cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers before sowing in a solution of potassium permanganate, washed under running water, and then kept in an ash solution for a day. After such preliminary preparation for planting, the seeds are germinated in a damp cloth in a warm place at a temperature of +30 degrees Celsius.

Well disinfects seeds, prepared for planting, warming up in water at a temperature of +45 degrees for 12 hours. And stimulates their germination by subsequent soaking in a solution of boric acid and copper sulfate (0.2 g / 1l each), aloe juice and simply in water bubbling with air bubbles.

But the seeds of watermelons and melons are treated differently before sowing. First, they are soaked in potassium permanganate, then they are placed in a warm place for 3 days during the day, and in the refrigerator overnight. At the end, the seeds are dipped in hot sweetened wine and kept there for at least 24 hours so that the fruits are sweet. For the same purpose, radish seeds are soaked in water with honey.


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