Why does the middle of the flower turn black in strawberries?

Growing strawberries on the site is not an easy process. I want the berries to be large, sweet, and the harvest rich. In the process of caring for a plant, the gardener often encounters difficulties. Why the middle of the flower turns black in strawberries and black dots appear on it, we will find out in the article.

The reasons why the middle of the flower turns black in strawberries

Damage to the middle of the flowers can occur for various reasons. In the month of May, the air temperature is often still fluctuating, and the crop is caught by night frosts. Frost leads to darkening of the central part of the flower. Pests are also one of the main causes of blackness in the core. Let's take a closer look at these factors.


The blackening of the core of the flower can occur due to pests, namely the raspberry-strawberry weevil. A small black beetle measuring 2 mm spoils the crop significantly. After overwintering in mulch or fallen leaves, he rushes to the berry culture.

The most comfortable t for the development of culture + 18 + 20C... During the period of bud formation, pests lay eggs in them, one in each inflorescence. Eggs up to 0.35 mm in size appear on early ripening strawberries. The larvae that appear begin to eat away at the middle of the flower and continue to feed on the core for 1-1.5 months.

Signs of a raspberry-strawberry weevil lesion:

  • the peduncles begin to dry out, the buds do not bloom;
  • small holes appear on the leaves and petals of flowers;
  • the core of the flower turns black.


The blackening of the middle of the flower is due to the sudden onset of frost. Frosts first of all affect the fragile central part of the flower - the receptacle.

More often, remontant strawberries are exposed to darkening. Translated as "repeated color". The shrub is capable of bearing fruit more than once during the season.

The leaves of the remontant strawberry can withstand a cold snap of -8C ..- 10C, if the temperature drops below -3C, then the ovary is damaged. If frosts reach the root of the plant, then the entire crop dies. It needs to be cleaned and dug up the soil for another crop. If the rhizome is intact, then a decrease in temperature affects the leaves. The berry has a chance to recover.

Blackened flowers will not bear fruit, so they must be carefully cut or shod. Frosts have a strong effect on the yield and reduce it by a quarter. Only surviving flower stalks will bear fruit.

Flower buds are susceptible to damage at different stages of shrub development. And during the budding period, they are most susceptible. The obvious factors of frost damage to flowers are:

  • darkened core of the flower;
  • blackness at the tip of a ripe berry.

How to protect the berry so that it does not turn black?

Depending on the reason for the darkening of the middle of the flower, a number of measures must be taken to save the harvest.

Low temperature protection for flowering strawberries

The bush tolerates winter well, warming up under a thick layer of snow. If there is no snow, and t is kept below 8C, then it is recommended to cover the bushes with straw mixed with manure, sawdust, leaves with a layer of 10 cm.

Covering the soil for the winter should be carried out only when the ground in the garden is frozen and the temperature drops below 3C. Otherwise, the soil will simply start to rot.

In the spring, it is recommended to take the insulating material away from the garden, insect larvae can remain in it. Ignoring the warming of strawberries in winter is fraught with freezing not only of flower buds, but also of the fruit-bearing bushes themselves.

To avoid darkening of shrubs with a decrease in temperature, you need to carry out a number of other actions in the autumn period:

  • burn old leaves, especially those that have been susceptible to diseases;
  • apply organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • mulch and spud the ground around each plant.

Spring protection of blooming berry bushes from frost is as follows:

  1. It is advisable to protect the first flowers in full bloom. It is carried out using sprinkling. The procedure does not allow the plant to freeze and releases heat if the temperature drops to 0 ° C degrees.
  2. Smoky landings. Around the crop with smoke is carried out as follows: hay, straw or branches are piled up on the side where the smoke will enter the crop. You can add moss or damp grass on top.
  3. Covering with agrofibre. If the frost continues for several days, then in the evening you need to cover it with agrofibre, and in the morning remove it so that the flowers are pollinated.

Protection against pests affecting the core of flowers

When protecting the crop from weevils, you need to be especially careful during the period of bud formation. At this time, female insects gnaw the side of the flower and lay eggs in it.

One female weevil can damage up to 50 strawberry buds.

After some time, the darkened bud either dries directly on the bush, or falls off to the soil. During this period, it is too late to fight the pest. One generation of weevils develops per season. Early strawberry varieties are particularly affected by insects.

Pest control methods:

  1. From autumn, burn damaged leaves away from the garden.
  2. Treat plants with infusion of tobacco, garlic, mustard 200 g per 10 liters of water. You can also add a little grated laundry soap to the solution. Spraying the solution is carried out in the evening every day.
  3. A solution of karbofos 35 g per 10 liters of water helps to destroy the insect. The bushes are sprayed during the appearance of inflorescences 5 days before flowering.
  4. It is possible to carry out treatment with insecticides: Inta-vir, Iskra-bio, Fitoverm, Agravertin.

