20 fall bulbs to plant in the garden

Fall bulbs: flowers for the whole year!

Bulbous plants are very numerous. To classify them, we use, among other things, the period in which they are planted. Here, you will have understood it, we treat the autumn bulbs, that is to say the bulbs to be planted in autumn for a spring flowering and more like the Tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, colchicum ... and many others which you can find out below.
Some of the varieties we offer are more sensitive to the cold than others, beware ;-).

Fall bulbous, a common characteristic:

The peculiarity of bulbous plants is that they disappear from the garden, the time it takes for them to "replenish their strength" in order to be able to flower again. All the autumn bulbs do not bloom at the same time, rather at the beginning of the year and in spring, others with long flowering… But the choice requires to mix the varieties of these famous bulbous plants for a flower garden until the following autumn… Certain bulbs with late flowering will require a planting of spring in colder regions.

In this "little guide", I offer you around twenty bulbous flowers, plant this fall and justly classified by flowering period.

Early flowering fall bulbs: January February

Autumn bulbs with early spring flowering: from March

  • Anemone - See the file
    • Color : white, purple, yellow, blue, pink ...
    • Ground : humus and drained
  • Jacinthe - See the file
    • Color : white, pink, blue, orange, yellow, red
    • Ground : all rather light and humus
  • Narcissus - See the file
    • Color : yellow, yellow and orange, cream and yellow ...
    • Ground : all, rather heavy without too much and humus

Spring flowering autumn bulbs: April, May ...

  • Ornamental garlic
    • Color :
    white, purple, new blue variety ...
    • Ground : all rather light ground and very drained
  • Freesia - See the file
    • Color : white, orange, red ...
    • Ground : light and cool and sandy
    • Hardiness : average.
  • Fritilaire - See the file
    • Color : orange, mauve, yellow, ...
    • Ground : rich in humus, well drained
  • Muscari - See the file• Color : blue, cream, pink, purple
    • Ground : well drained
  • Tulipe - See the file
    • Color : red, pink, yellow, black, multicolored
    • Ground : any type, drained, rather light.
  • Oxalis - See the file
    • Color : white, red, pink, yellow, multicolored
    • Ground : any type, drained, fairly cool.

Fall bulbs, flowering in late spring and early summer: June, July.

  • Glaieul - See the file
    • Color : red, pink, green, purple, blue, yellow, orange ...
    • Ground : humus, deep and very drained
    • Hardiness: average
  • Iris - See the file
    • Color : red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, ...
    • Ground : Iris requires well-drained soil and sunny exposure.
  • Ranunculus - See the file
    • Color : red, pink, yellow, white ...
    • Ground : Light, drained and cool soil.

  • Gladiolus of Byzantium to (re) discover
    • Color : Red purple…
    • Ground : rich, cool, deep soil

Autumn bulbs with summer flowering and early fall: August, September, October

Maintenance of bulbous plants:

• Depending on the region where you live, whether because of the low temperatures - some autumn bulbous plants are not very hardy - it will be advisable to remove the bulbs from the ground to place them away from severe frost, but generally the bulbs that you will plant this fall are hardy.
• Rains can be problematic for bulbous fall plants. In poorly drained soils, standing water can lead to bulb rot. You will find in each sheet, the elements you need to plant these beautiful spring bulbs and have a beautiful garden year after year ...
• Practice a division approximately every 2 to 3 years to strengthen the plants by causing the formation of new bulbils.

The onion: how to plant, care for and harvest it

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The onion (Allium Cepa) is a very easy to grow bulb plant regardless of the variety you choose. Small green onions, gray shallots, large white, brown or red onions they are all grown in the same way. The only thing that differs is the time they are left in the ground before eating them.

We find amaryllis bulbs both in garden centers and in supermarkets at the end of the year. Take advantage of the attractive prices to buy one every week for a month and spread out the planting periods. This will give you delayed growth and flowering that will spread between Christmas and probably the end of March (if you keep them at a cool temperature, around 15 ° C).

