Interesting ideas and decorations for giving with your own hands from unnecessary things

Sometimes objects that are mistaken for garbage serve as the basis for creating country decorations. For example, when cutting down old garden trees or clearing a building site, stumps remain, which are uprooted and burned. If you look at them through the eyes of a designer, you can see beautiful natural frames for creating flower beds or original floristic compositions. And dozens of pairs of used shoes, old cracked pottery, travel suitcases with shabby corners? We offer fantastic ideas for a summer cottage with our own hands, which will turn old things into an exclusive country decor.

New life of old shoes

In any family there is used footwear that has become too small for grown children or has simply fallen into disrepair. Traditionally, shabby shoes with worn-out heels leave for the country house, where they live out their days somewhere in a rut between the beds. But if you show a little imagination, children's shoes or rubber boots will turn into original pots for garden flowers. They are used to decorate fences, porches, adjoining grounds and a playground.

Ordinary rubber bathing clogs seem to have been specially designed to accommodate these touching blue flowers. By the way, rubber is a fairly strong material, so you won't need an additional pot for planting plants.

Any, even the most unexpected, shoes - evening, office and even sports shoes - are suitable for plant decor.

Who would have thought that sneakers - the most popular footwear of modern youth - can become stylish pots for green plants. Note that greens also adorn the sports pair's socks.

Children grow up very quickly, leaving behind many pairs of beautiful and sturdy, unworn shoes. Do not give especially interesting models to relatives, but bring them to the dacha and make wonderful decor out of them.

These are the kind of funny people who can settle in your country house, and in a wide variety of corners. Boots will meet guests at the entrance, boots will line up along the fence, and slippers will decorate the wall or fence

Some pairs of shoes, despite their not the first freshness, look so textured and original that they should not be obscured by lush flowering or ampelous plants.

From several pairs of old shoes, as well as related household items, you can make an unusual composition, which is appropriate precisely in a suburban area that is not limited by the walls of the house. Such a family design find can be placed on the porch, veranda, in the children's corner or right on the lawn.

One of the options when the powerful image created by the boots is brighter than the colorful floral arrangement. In this case, it is the shoes that are the decorative center, and the flowers are just a light frame.

Before you is a family of several pairs of shoes. Each couple has its own age, a certain mood and even its own character. I wonder if the boots and shoes are similar to their owners?

We transform dishes and cutlery

Unfortunately, shoes wear out, and dishes break or simply become unnecessary. But in the country, not a single old bucket, not a single teapot will remain forgotten! We take paints in our hands and paint old metal and ceramic plates, basins and jugs in all colors of the rainbow. We choose the paint depending on the material from which the dishes are made - this way the decor will last much longer.

See how vibrant colors can change a boring garden corner. The most familiar objects became the heroes of the amazing colorful picture: a metal kettle, a water jug ​​and even two large colander

DIY decorations for summer cottages can be placed everywhere: on lawns, among flower beds, near a pond or pool, along a greenhouse or fence. A cheerful teapot in sunflowers is conveniently located on the edge of the bench.

It is enough to paint the smooth, even sides of metal dishes in any color you like, but if there are chips, scratches or dents on the surface, then they can be masked with colorful drawings or bright ornaments

Products made from natural materials look especially natural against the background of stone paths, a wooden fence and lush greenery. Ceramics made of clay go well with flowers, besides, they are not afraid of rain, wind, or occasional frosts.

As if someone late at night forgot to remove the tea set from the table, only instead of the table - a basin with earth, and instead of tea - fragile green bushes

Among the old dishes, there are the remains of beautiful porcelain sets - graceful cups and saucers, decorated with delicate painting. Do not rush to take out expensive and high-quality dishes to the summer cottage - perhaps it will find application in the house.

Tea cups, saucers, milk jugs, instead of candles installed on a candlestick, turn it into a beautiful exquisite vase, which is also very functional and serves as a stand for sweets, nuts, flowers or handicraft items

Do not forget about the cutlery that has gone out of active use - spoons and forks. No special skill is needed to make an adorable hanger for bags or clothes.

