Mango fruiting

Question: mango fruiting

If he manages to become an adult, how long will it take for the mango to bear fruit? After 13 years, what happened to my aunt with avocado, also obtained by soaking the seed?

Thanks again 1000. Ali

Answer: mango fruiting

Hello Alice, you are now fond of this "Questions and Answers" section of our website. The mango born from seed in an optimal environment under its own conditions and therefore in its environment of origin or at least within its natural range, bears fruit after 6 years from sowing. This means that from the sixth year onwards the fruits could begin to appear on the plant but it is not certain that in the sixth year these will appear on time on the branches of the mango. There are numerous factors that influence fruiting and a plant must be very well for this process to take place. The reproductive priority of the plant is in fact at the last place in the scale of its plant needs and occurs when all other needs for space, nourishment and light have been exhausted. In practice, a plant first grows upwards, then expands then stabilizes and only then, if it can afford it, does it bear fruit. When we say that a plant must be fine to bear fruit, it means that it must have enough nourishment and reserve substances to support this rather wasteful process. A plant that struggles to survive cold winters or is not in its ideal habitat is unlikely to bear fruit. Establishing precisely when a mango will bear fruit in Italy is difficult, especially not knowing where it is grown. To make this process happen as soon as possible, you need to ensure the plant is in optimal conditions in terms of nutrients, temperatures and water supply. Since these are the factors that have the greatest impact on fruiting, regulating them will facilitate the occurrence of this process.

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