These bulbs do not tolerate frost: plant them only in pots, in a sheltered location. Place each bulb in a sufficiently large pot (at least 20 cm in diameter) at the bottom of which you will have placed a layer of drainage. Cover with potting soil, letting the bulb protrude by 2 cm. Water regularly.

Do your shopping early: the fresher the bulbs, the better! Choose the larger sizes (i.e. bulb circumference, in centimeters), which bloom more generously and have reserve for the following year. Here are the best calibers:

  • Tulips: 12 and over
  • Daffodils: 15 and over
  • Fritillaries: 20 and over
  • Hyacinths: 18 and over

Most of the other bulbs are sold without indication of the size (often noted "size I" on the bag). Choose healthy bulbs, too: leave out those that are withered or have mold spots. Only a few bulbs are sold completely dry, such as anemones and buttercups.

Buy only resting bulbs, and not those that have started to come out of the shoots in their bag, because this is a sign of poor storage.

All our bulbs

The bulbs flowering plants are the easiest plants to grow. Install them in the fall for a spring bloom, in the spring for a summer bloom, and in the summer for a fall bloom. Once carefully planted, the bulbs will bloom more and more every year, without requiring a lot of effort on your part! Gardening tips.

Simple anemones from Caen Lot of 15 bulbs, size 7/8


Canna with purple foliage 'Saladin' The rhizome, size I

Dahlia cactus 'Chat Noir®' Tuber, size 1

Dahlia ball 'Evelyne' The tuber, caliber 1

Assorted buttercups Lot of 15 bulbs, size 5 / +

Arum 'Majestic red' The bulb, size 14 / +

Arum from Ethiopia The bulb, size 14/16


Decorative Dahlia 'Milk Shake' The tuber, size 1

Canna with purple foliage 'Liberty' The rhizome, size I

Decorative Dahlia 'Paso Doble®' The tuber, size 1

Arum 'Picasso' The bulb, size 14 / +

Dwarf canna 'Taroudant®' The rhizome, size 1

Decorative Dahlia 'Chameleon®' The tuber, size 1

Dahlia bush 'Cancun®' Tuber, size 1

Arum 'Black Magic' The bulb, size 14 / +

Super Begonias Cascade® mix Lot of 3 tubers, size 5/6

Canna with purple foliage 'Angèle Martin' The rhizome, size I

Double dwarf Dahlia 'Nogent®' The tuber, size 1

Dahlia bush 'Tour du Monde®' The tuber, size 1

Dahlia cactus Roi du Midi The bulb size I


: take care to plant your bulbs to get them off to a good start, then you won't need to intervene a lot. It is important to bury the bulbs at the right depth (depending on the size of the bulb), in the right direction (point upwards, flat part with the roots down) and in a well-amended soil in potting soil or compost well decomposed.

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Garden: 5 Spectacular Bulbs to Grow

Image © Agnieszka Kwiecie ?, Nova

Flower bulbs are one of the sure values ​​to beautify your garden. To change a bit from the great classics such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, why not try less known but very decorative species? We have selected for you 5 spectacular bulbs to grow in your garden.

1- The puschkinia

If you are looking for flowers in an original color that quickly form a spectacular carpet, plant puschkinias bulbs!

The puschkinia is an easy-to-grow bulb plant that produces pretty pale blue flowers at the end of winter (February-March).

Very aesthetic, their bluish petals are striped in the center with a darker blue border.

Another advantage, these bulbous plants that resemble wood hyacinths spontaneously reseed in a few years to form spectacular flower carpets.

You just need to plant them in October at a depth of about 5 cm (or 3 times the height of the bulb), respecting a planting distance of 8 to 10 cm.

Provide them with a soil rich in humus, with a sunny or semi-shaded exposure then leave them in place for several years. Wow effect guaranteed!

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