To make a hanger, you need a sanded and varnished board and some old forks. It is easier to work with aluminum products - they bend easily and take the desired shape, but steel products are stronger and do not unbend under the weight of clothes

It is a little more difficult to make an unusual chandelier, which is decorated not with crystal or glass pendants, but with metal forks and spoons.

Also, unusual garden decor ideas can be found in the material:

To make a chandelier for a kitchen or a terrace, you need an old lamp frame for one or more lamps and a set of cutlery

Such different suitcases

Due to the strength of the material and the rigid structure, old suitcases, which have not been used for their intended purpose for a long time, still lie on the mezzanine and serve as mini-storage rooms for New Year's toys, children's things and purchased sleeping sets in reserve. Their owners do not even know what can be done to give out unnecessary things thanks to creative ideas. First of all, a traditional flower garden.

Fill the opened suitcase with soil using a layer of waterproofing and decorate with low flowering plants. Convenient pocket sewn to the lid holds your garden shears

The lid of the suitcase resembles a closet door, it can also be conveniently closed and, if desired, even locked with a key.

We equip a suitcase-wardrobe with convenient shelves and drawers - and now you can store any household little things in it, from soap accessories to handicraft items

A large suitcase is an excellent blank for making a console or side table.

One part of the suitcase turns into a convenient table for books, a table lamp, a flower vase, the other - for photos, a collage or a set of convenient pockets

Old suitcases and chests fit perfectly into the dacha interior. They play the role of flower stands, bedside tables, storage for trinkets.

If a suitcase for decorating a room looks too modern, you can age it with fine sandpaper or special paints.

A large and large suitcase can be easily turned into a comfortable sofa.

To make an armchair or a sofa, you will need wooden legs from old furniture, bright pieces of durable textiles and stuffing material - foam rubber, batting or foam rubber rugs

Pets often choose boxes and suitcases for play or sleep themselves, and it takes a couple of hours to finalize a thing to a soft and comfortable bed for a tailed friend.

A large comfortable suitcase, a soft blanket folded several times, a beautiful design of the lid - and in front of you is a wonderful resting place for a small dog or cat

Stump flower bed - detailed instructions

For those who are too lazy to read, see the video instruction:

Some of the interesting ideas for decorating a summer cottage and a vegetable garden are given to us by nature itself. Sawed old trees, large branches, stones, river pebbles - all this can be found right on the suburban area, especially after repair work or road construction. Let's use an old tree stump and make a lush blooming flower bed out of it.

A beautiful and easy-to-plant flower bed made of a stump resembles a natural flowerpot. It can be installed in any part of the garden, near the house, gazebo or terrace, or, if the roots have not been removed from the stump, it can be left in the same place.

Stage # 1 - choosing the right stump

In order for the flower garden to serve for years, it is necessary to choose a strong, healthy stump that is not susceptible to disease and decay. If the upper part is destroyed, you can simply cut it off with a grinder.

It's okay if, after removing excess parts, a low base remains - for the device of a flower bed, the width of the stump is more important than its height

Sometimes rotten stumps are found in summer cottages, which look quite picturesque and are also suitable for planting flowers. They can be decorated and turned into a flower bed, but the danger of infection by fungus or diseases of healthy trees remains.

Our task is to take out the core, and in its place place a container for planting flowers, for example, a flower pot, several pots or a container.

Stage # 2 - surface and interior treatment

Using a hammer and chisel, drill, jigsaw, pickaxe, split the middle part and take it out piece by piece. This process is laborious and time consuming.

One of the options for destroying the core: first we make holes in the central part of the stump with a drill (the more, the better), then we break the wood with a pickaxe and take out chips

Sometimes the middle is poured with kerosene and set on fire, but in this case there is a risk of destruction of the necessary parts.

High humidity or bad weather can make it difficult to start a fire, so choose a clear day without precipitation and make sure that the wood is also dry

We leave the bark in place, but treat it with an antiseptic, like the inside. Remedies for fungus and decay are sold in building supermarkets. If you have recently built a bathhouse, built a gazebo, terrace, bench, a small amount of impregnation, most likely, you still have in stock.

