Fertilizers in pegs "Raketa" for trees and bushes - hammered in and forgot!

Complex mineral fertilizers of prolonged action for fruit and coniferous trees

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Trees and shrubs growing on your site consume a large amount of nutrients from the soil in the form of aqueous solutions, depleting the soil and making it unsuitable for growing these crops over time. The way out is obvious - the soil needs to be enriched, and the only way to do this is to apply fertilizers.

But here gardeners face great difficulties. Just pouring fertilizer under a bush or tree means not good, but harm - it is very likely not to be absorbed, and the elements contained in it in a concentrated form, like an overdose of medicine, will cause various plant poisonings, up to burns of the roots.

In other words, in order to properly apply fertilizers, it is necessary to dig small trenches, grooves throughout the entire area of ​​the trunk circle, which in itself is quite laborious, and besides, it is unsafe for plants, since there is a high risk of damage to the root system.

Such difficulties for many gardeners in fact turn out to be an insurmountable obstacle, forcing them to almost completely abandon fertilization for shrubs and trees, which inevitably leads to soil depletion and a significant decrease in yield.

There is a way out, and, as it turns out, it is very simple. We bring to your attention a line of fertilizers in pegs "Raketa". The name itself speaks for itself - "fertilizer in pegs".

By purchasing such fertilizer, you save yourself from the hard work of a digger.

And the release form became the solution to the problem. Fertilizers "Raketa" are hard pressed briquettes, shaped like pegs, a little over ten centimeters long. Hard enough so that they can simply be ... - DRIVE INTO THE GROUND to the required depth with an ordinary mallet (wooden hammer).

Yes, yes - I drove in and forgot! Just the way we all love. And I forgot for a LONG TIME.

And for a long time because "Raketa" belongs to the class of prolonged fertilizers. Dissolution of such fertilizers occurs gradually; the peg slowly disintegrates, dosed - layer by layer - gives off nutrients. And so - for several months of the growing season. In this case, the dissolution rate directly depends on the temperature, which corresponds to the change in the plant's requirements for nutrients under various conditions.

In other words - the use of "Rocket", in addition to the ease of introduction, EXCLUDES "salting" of the soil and burns of roots.

And, finally, "Raketa" is devoid of one of the main disadvantages inherent in mineral fertilizers - low digestibility (~ 30%), due to their rapid leaching, which entails the destruction of the soil structure and contamination of groundwater.

Now more about the Rocket and its variants

Fertilizer in pegs "Raketa" is a complex briquetted mineral fertilizer of prolonged action, containing all the main nutrients NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), as well as the necessary microelements.
Release form: solid briquettes - pegs, weighing 85-100g. One package contains 5 pcs. pegs.
Package weight: 425 g (for shrubs), 500 g (for fruit trees).
The concentration of nutrient salts is even throughout the time of dissolution of the fertilizer peg.

Mineral substances and microelements of "Raketa" are in an easily accessible form for the plant.
You don't need to measure and mix different fertilizers. It is enough to drive a few pegs of the "Rocket" into the moistened ground over the entire area of ​​the trunk circle using a wooden hammer (with moderate blows), in accordance with the recommended doses.
The number of briquettes for each crop is determined by the calculation table located on the back of the package.

Fertilizer pegs "Raketa" do not oversalt the soil. Contains all essential and essential minerals to support healthy growth for one year.

"Rocket" for fruit trees
It is used as the main mineral fertilizer for fruit trees: apple, pear, plum, cherry in spring or autumn.

"Raketa" for fruit and berry bushes
It is used as the main mineral fertilizer for fruit and berry bushes: gooseberries, currants, raspberries in spring or autumn.

"Raketa" for coniferous crops
It is used as the main mineral fertilizer for coniferous crops: spruce, fir, pine, cedar, cypress, thuja in spring or autumn
Contains all essential minerals to support healthy growth for one year. Mass fraction of nutrients: total nitrogen, N 5.0; total phosphorus in terms of P2O5 7.0; total potassium in terms of K2O 7.0; pH 5.0-7.0. Including trace elements: copper, zinc, manganese, boron.

"Raketa" for decorative crops
It is used as the main mineral fertilizer for ornamental crops: roses, hydrangeas, piraeus, rose hips, asters, lilacs in spring or autumn.

Mass fraction of nutrients:
Total nitrogen, N 5.0; total phosphorus in terms of P2O5 8.0; total potassium in terms of K2O 4.0; pH 5.0-7.0.
Also necessary trace elements: copper, zinc, manganese, boron, cobalt.

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