The weevil should be destroyed when the pedicels have already risen, but the buds have not yet separated. A good prevention against pests is planting onions or garlic under bushes with strawberries. And in general, the smell of garlic is unpleasant for the weevil. You can simply wipe the leaves of the culture with garlic juice.

If you follow all the recommendations, problems with the darkening of the middle of the flower will not arise. A rich harvest to you!

Why do strawberries in the garden dry berries and what to do?

Summer residents cultivating Victoria often face various diseases of this crop. For example, if strawberries are drying in a garden bed, there may be several reasons. In case of illness, not only fruits are affected, but also flowers, leaves, peduncles, vegetative shoots. Pest attacks also lead to adverse consequences. It is necessary to consider all the symptoms in a complex, This will help to accurately diagnose. Based on what problem is identified, choose a method of treatment. Sometimes the reason is the wrong agricultural technology.

Strawberry flowers have a black center. Why? What to do?

Either the middle part is frozen or the weevil has eaten. I would not use pesticides on strawberries. It is better to warn such "troubles": plant garlic all over the garden with strawberries and in early spring (until it has moved in growth) pour boiling water over the bushes (until you bring it to the garden bed, yes you will pour from the watering can, then the water will cool down a little) And this year, sadly, you will have to put an end to the berries.

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, freezing. It is possible that the strawberry froze. Strawberry LONGONOSIK could also start to eat it. They are not averse to feasting on wild strawberry flowers. Flowers from bushes need to be picked and burned. Process each bush, then from the next flowering you can expect delicious berries. Weevil lechs hibernate well in the soil, so you need to remember about occupational health in the fall.

Strawberry flowers often open before the last frost. Black centers appear when frost kills the reproductive parts of the flower, and as a result, the flower does not bear fruit. Strawberry flowers are relatively cold resistant as long as they are still in a dense bud. Buds that are about to open and especially open flowers are more susceptible to damage.

Probably, this pest weevil eats flowers. There will definitely be no harvest in this. There is one recommendation on this score. Garlic helps against pests.

in the fall (not earlier than October), plant garlic cloves between the strawberry bushes, and in the spring, when the garlic rises, it will scare away pests with its smell.

Maybe you just pour water on the strawberries and they rot.

We do not live in warm regions, so frosts can come at any time in spring. Frosts negatively affect any plants, they are the source of the appearance of a black center on strawberries. Therefore, it is important to protect the plants from frost by covering them with foil. If frosts were observed in your area during this period, then they brought just such a crop.

A weevil that is a pest to strawberries can leave black centers as a result of its successful activities. Other plants fight well with this pest, it is enough to plant garlic not far from the beds and there should be no problems with this pest.

Pests on strawberries.

The core may turn black due to pests. The weevil causes serious damage to strawberry bushes. It is because of him that the core turns black, since the weevil larvae gnaw the buds and even the leaves. With a strong infection of strawberries, you can be left without a berry harvest. What's even more dangerous is that you can lose your strawberries. Since the weevil is oppression of the bush and death.

How to treat strawberries from weevils:

The listed insecticides effectively destroy weevils and other pests. But not everyone is ready to use such preparations on their strawberries, since strawberries are an early ripening culture. In this case, in order to preserve the harvest, and to get rid of pests, you need to use folk remedies.

The best way to save strawberries from weevils is garlic planted side by side or between rows. The aromatic smell of garlic scares away pests from strawberries. It is convenient to plant garlic over strawberries in the fall.

What is the disease in strawberries?

Dear gardeners, tell me what to do with strawberries, maybe someone had such a problem. What kind of disease it was, I looked on the Internet, but I could not find an answer.

See also

During flowering, the strawberries were probably frosty. The berry is black in the middle. Therefore, it will not be a full-fledged tasty berry.

During flowering, the strawberries were probably frosty. The berry is black in the middle. Therefore, it will not be a full-fledged tasty berry.

Good day. We did not have frosts, everything is fine with a neighbor nearby, he picks berries, but I am with such a harvest ...

I believe that this is not a disease. Most likely part of the strawberry flower is poorly pollinated. I see two reasons: either during the flowering of strawberries there were frosts and the flowers froze, or the strawberries were covered without airing for a long time, there was no breeze and bees and the flowers were not completely pollinated

Have you watered enough? As if there was not enough moisture for the berries, they did not fill up.