An overview of wood protection products from moisture, fire, insects and decay will also be useful:

Stage # 3 - preparation of the container and soil

The result is a processed tree stump suitable for planting flowers. Now you need to select a container that is suitable in size and place it in place of the hollowed out core. It is not recommended to pour earth without a container, since the stump will collapse faster.

Do not forget about drainage: before placing the container inside, we drill several holes with a drill that lead water out to the base of the stump

The choice of soil depends on the type of flowers. A universal soil or a mixture of soil, sand and peat is suitable.

Stage # 4 - planting flowers

We install the pot inside the stump, fill in the soil and plant the flowers. Low-growing border plants and lush garden shrubs will do - the main thing is that the size of the flower garden and the stump do not contradict each other.

The pot was installed according to all the rules, but the dimensions were not respected, so the edges are visible from the outside. It is necessary to cover the entire container with soil so that the composition looks more natural

This is what a finished flower garden looks like from a processed stump with preserved roots.

Plants of any color with small and lush buds are suitable for a low flower garden: alyssum, begonia, ornamental cabbage, petunia, chlorophytum, marigolds, forget-me-nots, violets, daisies, bell, carnation, gerbil

A tall tree stump is an excellent stand for large and climbing plants.

You can learn more about how else to decorate a stump in the garden from the material:

Ampel plants can cover the top of a natural planter or the entire stump. Any flowers with cascading shoots are good for planting: pelargonium, verbena, nasturtium, petunia, surfinia, fuchsia, dichondra

Unusual use of old logs

Logs left after building a house or clearing a garden are a versatile tool for decorating a summer cottage. They make garden furniture, wooden compositions in the Russian style, toys for the playground, stands for flower beds, swings, original paths.

Even gnarled, bent logs and branches should not be burned or thrown away - sometimes amazing things come out of them.

An old log covered with cracked bark and moss is the perfect solution for a natural-style flower garden. It seems that the flowers have independently chosen a place to live.

An original swing can be created from a bunch of curves and seemingly unusable logs. The seat is hollowed out from a thick trunk, and the support is constructed from several curved elements

Even if you don't have enough woodworking skills, you can create a comfortable, functional picnic furniture set.

To prepare the benches, it is enough to trim the opposite sides of the logs, leaving the bark on the intact parts, and the table will require two coasters of large cut circles and a wide table top

From sawn logs, planks and blocks on a free lawn or sandy area, you can create a whole children's play world. Cozy huts, funny slides, comfortable benches and swings that look like real cars and little trains - children will find something to do while adults work in the garden.

To make a beautiful flower garden train, you need to prepare several boards that imitate a railway track, 3-4 chocks for the train, wooden mugs for wheels and bars for decorating a steam locomotive

The dacha is an ideal place for the embodiment of decorating fantasies and design ideas. To create another masterpiece, you should not look for material in the store - just look into the closet or the garden, and you will be surprised how many interesting and useful things you can find there.

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Interesting solutions for the landscape of a summer cottage

In order to improve your summer cottage, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money in purchasing new decor and garden furniture. You can give new life to old things that have fallen into disrepair.

To do this, you can use almost everything:

• old furniture
• broken garden tools
• broken dishes
• branches after tree pruning
• plastic bottles
• old buckets, basins and baby baths
• wooden stumps
• wooden and metal barrels.

If you get creative with the use of old and unnecessary trash, you can transform your suburban area and cleanse the dacha space of obsolete household items. The ideas for summer cottages presented in the article will help you do it yourself, as in the photo from unnecessary things and auxiliary material, beautiful decor and functional items for the improvement of a suburban area.

The presented master classes will help you create with your own hands the original landscape design of your suburban area and country house.

Creative ideas for a country cottage

There are a lot of unnecessary items in the country that you can breathe new life into.It is only important to look at them not from the practical, but from the creative side, because it is not for nothing that they say that a person's imagination knows no boundaries and is capable of working miracles.

Such things as plastic and glass bottles, car tires, broken garden furniture, construction waste, old buckets, basins, cans, flower pots, wooden pallets, broken bricks and other unnecessary rubbish will help to bring our creative ideas into reality.


A decorative miniature wattle fence in a modern garden does not act as a fence. Its functionality is to add a touch of natural flavor and mystery, rustic comfort and Gogol's humor.

