5 varieties of baby violets: miniature flowers will be appropriate both on the desktop and on a very narrow window sill

These tiny violets will perfectly fit on a small shelf or windowsill in a standard apartment. They do not require special care, however, some of the subtleties of cultivation should be taken into account.

Balchug Intuition

Neat rosettes of this type take up very little space. Each is approximately 10 cm in size, so you can put several miniatures on the window at once.

The flowers of Saintpaulia are very large, with textured pink petals. In the center, the tone is usually richer and more intense.

The violet often forms buds, is not capricious and grows quickly under normal culture conditions. When irrigating, you need to ensure that moisture does not get on the leaves and in the middle of the outlet. In summer, when the slopes are warm, wick irrigation can be organized.

Little Rick

The Little Rick variety forms a small irregular rosette. At the time of flowering, the plant produces flower stalks decorated with pink bells with a white core.

An interesting feature of this species is that in cool conditions, the flowers become almost completely white, and in the heat they turn pink.

Sometimes the stalks grow too short and it is difficult for the buds to break through the mass of leaves. In this case, at the beginning of budding, it is necessary to slightly reduce the daylight hours.

Havenly Gel

The edges of the leaves of the mini-violet are framed with a pink lace border. They fold into a compact socket with a diameter of about 10 cm, so the flower can easily fit even on a narrow window.

The plant blooms for no more than two weeks. First, strong flower stalks with small buds appear, and then delicate lilac bells bloom.

Too high a room temperature will prevent the violet from blooming, so it is recommended to place the pot in the coolest room.

Jolie Freels

This variety has dark green leaves with a light edging, forming a neat rosette with a diameter of about 12 cm. During flowering, the violet fully justifies its name: it produces wine-colored flowers with a border that looks like foam. On the petals, you can often observe the incoming pattern.

The flowers are large enough, about 3 cm, they bloom together and last for a long time. The flower stalks are not too long, so the blossoming Saintpaulia resembles a small hat.

When growing Jolie Friels, it is necessary to provide good lighting. It is better to plant the miniature in a small pot, since it will build up green mass at first.

Small white clouds

These miniature violets are distinguished by their spectacular variegated foliage, but their bloom is no less impressive. Dissolving, a white cloud of double flowers almost completely covers the greenery. This type of Saintpaulia blooms for a very long time.

The cultivar does not bud without sufficient light. The pot needs to be turned from time to time.

Violet also needs soil breathability. You can make a suitable mixture yourself by adding humus from leaves, peat and sand to the garden soil.

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27 of the best varieties of violets

As a result of the painstaking work of scientists the classic violet with blue flowers became the progenitor for a large number of new varieties... Violets are distinguished by a variety of shapes and shades. Double or semi-double flowers appeared. The colors have mixed with each other, now on the windowsills of avid collectors you can contemplate violets with patterns, spots, stains, blotches, stripes and contrasting borders. What are violets? Let's take a closer look at the most popular varietal violets described in this article.

Purple classic

First you need to decide on the names. Quite often, the "standard" violet (in Latin "viola") is confused with Saintpaulia, calling it the Usambara violet. In fact, Saintpaulia is a scientific name after the name of the discoverer, and the Uzambara violet is a folk, "geographical" one. Despite the external similarity, Saintpaulias are not part of the violet family (Violaceae). But they will take part in our "competition".

Of the purple wonders, Currant Dessert is the most frequently mentioned. Gorgeous delicate, rich color velvet stars are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Fringed semi-double flowers of incredible shade involuntarily attract the eye. A large rosette with flowers 6-7 cm in diameter really resembles a delicious blackcurrant jam in green juicy leaves. The bright yellow centers beautifully set off the dark petals. Meanwhile, the variety is not capricious at all and is suitable even for first-grader flower growers.

The winter rose is the Uzambara violet, a beautifully flowering hybrid Saintpaulia. Numerous shortened branching shoots are covered with small pubescent leaves of a delicate dark emerald hue. The leaf blade is decorated with dark red veins on the inner, lighter side. A light green border gracefully defines the scalloped edges. The flowers themselves are incredibly similar to the blue-purple rose inflorescences, which gave the plant its name. The crisp white edging adds contrast to the charming petals.

New type of violets "Attraction"

This novelty is sure to please everyone, since tenderness and purity are the first associations from this violet. Large inflorescences that have a snow-white background and small blue-pink spots are a kind of zest that beckons. The structure of the petals is corrugated, so there is a slight doubleness. Inflorescences are often associated with stars, as they have a very bright general appearance. Not only the inflorescences stand out, but the foliage also has its own zest - the presence of a wavy texture, as well as white spots on a green background. This combination of snow-white inflorescences interspersed with green-white foliage is an original addition to any window sill.

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