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For each of us there is a dimension in which our inner world and the world around us, material and immaterial, coexist.

The purpose of this column is to give the possibility to artists, be they painters, sculptors, photographers, etc. to be able to publish their works for free so that everyone can see what their interiority manifests.

You can send your works to the address [email protected]

The artists

Toru Iwaya

Curriculum: Toru Iwaya is a Japanese artist who uses the etching technique, a method rarely used nowadays ... (continue) Works: As you can imagine, it is difficult to persevere with this technique in this modern age, when things change so quickly ... (look at the works)

Carlo Perna

Curriculum: CarloPerna, born in Civitanova Marche in 1931, was trained as a young man at the school of the fresco painter Maestro Ugo Scaramucci of Foligno ... that I find in the vision of all the things that surround me; my intent ... (look at the works)

Annalisa Durante and Marina Durante

Curriculum: The heat and humidity were suffocating that day in the forest and Maria Sybilla Merian was forced to interrupt her march through the forest of ... (continued) Works: In a world where the imperatives are to hit and run and consume in a click the life and profession of Annalisa and Marina remind us that it is still possible ... (look at the works)

Barbara Ghisi

Curriculum: BarbaraGhisi was born in Poggio Rusco (Mantua) in 1971 under the sign of the twins. He attended the Liceo Artistico in Bologna and in 1987 won the third prize ... (continue) Works: Valuable technique, formal rigor and elegance of stroke characterize the pictorial research of Barbara Ghisi ... (look at the works)

Cristina Boccadoro

Curriculum: She was born in Rome on 11 October 1971 ... (continue) Works: The artist uses recycled materials, especially paper, assembled with ecological glues and pigments, mostly water-based ... ( look at the works)

Elisa Nesi

Curriculum: Elisa Nesi was born in 1978 in Florence, where she lives and works. Graduated from the Art School of Florence, she continued her studies ... (continue) Works: She is one of those fabulous artists whose seed seems to have been lost for a long time. But that must be discovered and as a defense from a disarming modesty that until ... (see the works)

Michela Bogoni

Curriculum: There is an indisputable revival for the figurative in art. In the foreground: portraiture. The faces of Michela Bogoni, Veronese painter from San Bonifacio ... (continue) Works: Her works are born from an absolute conviction of the use of the material at her disposal ... (see the works)

Nada Torto

Curriculum: Nada Torto, born in Abruzzo, lives in Bucchianico in the province of Chieti. His painting passion was born under the influence of ... (continue) Works: His works are born from an absolute conviction of the use of the material at his disposal ... (look at the works)

Nicola Uneddu

Curriculum: Born on 11 February 1958 in Thiesi in the province of Sassari and works in Padua where he teaches at the "A. Modigliani" artistic high school ... (continue) Works: There is a dimension in which our inner world (with its fears and his nostalgia) ... (look at the works)

Monsignors Pielugi Potsy

Curriculum: One of the plastic food ecopresses is exhibited for a permanent stay at the MAC Museum of Contemporary Art of Bahia in Brazil ... (continue) Works: "... The" Plastic food "landart installation is the latest in a series of installations begun in 2000, characterized by the use of plastic materials. Potsy is ... (see the works)

Cristina De Biasio

Curriculum: Painter, born in Milan, she graduated as a fashion stylist initially self-taught, she received advice from various artists (Ugo Zanoni, Alfonso ... (continue) Works: Among the most recent exhibitions remember the personal exhibition held in 94 in the Modigliani Gallery in Milan, still permanently ... (look at the works)

Ippazio Nutricati

Curriculum: Self-taught painter, he has been painting since the age of 12 and has been proposed to the public since 1984 through the preparation of numerous solo exhibitions and with the participation ... (continue) Works: The great passion for art and love for nature has always been the feelings that accompany all his activity ... (look at the works)

Orazio Cannistraci

Curriculum: I was born, live and work in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto in the province of Messina; From an early age I began attending the newly opened upholstery workshop that ... (continue) Works: A great overview of his works ... (look at the works)

Silvia Guerra

Curriculum: Silvia Guerra was born in Sassari, a city in Sardinia, where she currently lives. She is 56 years old, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, in visual arts and decoration ... (continue) Works: In her paintings she considers herself an impressionist in fact, she loves the color with which she has a good harmony, preferring the colors that go .. (look at the works)

Alex Brafa

Curriculum: My name is Alessandro Brafa, Alex for friends. I have art in my heart, like a "disease". I can't touch something I have to create ... for example ... (continue) Works: The name I gave to this way of creating is Inane Art to the English "useless art" that was born as an alternative art style ... (look at the works)

Flora Lalli

Curriculum: I was born in Rome, I was a tenured teacher in Lombardy, I currently reside in Campobasso. In addition to writing poetry and prose, in the spare time ... (continue) Works: The first virtue of a painting is to be a feast for the eyes ... (look at the works)

Mariano Bachetti

Curriculum: Born in Naples on February 2, 1976, since childhood he shows a strong aptitude for artistic materials ... (continue) Works: Thanks to research and experimentation, he has created works with pastels and oils on canvas, including various themes religious, who by observing them touch the ... (look at the works)

Salvatore Commercio

Curriculum: Salvatore Commercio, painter, writer, essayist, poet, former journalist and film critic. He is the theorist and founder of the movement ... (continue) Works: Starting from 1964 (the year of the birth of his first verticalist works) he carries out an intense artistic and literary activity ... (look at the works)

Daniele Bianchi

Curriculum: Daniele Bianchi was born in Perugia on March 7, 1987. He graduated from the State Institute of Art "Bernardino di Betto" in painting disciplines, and then continued ... (continue) Works: To date he is a table decorator in stone in this town. Precisely this recovery of manual skills ... (look at the works)

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