Flowerbeds, paths, front gardens are fenced with a wicker structure. They are installed as protection from the midday sun near a bench conveniently located on the shore of a small pond. Hanging painted pots on stakes, you can easily create a picturesque corner that will lift your spirits.

Walkway fenced with a decorative wicker fence

Small flower beds in the form of beautiful wicker baskets

You don't have to go into the woods for a willow vine to weave a wattle fence. Long stems of raspberries that remain after pruning in the fall will do.

A wonderful imitation of wattle fence will be created by pegs braided with a thick rope or a worn-out watering hose. For reliability and durability, it is advisable to take metal rods for the pegs.

An original flower bed of pegs and twigs is made quickly and easily

For weaving a fence, you should use rods of flexible wood, such as willow or vines.

Bright flower pots attached to it will help transform a boring fence. It is not difficult to make a bright decor from a variety of figures, the material for which is used plastic bottles.

It is very simple to make such flower beds with your own hands, the main thing is to have the right material

A neat flower bed of petunias will become a real decoration for your garden

Flower magic

It is safe to say that at the summer cottage, flower arrangements, complemented by various decorative elements, occupy a leading place among others.

Charming corners with multi-colored compositions allow you to create flowerpots installed near the gazebo, next to the house or the summer kitchen. Old basins, pots, tubs will perfectly perform their role.

Small flower garden in an old basin

Using old galvanized dishes, you can arrange a real flower garden in front of your house.

There is never anything superfluous in the country house.

Having painted ordinary cobblestones in a pleasant salad color, they lay out a miniature slide. An accidentally broken decanter filled with soil and low flowers is fixed inside.

Such improvised means create a corner with an incredible touch of charm, instantly transforming the surrounding space.

Throwing out a battered vase is not at all necessary; by showing ingenuity, you can always find a new use for it

For example, it will be possible to create a delightful rainbow in the rose garden with minimal effort and time. For this:

  1. In the spring, they carefully loosen and level the soil around the successfully overwintered roses.
  2. Each plant is enclosed in a circle of stones, which are painted with acrylic paints in different juicy colors.
  3. The inside is filled with pebbles, which were previously covered with white paint and dried.

It will not be possible to pass by such a picturesque panorama calmly, especially during the appearance of the magnificent buds of the queen of flowers.

With a little imagination, you can turn a variety of old shoes into touching pots. You just need to paint it in your favorite shades and place small pots of flowers inside.

Even an old rickety wheelbarrow becomes the center of a decorative composition if you install flowering plants in pots in it.

Flowers in old shoes are a great idea for those who like to save money.

Miniature flower garden in garden slates

Original pots are obtained from buckets, tubs, watering cans, bags, hats, umbrellas. Plants in pots fixed on stumps look great. An old bicycle, a bed, cut plastic bottles will serve as a stand for a flowerpot.

Each item can be decorated by painting with paints. A real work of art is obtained by gluing them using the mosaic technique with small pebbles, shells, tile fragments or even eggshells.

A flower bed from an old bicycle frame

If your old wheelbarrow is no longer suitable for its intended use, find a use for it elsewhere, for example, as a flower bed

Using simple materials such as a wooden pallet, metal clamps and clay flower pots, you can create a real work of art.

Unusual truck cab use

In small areas, colorful multi-tiered flower beds are being built, the material for which is rather capacious containers. Such structures are in perfect harmony with large stones.

This photo perfectly shows how to make a flower bed from old furniture.

Flower "stream"

Such an unconventional way of creating a flower bed like a flower "stream" looks amazingly beautiful if creeping or ground cover varieties are planted in some container, maybe even broken. A barrel or large jug filled with potting soil and laid on its side on the ground is perfect for this.

How to make a flowing flower bed with your own hands:

  1. Next to the neck, a "channel" is marked on the surface, in which the soil is dug up.
  2. Finished flower seedlings are planted both in a container and along a stream.
  3. Along the edges, you can lay out the banks of stones or tiles.

The greenery, strewn with colorful buds, attracts the eye and allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of magic at least for a few minutes.

