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(Wild mustard)

Mustard in Bach flowers is for people who suddenly feel lonely, depressed, abandoned, useless but just as quickly and suddenly find a good mood.


Bach flower remedy name: Mustard
Common name in Italian: wild mustard
Scientific name: Sinapis arvensis(Family Brassicaceae)


Mustard is the Bach flower remedy for people that suddenly, for no apparent reason, they become sad, melancholy or depressed. There are no apparent reasons for this state that goes away as quickly as it came.

A Mustard person becomes suddenly and very intensely depressed and sad so that everything seems useless and in vain. At that point the only desire is to be alone until the disharmony is resolved. He feels a sense of loss of something unknown he does not understand.

This state has a variable duration from a few days to months and as it arrived, suddenly it disappears just as quickly, without being able to find an apparent reason.

Edward Bach gives the following description of a Mustard person «For those who are subject to periods of sadness and despair, as if a cold and dark cloud overhangs them and hides from them the light and the joy of living. It may not be possible to explain such attacks. In these conditions it is almost impossible to appear happy or cheerful ». (1)


Bach flower remedies mustard restores the strength and the will to live. In practice, it is to be considered the flower of rebirth, helping to find the serenity and balance necessary to face the daily routine of life.


If you want to prepare the Mustard mother tincture of Bach flowers, by picking the flowers directly in the field, the method to be used is that of solarization.


There Sinapis arvensis is in bloom during the spring-summer period.

There Sinapis it is an annual, herbaceous plant with erect stems that grow up to 120 cm. The lower leaves are lanceolate and wrinkled, with incised margins while the basal ones are progressively reduced. Some leaves are carried by a very distinct petiole while in others it is one with the leaf blade. At the apex of the stems yellow flowers are formed, with a calyx arranged on the horizontal plane and with 4 petals. The fruits are siliques with a short terminal hook that contain smooth brown seeds.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

Bach flowers: what they are, complete list and properties

Rebalance mind and body with flowers. This is the philosophy, or rather, the therapeutic technique that the Welsh doctor Edward Bach developed in the 1930s, after moving away from traditional medicine which, according to his experience, focused too much on the disease and very little on the sick in its entirety. Doctor Bach had noticed that many widespread physical ailments - hypertension, headache, digestive disorders, skin diseases etc. - were related to specific altered moods, generated by feelings common to every human being, such as fear, sadness, anger and so on.

For this reason, if you decide to rely on a natural remedy like Bach flowers, you have to do it not so much and not just to cure a symptom, but to rediscover the lost balance from which that disorder arose, that condition of psychophysical harmony that is the true secret of health. So let's find out more about the history of Doctor Bach and his 38 healing flowers.

What are Bach flowers?

Bach flowers are 39 infusions preserved in alcohol that transmit the energy of the flower to the patient and restore theharmony between mind and body.

To deal with flower therapy and self-prescribing, you need to know your state of mind. There are seven types of moods to choose from: fear, uncertainty, loneliness, disinterest in the present, despair, tendency to be influenced by other people's ideas, excess of concern for others.

To each flower correspond different mixtures, for example for solitude they are indicated Water Violet, Impatiens is Heather, for fear Rock Rose, Mimulus, Cherry Plum, Aspen is Red Chestnut.

Content index:

Mustard, a tough plant

A weed plant in cultivated land, wild mustard is difficult to eradicate even with the use of herbicides: it it always reappears suddenly, just as objectless depression suddenly appears in the most sensitive people.

Wild mustard seeds germinate when the soil is disturbed in some way, for example through plowing or during excavations. The seeds of the plant, asleep under the ground, awaken instantly and give rise to mustard seedlings which, with their sudden and intrusive growth, subjugate any other plant that is growing nearby.

The wild mustard from which the Bach Mustard flower shows to possess a great vital force, both for the fact that the seeds are capable of suddenly awakening and for the characteristic of occupying large areas of land. The yellow flowers of Mustard represent happiness, the liveliness of the sun and the smile of life: here is the Bach flower erases from the mind the dark cloud that appeared for no precise reason.

Taking Bach Mustard flower means seeing life through joy and happiness.

Mustard, for those wrapped in a cloud of sadness

The person who needs the Bach flower Mustard is prisoner of a black cloud that obscures everything and his only outlet is represented by the withdraw into solitude and cry. Almost as if taking upon himself all the pain in the world, this person feels excluded from normal life and there is nothing that can console him.

This black cloud in which it is wrapped, as it came, suddenly and without warning, must dissolve to find serenity. Mustard, the Bach flower, performs this action.

In the negative Mustard state, some characteristics of a strong depressive state can be traced, for which one feels powerless, inconsolable and reduces interest in the surrounding world. The cause of this deep malaise, is unknown: this is the characteristic of the Bach Mustard flower. The person feels alone, orphaned, abandoned by everyone and by his own self.

Mustard: situation of suffering and negativity

In the disharmonious person Mustard, the only picture that can be contemplated is suffering.

This widespread and perennial malaise is more likely to manifest itself more in not very analytical subjects, which do not have a marked rational component and whose inhibitory brakes are not too rigid. They are people who live immersed in emotions and cannot vent them, when an accumulation is created. The perception of pain is often added to the memory of negative experiences and the person thus comes to collapse.

With the help of the Bach Mustard flower, contact with positive energies is restored and it is easier to recover the sun.

  • Minimum 4 x 2 drops per day
  • Directly on the tongue or dissolved in water
  • If dissolved in water, drink them at regular intervals throughout the day
  • They have no side effects and are not addictive
  • There is no risk of conflict with other medicines
  • Gluten and allergen free
  • Ingredients: alcohol, Bach flower extracts
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Group III - Little interest in the present

What are Bach flowers?

The field on which Bach flowers act most is that of emotions and moods, but certainly as psychosomatic medicine teaches, the mind is not detached from the body, and what is shown on a mental level has a meaning. and an influence on the physical plane as well.

The signals that the emotions give are only signals preceding those of the body, that is to say the physical symptoms, therefore by observing and knowing the emotional and mental aspect, we can also correct what happens in the physical.

Flower therapy does not cure the disease, but the moods and reactions to people's events. Example: how we react to a certain event: with anger, fear, indifference, discouragement, etc. The response we give to the event or symptom tells us which flowers will be useful to us at that moment.

The different remedies are the sum of the joint action of water and fire, since the elements earth and air are already present in the flower, the plant that generated them has in fact grown between the earth and the air of the sky.

The flowers are collected on a sunny day, placed in water and exposed for three or four hours in the sun, or when this is not possible for seasonal reasons, they are boiled. Once the transformative information of the flower is transferred to the water, brandy is added to it (as a preservative). and Bach flowers are ready.

Bach flowers, vibrational therapy

By information we mean a positive vibrational message. It is not a concept of active principles present in the flower from a chemical-physical point of view, but rather of energy principles that each plant possesses. The "simple", old herbalists of past centuries, relied precisely on the shape, color and particularities of each plant to understand the field of use. At the time there were no laboratories for the research of elements and substances present in the plant, then the intuition and the ability to get in touch with the very nature of the plant allowed to understand what could be useful. The properties of herbs handed down by the "simple" were then confirmed by current scientific studies.

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