Sowing calendar 1.02 - gardeners and gardeners

February 2021

February 1, Monday, 20-21st lunar day. The waning moon is in Virgo


Sow and plant annuals, vines, and creepers.

Cut out the seedlings sown under the signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. They can easily transfer the procedure and quickly adapt to a new place.

Divide and replant perennials. Lay layering for their reproduction.

Prune and water the plants.

Apply organic fertilizers at the root.

Get vaccinated and re-vaccinated.

Pinch the tops of the shoots to increase branching.

Thin and sprinkle seedlings, remove weeds from the beds, trim off excess strawberry whiskers.

Treat plants from diseases and pests.

Compost organic debris.


You can plant and plant vegetables and flowers, but you shouldn't expect a high yield. Vines and plants with aerial roots will thrive best after sowing.

Sow cucumbers and hot peppers from vegetables, and sow dill, artichokes, valerian and anise from spicy green crops.

At home, you can plant:

  • delicious monstera;
  • cissus multicolored;
  • Cordilin Banks;
  • philodendron guitar-shaped.

Not recommended

Do not soak the seeds that day.

When watering the plants, avoid waterlogging the soil.


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