Charcoal barbecue

What's this

The charcoal barbecue is an alternative to the wood-burning barbecue. The barbecue that involves the use of charcoal requires you to purchase it from retailers, where it is present in small packages. This particular model of barbecue is able to guarantee perfect cooking of any food. To ignite the charcoal, you can use specific substances that are always on sale in the shops where you buy the fuel. We do not recommend the use of highly flammable dangerous substances that are not for sale for lighting the charcoal. Furthermore, using substances of this kind, the latter could be harmful to health.


The characteristic of this barbecue is that it uses a fuel that has always been known as the one for the barbecue. Depending on the amount of food to be cooked, a different amount of charcoal must be placed inside the special compartment of the barbecue. The lighting of the latter always takes place gradually, therefore it is necessary to wait some time for it to be completely switched on. Even after some time from ignition, an ember is created which keeps the grill hot. So this allows you to use the barbecue for a long time. It is necessary to remove the charcoal only later, when it is completely extinguished.


The charcoal barbecue can be purchased prefabricated or in smaller alternative models, built with different materials. This distinction is necessary as cleaning is also different: in the case of the prefabricated refractory bricks do not require thorough cleaning but only the remaining ash needs to be collected to have the space completely clean. In the case of small barbecues, it is always necessary to wait until everything is completely turned off and eventually the pieces of charcoal still intact can be removed with a pincer to be used later. It is not recommended to use water to extinguish the coals because in the long run it could damage the brazier itself.

How to choose it

The charcoal barbecue can be chosen keeping in mind all its characteristics. The models on the market today differ not only in their size but also with reference to specific characteristics that can make it more or less complete. The model made of masonry also becomes a decorative element in the garden and is an excellent solution for cooking outside. It is an immovable structure so it is necessary to find the appropriate space where to place it. Those who do not have the possibility of such a large garden can always resort to choosing a charcoal barbecue with wheels that can also be used during the spring periods on the balcony. The choice of the size of the barbecue must refer to the number of people who usually invite each other for grilling and if you want to have a non-staggered cooking of the food you must choose a fairly large barbecue, otherwise even the smallest models are very useful. Cast iron is undoubtedly the material that retains heat the longest. This allows food to be kept warm, which can be left on the barbecue waiting to be served without cooling.

Where to buy it

Being a rather classic and traditional model, the charcoal barbecue can also be purchased in the gardening area of ​​shopping centers. A wide choice can only be found at stores specializing in outdoor furniture which in most cases dedicate an entire space to the barbecue. As this is a very popular model, alternatives are presented every year that may appeal to the customer. With reference to their particular shape, we deviate from the classic rectangular one to choose them also in the round version. Whether the purchase is made in a shop or on the internet, the customer must always pay particular attention to the characteristics in order to choose the most suitable model. To preserve it for a long time it is essential to observe proper maintenance and cleaning, avoiding leaving it in the garden even during the winter period. Referring instead to the barbecue made of masonry, the materials chosen are absolutely not afraid of bad weather because they were used precisely because they are resistant to any weather condition. If it is not present, it is preferable to purchase a closure of the grill area to prevent animals from finding refuge there.

Barbecue: A charcoal barbecue

Abc and first steps in the world of cooking with barbecue.

The barbecue is among the most desired furnishing accessories for the garden for several reasons.

The main one is that having a barbecue allows you to spend pleasant evenings outdoors in the company of friends even if you do not have a lot of space and if there is no kitchen available.

There are many types of barbecues on the market, especially in relation to ignition technologies.

Not all barbecues, in fact, support the same fuel to ignite.

And this also significantly affects the flavors of food and the quality of cooking.

The charcoal barbecue is among those that guarantee greater naturalness of food.

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