10 benefits of using potassium humate: reasons for the popularity of humate fertilizers


Recently, humate fertilizers have gained immense popularity in domestic agriculture. They are obtained from peat processing, so it can be argued that they are safe and non-toxic. Potassium humate is most often used in plant growing. Its application makes it possible to take a step towards organic farming and obtaining environmentally friendly products.

Benefits of using potassium humate

1. Potassium humate Is an effective fertilizer that can significantly increase the yield of agricultural crops. Its positive effect on the growth and development of vegetables, grain crops, ornamental plants, grapes, garden trees, raspberries, strawberries, wild strawberries and many other crops has been proven. The yield of plants increases by at least 15-20%.

2. Fertilization has a positive effect on the process of plant development, leads to an increase in green mass, shoots and inflorescences.

3. Wide range of application: potassium humate is used to treat seeds of grain and vegetable crops before sowing, potato tubers and seedlings of fruit trees and grapes before planting, for spraying immediately after germination, during the formation of inflorescences and after flowering, as well as for watering plants.

4. Foliar treatment with potassium humate can be combined with a complex of works to combat diseases, weeds and pests. The combined use of potassium humate with insecticides, pesticides and herbicides can significantly reduce the percentage of burnt and damaged plants.

5. It has been proven that the use of potassium humate for treatment before sowing or planting improves the adaptation of plants to the external environment and increases seed germination, germination energy, resistance to adverse weather conditions.

6. The introduction of potassium humate together with nitrogen fertilizers increases the efficiency of the latter, which reduces the rate by 50-80%. Naturally, this is manifested in the saving of financial resources and in the environmental friendliness of the grown products, because the amount of nitrates is significantly reduced.

7. Due to the ability to normalize the physiological metabolism in plants, the ripening period of the crop is reduced.

8. Treatment of the root system with a solution of potassium humate increases the activity of assimilation of nutrients from the soil, which leads to an improvement in product quality.

9. Humic acids, which are the basis of fertilizers, have a unique property to remove accumulated radionuclides, residues of herbicides, pesticides and other pollutants, which increases the environmental friendliness and safety of grown products.

10. The use of humate fertilizers affects not only the process of plant growth and development, but also the physical properties of the soil. Humic acids restore the fertile layer, reduce salinity and acidity, and effectively retain water.

Thus, the use of potassium humate contributes to an increase in the efficiency of crop production and allows to ensure high profitability for agribusiness without compromising the quality and safety of grown products.

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