Siberian tomato Eagle heart

Among the tomato splendor, heart-shaped tomatoes occupy an exceptional position due to their original shape and refined taste. The Eagle Heart variety has another advantage: being a representative of pink tomatoes, it surpasses its red-cheeked counterparts in the content of vitamins and antioxidants.

The history of growing tomato varieties Eagle Heart

The name of Vladimir Nikolaevich Dederko is strongly associated with Siberian tomatoes. He is the author of many successful varieties characterized by excellent taste, high yield, disease resistance and unfavorable climatic factors. All these properties are possessed by the tomato variety Eagle Heart, registered in 2003. Since 2005, it has been included in the State Register and approved for cultivation in all regions. Outside of Russia, the variety is cultivated in Moldova and Ukraine. These tomatoes are grown for their own consumption and commercial production.

Ripe fruits of the tomato Eagle heart have a characteristic raspberry color

Description of tomato variety Eagle heart

Plant with limited growth type. The height of the bushes reaches 100–150 cm. They need to be formed, and the shoots are recommended to be tied up because of the abundance of large massive fruits.

Leaves are medium in size, green. The peduncle is articulated. Flowers are collected in simple inflorescences. The first brush is laid over the seventh sheet, and the rest - after 1-2 sheets.

Tomato bushes Eagle heart grow up to 150 cm and need support

The shape of the fruit is heart-shaped. Unripe tomatoes are colored light green, and ripe tomatoes are raspberry pink. Their surface is slightly ribbed. The rind is thin, but does not crack when ripe. The pulp is tender, fleshy, tasty. Fruit weight ranges from 177-400 g. It is a pity to let these tomatoes go for processing, the best use for them is fresh salads.

With an excess of harvest, you can pickle tomatoes. On the bottom of an enamel pot I spread garlic cloves, celery stalks, dill umbrellas, lavrushka leaves and a lot of cilantro. For those who like it spicier, you can add 1-2 whole hot chili peppers. Dense, elastic, unripe fruits are placed on the bottom of the container, I fill the middle layer with brown. The top third is occupied by ripe tomatoes. I pierce the tomatoes in advance with a knife at the equator level to speed up the salting process. Add a little more spices on top, pour 5% brine, cover with a large flat plate and leave it under yoke. Depending on the temperature of the room, a delicious snack is ready in about a week. It reveals the taste of tomato more fully and preserves vitamins.

Characteristics of the tomato variety Eagle heart

This is a mid-season variety. From the moment the seedlings appear until the first tomatoes ripen, 111-115 days pass. The variety is resistant to diseases and adverse weather factors. Demonstrates a fairly high yield of 8.8-13.6 kg / m2. The output of marketable products is higher than that of other Siberian tomatoes with heart-shaped fruits. Even in an unpredictable summer in Novosibirsk, the Eagle Heart variety has this figure of 76%. Danko tomato, excellent in many respects, for example, has a marketability of only 34%.

This variety is cultivated in the open field. The best predecessors for him: zucchini, cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots, green crops.

Video: an experienced gardener compares the Eagle Heart tomato variety with tomatoes Explosion and Honey Spas

Growing tomato varieties Eagle heart

These tomatoes are cultivated in seedlings.

To select the time for sowing seeds for germination, approximately 2 months are counted from the expected time for embedding in the ground.

Getting seedlings without features. For this you need:

  1. Pre-soak the seeds in a solution of some growth stimulant (Epin-extra, Zircon) and leave in a warm place wrapped in a damp cloth.

    Before germination, the seeds are soaked in a solution of a growth stimulant

  2. Choose a nutritious soil for tomatoes or cook it yourself with the addition of sand or vermiculite for drainage. Fill seedling cassettes or cups, tamp, pour with Fitosporin solution. Arrange 1–2 hatched seeds in a container with nutritious soil, sprinkle with soil on top, cover with a transparent lid or dense plastic wrap to ensure a greenhouse effect. Leave at room temperature 26-28 aboutFrom before germination.
  3. With the emergence of seedlings, transfer cassettes with seedlings to a well-lit place or provide illumination with phytolamps. The room temperature is gradually reduced to 20-22 aboutFROM.

    In the absence of free space on the windowsills, it is convenient to use phytolamps

  4. Two weeks before planting in the ground, start hardening the plants by exposure to cool air. Tomatoes are planted in a phase of 6-8 true leaves.

    Planting in open ground is carried out after the establishment of even weather without the threat of a sharp cold snap

Allocate sunny areas for seedlings. The optimal arrangement of seedlings is 50x40 cm. At 1 m2 there should not be more than 8-9 plants. Subject to these conditions, the bushes will be provided with full illumination and aeration. The main points of care:

  • Weeding of row spacings.
  • Carefully loosening the soil or mulching the root zone of tomatoes with freshly cut grass or straw.
  • Regular but moderate watering.