Leaking flower bed from an old barrel

A flower garden in a lying jug is a great way to decorate the site

Water beds

Unusual water beds fill the space with amazing beauty and charm. They are arranged in a small dug hole with a depth not exceeding 50 cm, the bottom of which is covered in several layers with cellophane film, and the bank is laid out along the perimeter with bricks, tiles or colored large rubble.

After that, 50 mm are poured onto the bottom. sand where pots with floating water plants are placed pods or water lilies... Any large container filled with water will successfully play the role of a water bed.

Beautiful water bed in the country

If you wish, you can add soil to a makeshift pond along the banks and plant felted iris. The magnificent decor will be complemented by plants floating freely on the water surface - rogulnik, water paint, duckweed and others.

Cutting out improvised leaves and flowers from the foam, light toys - mermaids, frogs, birds - are fixed on their surfaces, creating a fabulous entourage.

A small waterfall will add more grace to your water bed

It will take a lot of effort to create such a water bed with your own hands, but believe me, it's worth it.

Dry stream

Nestled among flowers and greenery, a winding dry stream, lined with pebbles along a sandy channel, looks very stylish.
How to make a dry stream with your own hands

  1. To create the illusion of moving water, which reflects the endless blue of the sky, pebbles are painted in a pastel bluish shade and large white, yellow, pink stones are laid out in places.
  2. A layer of sand can be poured along the stylized bank or a curved log bridge uniting the banks can be installed.
  3. Wanting to add bright colors, they paint medium-sized smooth stones using the dot mosaic technique, choosing a harmonious combination of two or three shades.

DIY step-by-step master class for making a dry stream

Dry stream goes well with decorative bridges passing over them

A stream of stones or pebbles will be a stylish addition to landscape design

Dry creek in the backyard, lined with ordinary field stones

Vertical flower bed

An open gazebo or a terrace near the house, entwined with a cascade of leaves, turns into a piece of paradise. Vines help in this enchantment, for which supports are installed in the right places. Growing up, these plants turn even the most ordinary vegetable garden into a fabulous fragrant kingdom.

You can also use ampelous varieties of flowers that fall down a whole waterfall of stems, strewn with foliage and multi-colored buds, decorate an unsightly fence, cover a pillar, create a cozy corner on the balcony.

Beautiful open terrace attached to the house

Magic ponds

The water surface, even in a miniature version, always creates a feeling of peace, therefore, ponds are increasingly appearing in modern gardens.

It is enough to dig a hole in size, install an old plastic bathtub in it, lay out the surface around it with stone, tiles or cover it with pebbles in order to find a magical reservoir in your area.

Flowers are planted next to it, a comfortable bench is placed, which can be equipped with an awning or canopy. Craftsmen often supplement the pond with fountains, installing a submersible pump. Gradually, the corner transforms into a comfortable resting place with the pacifying effect of murmuring water jets.

Small artificial pond in the country with clear blue water

The garden pond is a great place to have a good time

Zone for play and rest

Craftsmen who know how to develop creative thinking at full power, while applying non-standard solutions, can organize a wonderful space for games and sports with their own hands.

It is advisable to allocate a small local area for the playing area. Digging in the supports from a solid timber and providing them with a crossbar, it will be possible to build a whole sports complex for children. A swing is suspended in the center, the role of which is played by a board, tire or even a chair.

They will add a charming touch of a swing from a hoop braided with a rope. For young princesses, a lace canopy is additionally attached. Having installed another supporting structure on the side, they complement the structure with a ladder and a slide.

Do-it-yourself playground for summer cottages from improvised means

Having your own tree house is every child's dream

Children love to play in the sandbox, so if possible, try to organize it in your yard.

The demand for non-trivial fantasies is high today. Therefore, today it is not simple playgrounds that are especially popular, but those with an unusual appearance.

Railroad or racing track in the garden
Pirate ship with captain's cabin
Obstacle course
Wooden treehouse
Game complex with ropes and horizontal bars
Original swings, sandboxes, slides and much more

What parents will not come up with to diversify the life of their child.

To make a playground in the country with your own hands, you must have not only creative thoughts in your head, but also the professional skills of a joiner and carpenter. After all, the main thing in such structures is not beauty, but the reliability and safety of the structure. In addition, you will need a good tool and a lot of lumber, which are not cheap at all.

