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Nature inspires slippers

I was browsing in an old book to find a suitable knitting stitch for making a pair of slippers.

Leafing through the pages I noticed a curious thing ... Could you tell me the different types of knitted stitches with names inspired by nature? No, I don't believe you know it, well, I'll tell you: shell stitch, rib stitch with alternating flowers, rib stitch butterflies, stitch flowers, flower stitch, flower stitch, alternate flower stitch, overlapping flower stitch, leaf stitch, stitch alternate leaves, double leaf point, inverted leaf point, rice grain point, double rice grain point, perforated nest point, honeycomb point, branch point, herringbone point… and I'll stop here!

Acc ... all these points have tired me ... I have decided ... the slippers instead of farleda I will go to buy them!

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