Excessive application of water does not bring any benefit to tomatoes, as it seeps into the deeper layers of the soil.

Tomatoes in this variety require more growth space for large fruits to set.

Resistance to diseases and temperature changes are bonuses that await summer residents who have decided to grow tomatoes of the Eagle Heart variety.


The fleshy and juicy fruits of the Eagle Heart tomato are not dull. The question is not even that they deteriorate quickly. It's just that no one gives them to lie for a long time - these tomatoes are incomparable in salad and pickles!

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Tomato Eagle Heart: description of a large-fruited variety, cultivation features and reviews of summer residents

The Eagle Heart tomato is one of the tastiest and most fruitful varieties, which is why Russian vegetable growers love it so much. And although it was bred specifically for growing in film greenhouses and greenhouses, but in regions with a warm summer season, vegetable growers successfully grow the Eagle Heart tomato in the open field.

The history of the creation of the variety

This tomato was bred by breeders from Agrofirma Poisk LLC at the beginning of this century. After the tests, the Bull's Heart tomato was included in the State Register of Russia in 2003 and is recommended for cultivation in open ground in the south of the country and in greenhouse conditions in the middle lane, as well as in other regions with similar climatic conditions.

Photo of Tomato Bull Heart

Currently, many hybrids of the Bull Heart tomato variety have been bred with similar characteristics, but differing in the color of the fruits - their color can be pink, white, yellow, raspberry or black.

The Eagle Heart tomato variety prefers fertile, light and breathable soil so that the plant can receive a sufficiently large amount of oxygen and develop quickly.
It is allowed to use ready-made soils for sowing seeds, specially designed for growing individual vegetable crops. But many gardeners and summer residents prefer to prepare the substrate for planting on their own.

In this case, you need to purchase all the components, namely sod land, humus or compost, as well as wood ash, which can be found in everyone who lives in the countryside or has a fireplace. Ash is very important in the preparation of the mixture, since it has many beneficial properties, and most importantly, it protects the plant from fungal diseases and prevents black leg.

Special boxes with sides of 6 cm or more or plastic containers are used as planting containers. They, like the soil, must be pre-treated with boiling water, dissolving a small amount of potassium permanganate in it. If not, boric acid is allowed.

Pest and disease control

The most common diseases and pests of tomatoes:

  • late blight
  • fusarium
  • powdery mildew
  • top rot
  • spider mite
  • aphid.

And if the first two are not afraid of the Golden Heart, the rest can cause certain problems. In order to overcome them, fungicides and insecticides of a wide spectrum of action should be used.

Preventive measures (for example, spraying with copper sulfate or potassium permanganate solution) and folk remedies (soap solution, solution of ammonia in water) also help.

Tomato variety "Eagle Heart". What are the reviews?

Tomato variety "Eagle Heart". What are the reviews?

  • For a good harvest, "Eagle Heart" is just right. Tomatoes are very large in size, fleshy. Slightly pale, but sweet and juicy in taste. Many people choose the “Eagle Heart” variety for its resistance to diseases.
  • Variety reviews tomato "Eagle heart" the best from everyone who bred this variety! Firstly, these tomatoes are beautiful to look at - raspberry pink. They are similar in shape to a "bull heart". Very large by weight - fruit up to 800 grams. Imagine one tomato - a salad for the whole family) Tall bushes reach 170 centimeters in height. Some housewives use them as a hedge) They endure bad weather, very rarely get sick. And delicious!

Tomatoes "Eagle Heart" have quite good reviews. Tomatoes look like this:

These are large pinkish fruits with good yields. Since this variety is medium early, it is suitable for many regions of Russia for growing in greenhouses, or less often in soil.

Tomatoes have a sweetish taste, suitable only for salads.

Reviews about the variety of tomatoes (tomatoes) "Eagle heart" (Bull heart) are very positive - these vegetables are very fertile - there will be a lot of fruits and their size is large - accordingly, the harvest is large. These tomatoes are unpretentious and can withstand low temperatures.

This tomato variety was planted that year. I like these tomatoes, their taste is sweet and they are very fleshy, they practically do not flow like other varieties and do not sour. But I think such tomatoes are not suitable for canning.

The reviews are the best. I myself have been planting these tomatoes for several years, there are no special problems with them, but I really like the tomatoes themselves. If you have a high greenhouse, then you can safely plant them, I think you will not be disappointed.

The heavyweight tomato variety Eagle Heart is one of the most worthy to pay attention to. Bushes are powerful, medium-sized, requiring support. The variety is hardy to adverse weather conditions and disease resistant. Refers to tomatoes of amateur selection.

The fruits are huge (800 grams), heart-shaped, crimson in color. The taste is beyond praise. Tomatoes are sweet, sugary, fleshy and almost seedless. One is enough for a large salad bowl for the whole family. It makes delicious tomato juice, thick ketchup and tomato paste.

One of my favorite varieties that we plant year after year.

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