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The shelters are structures that take their cue from the shelters for public use that are located at the bus stops. They have also been used in the private sector because they are quite useful for sheltering people during rainy days.


The shelter is made in such a way as to guarantee a safe coverage of the space in which it is installed, and thanks to it you can be sure of being repaired when it rains. The door area is covered because it often happens there to stop for a few moments to look for the key and open the door. Think about how useful it can be when you are with the shopping bag, because placing it under the shelter prevents it from getting wet.


The shelter can be purchased in different sizes and materials. The size is usually proportional to the width of the door. The materials used for its construction are different: the shelter must also be able to integrate with the style of the house itself. In the case of a country villa, the shelter will be built with wrought iron and tiles. Obviously, only materials resistant to the action of rain and above all to thermal changes are used. When it comes to wrought iron, the customer has the possibility to customize the shape of the structure because the material is quite malleable and guarantees an excellent result and rather unusual shapes. The tile represents the roof par excellence that gives a very natural and rustic look and therefore becomes an element that blends perfectly into the surrounding countryside. If a shelter suitable for the modern style is to be created, aluminum and plexiglass will be used as reference materials. The latter material, being transparent, allows you to see the sky but still be repaired. The association of different materials to each other for the construction of a shelter is now a rather common use. Often the customer decides which materials to combine so that the shelter can have a pleasant appearance. It is fixed directly to the wall as it is a suspended structure. Its maintenance is essential when using materials such as wood, which in the long run inevitably requires small adjustments. If more modern materials are used, such as aluminum, the shelter will not need any maintenance. Those who have a large garden and want to have a sheltered space in a certain area, can always create a shelter under which to place a bench. This way you will also be sheltered from the sun.

The realization

As mentioned before, the construction of a canopy with a wrought iron structure can be done directly by a blacksmith. Only in this way does the customer have the opportunity to express the design he prefers to give to the shelter. When you choose the shelter in a store you have to be satisfied with the models available unless the company gives the possibility to customize it. On the other hand, those who want to build a shelter personally must have a minimum of skill and knowledge in this sector because since it is an external element it must be firmly fixed otherwise there is a risk that it could yield. Those who want to have a shelter on their door in a short time will certainly turn to the purchase at a shop, while those who want to try their hand at this small do-it-yourself job will buy the necessary material and start his work.


The costs related to a shelter depend above all on its size and on the material used. When you make it yourself, you contact the retailer for the necessary material to be purchased for the quantity needed to build the shelter. In the store, it is possible to compare the costs of different canopies made of different materials. The customer will naturally choose the one that comes closest to his personal taste, as well as at a cost considered quite accessible. The shelter is usually purchased when the door is installed, but this can also be mounted later. To understand the cost, you can always consult the Internet. Shelters are on sale on various sites and with a few clicks you can compare the different models presented and choose the one that seems to be most appropriate for your outdoor space. Making it yourself, it is preferable to first prepare a small project to get a clearer idea of ​​how that model will develop once it is built. Construction times vary according to the time dedicated to the construction of the shelter itself.

Garden design: Canopies

Would you like all the possible advice on a very important aspect, even if often overlooked, in the context of home garden furnishings? Then you will undoubtedly find useful the tips we will provide you on the subject on this page, thus always making decisions in absolute awareness at this juncture.

In fact, even the market we are dealing with can present you with more than one pitfall, considering both the different dimensions of the shelters, depending on the characteristics of your door, and the different materials with which they can be made: based on the style chosen for to furnish the garden, you can focus on aluminum, wrought iron canopies, or on the tiles.


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The outdoor structures

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Come and visit our showroom, you will find a wide, constantly updated display of outdoor furniture accessories, including:

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Wood has always been part of our life.

We are a company present for over 70 years in the wood market, now in its 4th generation. Quality, Service and Innovation are our goals. Precision and Care in everything we make, our means.

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Shelters - garden

Exclusive wooden elements to complete the outdoor spaces, made to measure.

Dividers and screen

Real pieces of furniture made to complement structures and outdoor environments.

Each panel is made of pine wood impregnated in an autoclave for maximum durability even when exposed to atmospheric agents.

It is proposed in two different types: simple with horizontal slats or shutter with slats fixed in an inclined position. The strips are supported by round aluminum profiles.

Both the classic impregnated finish with a color of your choice and the special lacquering with RAL color are available.


Panels for the creation of elegant dividers for greater privacy or used as cladding for compartments and surfaces to be buffered.

The frame made of pine wood impregnated in an autoclave guarantees maximum durability and can be made with a finish and color of your choice.

The central panel is available in laminated wood or alternatively with special elements coated with plaster and painted with masonry paint.


Wooden gratings produced with customized shape and size, ideal for completing your spaces or creating exclusive supports for climbing plants.

All the elements are made of pine wood impregnated in an autoclave to guarantee high durability, even if directly exposed to atmospheric agents.

They are available with mesh pitch in three different sizes: 120.80 and 40 mm.

Finishing and coloring are chosen by the customer according to the available samples.

Scrupulous inspection

The precision of our technicians combined with the attention with which our professionals work, are characteristics that guarantee flawless results. All this is crowned by the value and unmistakable appearance of the canopies and canopies made of wrought iron by our master craftsmen.

Our company specializes in supply, installation is maintenance of shelters or canopies tailored for the protection of windows, external stairs, balconies, terraces, entrance doors, gates, gazebos, cars, etc.

After making a free inspection and scrupulous, our expert staff will be ready to introduce you to the various types of canopies available and recommend the most suitable solution for you in terms of model and materials.

Self-supporting canopies

The self-supporting wooden canopies are leaning structures that allow you to protect the windows and external entrance doors. They are installed around the house ed embellish a facade bare at the origin.

All of this without having to carry out masonry works.

Construction increasingly discovers wood in all its forms, unfortunately forgetting a basic aspect: wood is a living material and, if continuously exposed to atmospheric agents, by its nature, changes its characteristics over time.

How many times does it happen that you have to restore the shutters of the windows and doors to the garden? The restoration work, as well as being burdensome and uncomfortable, is above all temporary, because after a few years it will inevitably have to be repeated.

To this aspect there is only one definitive solution: the "architectural protection".

Our wooden shelters guarantee the architectural protection of your windows, which will no longer have to be subjected to continuous maintenance.

With our self-supporting wooden canopies you not only ensure eternal life for your windows, but:

  • you will no longer even be forced to close everything when it rains to avoid rainwater on the threshold
  • you will have cool walls in summer, even in full sun, and you can easily keep the shutters open
  • you can put your bicycle back from shopping and open the door without having to get wet.

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