Multifunctional complex for games

Children's ship made from improvised means

If space permits, the playground can be equipped with a rope descent. The main thing is that it is safe.

Remember who only dreamed of having their own Robin Hood house as a child

It is desirable that the playground has a special soft coating. Shredded tree bark is perfect for these purposes.

Crafts for the garden and vegetable garden

If you do not know how to decorate your summer cottage, start simple. A significant part of the simple things that surrounds you can be useful in making crafts for the garden and vegetable garden.

Tires are recognized by craftsmen as reliable and durable material for all kinds of products that decorate the landscape. They turn into original pots, which, after staining and painting, become an independent decorative element.

Thanks to the tires, great multi-tiered flower beds are quickly created. They serve as a stand for tables and even comfortable garden sofas. Easily transforms into a children's swing, sandbox, obstacle course, hanging flower bed.

For making crafts from tires, it is better to use a soft type of tires

Original swing from old car tires

By cutting the wheel in half and screwing a board with holders to one of the parts, you can get an excellent swing-balancer

Whimsical images created from the most ordinary objects bring a breath of romance and childish joyful perception of the world into the atmosphere of the garden.

For example, an ordinary cylindrical block, painted white and decorated on top with an inverted basin painted red with white circles, instantly turns into a fly agaric. If he additionally draws eyes and nail an orange cork instead of a nose, a fabulous image is created.

Fly agaric from a basin and a log

A beautiful decoration for the table made of wooden sticks glued to the stuffed cushions in the form of a fly agaric

There are many ideas for making crafts for a summer residence that can instantly add a fresh touch to the familiar landscape. Here is some of them:

  1. Crafted intricately intertwined branches and roots acquire a fabulous image, turning into horses or deer.
  2. It is very simple to make a swan on the shore of a miniature reservoir. To do this, it is enough to make a body frame with a long neck from a flexible wire, wrap it with a film, followed by attaching feathers cut from a white openwork oilcloth.
  3. Patterns from multi-colored corks from plastic bottles nailed to the walls of summer cottages will become the leading motif of the garden interior.
  4. If you are good at casting plaster figurines, you can easily collect a whole family of gnomes and other figurines in your garden.
  5. If you paint the trims of logs and paint the images of animals on them, you get an excellent home zoo, which can be placed along paths and paths.
  6. To fill the territory with positive energy will help: flowers, palms, fences, figurines from plastic bottles, sculptures made of concrete and polyurethane foam.

A beautiful vintage chair has found new life

By drilling holes of various sizes in the fence and inserting colored stones into them, you will get a beautiful fence for your site

Lighting a garden path with glowing stumps is a great idea for a modern summer resident

Creative solutions to these problems

Exquisite decorative elements that adorn the landscape are easy to create from elongated smooth stones.

If you paint them green and glue small stones randomly, you get a cactus. The red surface with dots and a black stripe in the middle transforms the stones into ladybirds.

Having mastered the painting technique, you can create any images. The use of fluorescent paint adds mystery.

Stones in the form of multi-colored sneakers will add originality to your garden

Cute clay pot figurines

Hanging pots made of wooden sticks can serve as a decoration for the terrace

Unusual watering can with an impromptu stream of water from colored beads

Even the garden path will sparkle with unusual colors and serve as an exquisite decorative element, if the pebbles for scattering are pre-painted in two contrasting colors, for example, yellow and purple, and laid out with fancy patterns.

Use the means at hand to build a birdhouse or a feeder for the birds, thereby showing all possible care for our younger brothers.

An original bird feeder from an ordinary children's designer

Unusual composition of a bucket suspended from a rope

Small craft for garden decoration

Beautiful garden made of stones

The center of attention on any site is an alpine slide, for the construction of which not only traditional stones are used, but also bricks with fancy structures cast from concrete.

By adding pots of magnificent plants and building a small waterfall near the rock garden, the space can be turned into a wonderful corner for relaxation.

Alpine slide near the house with beautiful representatives of the flora of different varieties

Exhibition of flowers from annual plants

You can organize a beautiful flower bed anywhere, including on an old bike

In this case, rust does not spoil, but on the contrary gives the composition even more sophistication.