The first presumptive reason is a lack of boron, the second is an excess of lime or nitrogen, and the third is damage to flowers by pests.

Can you show the leaves? What do strawberry bushes look like in general?

The first hypothesized reason is a lack of boron, the second is an excess of lime or nitrogen, and the third is damage to flowers by pests.

Can you show the leaves? What do strawberry bushes look like in general?

Good day! I have a plot of 4 hundred square meters, the same for the neighbors. Everything is fine with them, I pick berries.

Where did the excess of lime and nitrogen come from? I don’t understand. Last year there was the same story. I removed all the old bushes and planted the garden with new bushes, in the hope that a new strawberry, everything will be fine and I will be with a berry. And I watered it regularly, but the brushes with berries look as if they are drying up from underwatering! I did not find anything like this on the Internet, there strawberry diseases are not the same as mine))). I will photograph the bushes and post a photo.

Drying of fruits due to improper agricultural practices

It happens that at the initial stage of fruiting, the ovary develops normally, but later dries up, instead of turning red. Errors in agricultural technology can lead to such an undesirable phenomenon.

Sometimes newcomers to gardening neglect the mulching process, thereby allowing moisture to quickly evaporate from the soil. This mistake is especially detrimental in dry and hot weather. In this case, the strawberry bushes begin to dry up, and the berries dry with them.

A lack of moisture can also be caused by an incorrect watering regime. Strawberries are watered too rarely or with insufficient water. Irrigation rates for this crop provide for the introduction of 10 liters of water per square meter. meter of the garden. In wet weather, the amount of introduced moisture is reduced.

  • Micronutrient imbalance

If the ovary begins to dry out during ripening, it may be due to a lack of nutrients in the initially poor soil. Plants simply do not have enough strength for the full development of berries. The same effect is caused by the application of an excessive amount of fertilizer, resulting in an imbalance of minerals in the soil.

Wanting to saturate the strawberries with as much potassium and phosphorus as possible, summer residents make such dressings up to five times per season, but this is wrong. Phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, according to the rules, are used no more than three times. In this case, one should not forget about the introduction of nitrogen. Strawberries are the best at absorbing essential nutrition from organic matter. For feeding the bushes, it is recommended to use wood ash, mullein, bird droppings.

  • Incorrect fit

Violation of the planting scheme leads to deviations in the development of strawberries. The minimum distance between the bushes should be 20-30 cm. It is better to place the plants in the garden in a checkerboard pattern, then they will feel freer. When planted too densely, strawberry bushes shade each other.

As a result, plants begin to lack sunlight, and the soil is depleted too quickly. You also need to pay attention to timely weeding. Weeds draw off a significant portion of moisture and nutrients, thereby depleting strawberry bushes. In this case, shedding of the ovary may occur.

  • Untimely transplant

If in the spring it was decided to transplant strawberries to another place, this must be done before flowering and the formation of ovaries. If this rule is violated, garden strawberries will endure stress and shed the fruit that has set.

Before transplanting, it is necessary to disinfect the soil. Previously, the soil is spilled with a vinegar solution (1 tbsp. L. Per 10 l of water) with the addition of one glass of ash and 100 g of vitriol. Plant roots are dipped in a clay mash with the addition of mullein.

Agrotechnical measures to prevent crop loss

Prevention of problems with growing strawberries begins even before purchasing seedlings. Planting material must be selected in reliable nurseries, giving preference to varieties with complex resistance to diseases and pests.

The list of popular varietal varieties with good immunity includes:

  • "Vima Zanta"
  • Kimberly
  • "Lambada"
  • "Kamarosa"
  • "Shelf"
  • "Alba"
  • "Maxim"
  • "Kent".

For a strawberry garden, you need to find a suitable place. In no case should you plant berries after tomatoes and potatoes. You can re-place strawberries in the same place no earlier than after 4-5 years. The place must be sunny and elevated, without stagnant water.

Before planting, the soil is spilled with boiling water or a fungicide solution. The garden should be kept clean by regularly removing weeds and plant debris. If possible, it is best to install a drip irrigation system for strawberries or use sprinklers. In this case, the soil will be optimally moistened. Excess water should be avoided as well as drought.

Top dressing should be applied 3-4 times - at the beginning of the growing season, before flowering and fruiting, and after harvesting. All diseased plants are promptly removed from the garden. The remaining bushes are sprayed with fungicidal preparations.

To protect the bushes from freezing in the fall, the soil is mulched. As mulch, you can use straw, hay, sawdust, pine needles, peat. Covering measures are carried out after the arrival of the first frost.

What to do, the core of the flower has turned black on the strawberry?

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