Stapeliopsis is a genus of succulent plants in the Apocynaceae, native to southern Africa. Stapeliopsis was described as a genus in 1928. The name refers to its superficial resemblance to some species of the genus Stapelia (Greek "opsis", meaning "look-alike").

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Stapelia Group

  • Ceropegia - around 160 species - Africa to Australasia
  • Brachystelma - over 100 species - Africa to Australasia
  • Cynanchum - 55 species - tropical and temperate
  • Dischidia - 80 species - south-east Asia to Australasia - specialised ant hosts
  • Fockea - 11 caudiciform species - southern, eastern and tropical Africa
  • Hoya - around 300 species of epiphytic climbers - south-east asia to Pacific
  • Microloma - 10 species of slender climbers or shrubs - South Africa, Namibia
  • Pachycarpus
  • Raphionacme
  • (Riocreuxia) = Cereopegia
  • Sarcostemma - reduced to a synonym of Cynanchum
  • Philibertia (Sarcostemma) - herbs and twining vines, leaves in pairs
  • (Siphonostelma) = Brachystelma
  • Stomatostemma

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