Decorative horse cart

When creating decorative elements, the main thing is not to lose your sense of style.

Among the original creative solutions for the recreation areas, melodic decorations are noted, created from objects that can make pleasant sounds from the blowing of the wind.

Bells on chains, glass objects strung on a cord, shells, large beads create an unobtrusive melody, under which it is pleasant to relax while lying in a hammock. Islets of fragrant plants will add charm.

A large bizarrely shaped snag or stump becomes a starting link for creating a mysterious rutaria filled with moss, ferns, and figurines of fairy-tale characters.

Such a talisman suspended by a pond will definitely bring good luck on a fishing trip.

Beautiful product made of copper wire, stones and colored beads

Funny robot made of metal cans

Decorating a plot is an exciting activity that allows you to realize your creative abilities in creating unusual designs, stylish compositions, exquisite color combinations from familiar objects.

We hope that our article and the attached photo of handicrafts for a summer residence can serve as a good motivation for you to study the proposed options.

Interesting ideas and decorations for giving with your own hands from unnecessary things

We've got a lot of old junk in my grandmother's apartment. And it's a pity to throw it away)))) This eternal storage feature: "What if it comes in handy"))) although she knows that she hasn't used all of this for 10 years, and it will obviously not be any further. For example, a suitcase, that's where she is ?! I really liked the version of its decor to match the ottoman or cost - lovely. I hope I can do it too. At least there will be some sense from him now!

And I liked the use of old shoes, I really don't know how the neighbors will react to this)), but I will plant a couple of three boots for the sake of experiment. The suitcase is also good, we have it somewhere in the attic. Thanks to the author for such interesting ideas.

Cottage decors are not cheap and not everyone is ready to spend money on it. Therefore, most often, we use what has already worn out and can be useful in the country. From the old doors in the country house, we laid out a path in the garden, made pots from holes with holes in which we planted flowers, made several chairs and so many from tires. As they say, everything in the household will come in handy)).

OGo how interesting. My dacha is 27 years old, I have not traveled for a long time, and the house was ownerless, and now I decided to start putting things in order. Now in the summer I generally live in the country. So, if I had read your article before, I would not have thrown away many things.

There is an old suitcase in the basement, just come in handy, I will make, as in your article, a crib for my dog. I also really liked the idea of ​​the bathroom, there is also an old one in stock. Well I read it, your article is very useful, there are so many great ideas, just take it and do it, the main thing is that the inspiration does not disappear now ... THANKS.

I think that if you feel sorry for throwing out old beds, cabinets and chests of drawers and instead of trash can you drag them to your site, pour soil on them and make flower beds out of them - this is definitely a syndrome of pathological hoarding. I’m already silent about the torn sneakers, in which the flowers were planted in the photo))) But at the expense of the pond from the old bathtub - the idea is super great, you can also put pebbles and beautiful stones along the edge.

Oh, well, what nonsense they just come up with. Trash and old things should be thrown away!) And not to portray what is unclear from them. All things accumulate their energy, broken ones should be thrown out immediately! And what a terrible smell it will all have! It seems to me very rarely that something decent comes out of old things. It's not enough to have a fantasy, you still need to embody your idea so that at least it would be pleasant to watch.

I already wanted to throw out an unnecessary old bathroom at the dacha, as today I read how you can easily and simply make a small decorative lake out of it, you can plant a couple of plants nearby to give a greater atmosphere of an oasis among the stone jungle. In general, on my next trip to the dacha, I will definitely take care of this bathroom, to the envy of my neighbors, you will have a small heaven on earth.

I always liked the idea of ​​"Second Life" old things. The attic is full of all sorts of rubbish from old photo frames to a wooden barrel with a wine. And now I'm thinking of making something interesting out of this trash.
I want to make a bar stoic out of a barrel. Small barrels will make cool chairs. And from an old wooden door you can make a cool table.

Dacha and antiques are synonymous words. But old things almost always have a chance for a second life. Recently, it has become fashionable to save money, be friends with nature, do manual labor and not throw anything away. And now there are many more ideas for "reusing" unnecessary things. And this list is only a small part of all the ideas that now live on the Internet.

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